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  1. Yes. The saints locker room will never be the same for Drew. Even tho they’ll all say the right thing on camera.
  2. Tho this came out is a bad situation I’m glad it has the floor for discussion. I’ve had SEVERAL talks right here on this board about what my ppl go thru and it was met with denials and whataboutisms and closed minds and ears. NOW ppl are finally ready to listen. And I really think this is the real deal. Protests have been going on in other countries. It is time to change the scope of systemic racism. I have a lot white friends on this board and throughout my life. I am glad some of you have dound it in your hearts to actually HEAR and try to understand what Kap kneeled for. Had the world listened then we may not be in this situation now. But be as it may the time has come to listen, bring about change, and unite. And last thing. That’s my quarterback!!!! Matt knows he plays in a chocolate city. He goes to war with his black brothers every week. Blood sweat and tears. For Drew to be so tone def is heart breaking. I don’t think he’s a bad person just uneducated and saw the world from his bubble. It’s never been about the flag then, and it’s not about the flag now. If any of my white homies here wants to have an open convo with me about these issues I’ve lived with my entire life hit me anytime.
  3. From what I saw DQ definitely got away from what the team was accustomed to. He experimented with different fronts and I actually liked what he was doing in camp with it. I thought it would play to Takk and Beasleys strengths in 2 point stances but the first thing I noticed was takk was so aggressive up field that he would lose setting the edge against the run and leave Campbell out to dry. Lots a ppl were blaming Campbell but it was Takk’s job not to let the back break it outside. Another problem was the back end was in disarray. I felt that was the transition of Manuel to the other coach that for some reason wasn’t communicating to the secondary what was to be done. They looked lost. The linebackers were ok but with the front and back playing bad they took a lot of the brunt of blame. Debo was looking out if sorts. I think Quinn went under the hood and messed his own engine up at the beginning. Partly because we played so many running qb’s last year he was trying to work around that. Disaster. When he turned the car over things changed. Morris going to coach the secondary was the best thing that could’ve happened. They immediately responded to his coaching and hands on approach of how to play the techniques. And the coordinating between Morris and Ulbrich was brilliant and smart. They ACTUALLY started playing fast and physical knocking of both NO and SF who were fighting for seeding so they didn’t relax on the falcons. In closing a combination of terrible scheme decisions by changing what they were already good at, lack of communication and creativity in play calling and terrible on field play.
  4. They went away from it when sark was here. More inside zone. And ppl said it was freeman that lost it. I saw there wasn’t the holes it used to be. But Mularky went even further away by going power. They can be ZBS with bigger athletic linemen. We have some big athletic linemen.
  5. Absolutely bro. This is what I’ve been talking about since Kyle left that nobody seems to grasp when I say it. STOP CHANGING SH*T ON THE PLAYERS EVERY YEAR!!!! Keep something cohesive. I know ppl don’t get when I say this but I always use this as my talking point because it’s true and they’re the best. Belichik doesn’t change his team much. He adds wrinkles but that’s about it. Brady knows that system like the back of his hand. He’s only had 3 oc’s in NE that were all in house hires while Matt has had 5 all came outside and had to adjust to him. While Dimitrof uses a lot of front office technique from BB the coaches don’t follow his style of coaching from not changing the overall system and hiring from within to keep the train rolling. I know a lot of ppl were down on Beasley but my argument with him is every year you change something on him. He’s more of a system player and not an any system player. So stop d!cking around with him. But last season I think Quinn finally realized hey, let’s go back to doing it how we used to. It doesn’t matter if other teams know what you do. Can they stop it?? We know the patriots do. But they execute so well it just doesn’t matter.
  6. Why is everybody replacing Deion? The falcons drafted arguably the greatest corner of all time. Smart move. And also the FALCONS were stupid enough to let him go because they didn’t want to pay him. Dumb move. That’s a Falcon blunder. Not Deion’s fault. He would’ve played in atl for a long time if they payed him his worth. Instead, they gave him the ability to go win rings with other teams BECAUSE they were too cheap. THIS is the kind of stupidity that has set this franchise back when the smiths were at the helm and it was deep within the teams Dna. Had Arthur been the original owner of this team the falcons probably would’ve had a few rings by now.
  7. That’s true. You know FS is a couple down the list for me. I want the corners and DE’s to step up. This system is designed to force the QB to get the ball out of his hands before he wants to and get himself into trouble. I’d like for Allen to ballhawk more than lurk tho. Which is really the issue. He chooses to lurk more than get the ball. Maybe to keep plays in front. But somethings tell me Whitt is drilling get the ball in their heads this year. When you have that kind of aggressive approach you have to also have the understanding if I die I’m gonna die hard. So if that is indeed the approach this year then I expect the entire secondary to play more aggressive. And I sure hope so.
  8. Yep. I am too brother. I’ve even seen more movement in @Knight of God than usual. When he likes moves I get even more excited about the upcoming season.
  9. This is the kind of move you make for a player of this caliber.
  10. I don’t put too much stock in avoiding contact etc...Any good hitter is gonna try to line you up and if they can’t they’re gonna look for the best angle to make the tackle. And that’s ray lewis to Kam Chancellor, **** Butkus and some forth. Except in today’s nfl there’s Gayle Sayers everywhere now. So you can’t line everybody you cause they’re not giving you much to hit. So I don’t see avoiding contact as black n white as most do. Know what I mean? Try to tackle McCaffery just anywhere? Or Tyreek Hill, or Freeman when he was healthy? I mean you can litterally hurt yourself trying to tackle a target that won’t give you much to hit so you look for angles to hit a guy or find a good attack point. Cause if you MISS???? He’s gone. Think about it in that sense. Can’t make a mistake on these runners of today. The Larry Zonka’s and Earl Campbell’s, and even Eric ****erson’s are yesterday. The new age runner is in the mold of Gayle now.
  11. I was over it the next day. 24 hour rule. I’ll never forget but I’m over it. It doesn’t consume my life. Too many other great things to be grateful for. I’m rarely even on the board anymore. Trying to keep my mind at piece. This place is a zoo lol. I just poke my head in from time to time. Got too much goin on. Miss you guys tho.
  12. A safety ain’t gonna help the pass rush. First you have to understand cover 3. How is a safety gonna help the pass rush when his job is to clean up and cover the seam? A good qb will just dink and dunk all the way down the field. Was earl Thomas not on the field when Tom Brady dinked and dunked to over 400 yards against Seattle in the SB? So that’s bs. And I’ve seen Allen freeze brees and all the great qb’s he’s faced. See where y’all got it twisted is a smart player is gonna be where he needs to be regardless of talent. Matt Ryan doesn’t have Michael Vick, Lamar Jackson, Pat Mahonmes arm talen But he has the iq and preparation to play with those guys. He’s ahead of the play. Allen is no different. He doesn’t have earl Thomas talent but he has a high iq and great film study and will always be where he’s supposed to be before the play happens. And more than not makes the qb change where he wants to go with the ball. The problem is the falcons have a lot of games with poor tacking underneath. Why is it that Matt Ryan can best elite safeties like earl Thomas and Ed reed, who said he was a bad man, even tho he doesn’t have a cannon arm but Allen can’t play good chess with good qb’s? That argument about a safety making the pass rush better is complete bs. Good CORNERS may help the pass rush especially in cover 3 but It’s a chess match between the qb and the fs in this system Not a pass rush thing. Chuck smith JUST said the backend has nothing to do with the pass rush in today’s NFL and how KC’s backend sucks but they can’t get to the qb up front and that’s what makes the difference. He talked about how Sherman didn’t really have the great year ppl think he had because SF could get to the passer up front. If the falcons pass rush is good on its own the back end will look good. And yes there will also be the occasional coverage sack but it starts with the pass rush. One could argue Allen isn’t a risk taker like Earl Thomas and I’ll agree with that. But I do not agree it’s his talent or lack thereof because far too many times he gets guys lined up and saves would be td’s. Also how it’s being taught makes a difference in play. Whitt and Morris are aggressive and they teach get the ball. If You didn’t sweetheart obvious difference from the first half of the season to the second half when Morris took over the secondary I don’t know that to say. They got the info from Morris. Now adding Whitt I expect them to be a little more risk taking cause he TEACHES and stresses take the ball away.
  13. There’s better qb’s out there than Matt. Not many but there is. The only player on the team I’d say there isn’t anyone better could be Julio. Allen is a good player. No he’s not a HOF player but he’s not a liability to the team. I’d argue somebody prove where he is. Until we actually upgrade him he’s our guy. And he’s def a great leader like you said.
  14. Exactly lol. It seems every time he got hurt it was because of Matt’s ball placement. Either too high or a little inaccurate.
  15. Tampa won’t be as good as ppl think. Not because of Tom Brady. I still say they finish 3rd in the division. Brady has never been in any other system. And y’all think he’s gonna come in the nfc south and just light it up? Peyton didn’t light it up after leaving Indy all those years. He will study his @ss off but it’s like the boxer hitting the heavy back and killing it. It’s a different story when the bag hits back and moves.
  16. That’s bs. They finished the 97 season strong and went to the SB in 98. Last year was a strong finish. They didn’t finish the year before strong. And when I say strong finish I’m talking about going 6–2 over the final 8 games and ranking in the top 5 in many major categories. THAT is a true strong finish that carries into the next season. Not winning a few games at the end. 2018 was not a Strong finish. There’s only been a few years I can remember as a falcons fan where they had a true strong finish. Last year was INDEED a strong finish. Beat 2 playoff teams still fighting for seeding. If a 6-2 run to ending the season isn’t strong and something to look forward to then I don’t know what to tell you. 4-4, 3-5, 2-6, 1-7 not strong finishes. 6-2, 7-1, 8-0 strong finishes. It’s a difference in winning a few games and winning SIX of your last 8. I saw Seattle coming when they finished the season before they made the playoffs against New Orleans strong. I saw San Francisco coming year before last. Yes it def matters how you finish. Unless you tear that team apart to rebuild.
  17. History also tells us he could have a rookie season like Lattimore New Orleans, or like Revis, and many more. Why does history always tell falcons fans the f*cked up sh*t ? Atl drafted Deion Sanders. He had a superb roomie campaign. So you’re being intellectually dishonest saying history ONLY teaches us that he will get his lumps. Yes he will he beat. As ALL corners get beat. As well as a rookie year as lattimore had Julio still took his lunch. But that’s Julio. Terrell won’t have a choice but to get better because there’s star wr’s all through the south. Which is a good thing for him. Not a bad thing. Wanna be the best face the best. And he just happens to be teammates with the league best and one of the top qb’s. He will get baptized into the nfl at practice.
  18. TB has potential to be a good team. My thing is Brady no matter how good he is wont be able to grasp a new system after 20 years in another one in one camp. He won’t make a lot of mistakes and that will be from his experience. But he ain’t gonna be NE Tom out the gate in TB. If they win games it will have to be on the back of the defense and keep the games low scoring and close. I don’t see Tom blowing anybody out this year like that. Bowles lives and dies by the blitz. That will get them in trouble with us if the line is improved this year. Brady is about to find out what it feels like to have 3 teams that will beat you up in the same division for the first time in his career. He certainly NEVER played in a division that has at least 2 other future HOF qb’s. F*ck TB!!! and F*ck TB!!! In that order. lol.
  19. One serious injury was the reason Davis made the switch to LB. Not sure how many he had tho.
  20. No doubt. I was agreeing with your remark because he’s already kinda being groomed for that kind of transition in the system by default. So we wouldn’t have to necessarily cut him. They’d have to work something money wise but think that would be a brilliant move for them.
  21. That’s basically what he is in this system. A hybrid LB. so a full transition to LB would make sense. Thomas Davis was that transition guy in Carolina.
  22. Same thing that happened to Thomas Davis. Turned his career into a stellar career.
  23. F*ck the value chart. If a player is YOUR guy get him. I don’t think a chart can place the value of a player to a particular team. He may be low value for the pick but to a certain team his value is everything. These charts don’t take into account scheme fit. It’s just based on player/pick value. If your team is built a certain way and you look for certain traits in players the value chart goes out the window. Nobody is foolish enough to draft a 5th round talent in the 1st but for instance AJ is a first round talent. The chart says we reached but from a schematic perspective we hit on point. He fits OUR system.
  24. Exactly how did he blow the 1st round this draft? We got a d@mn good corner that wasn’t gonna make it to 47. Did he blow it because he didn’t move up to get a pass rusher or the guy you wanted him to pick? Y’all are gonna be happy with this pick when it’s all said and done.
  25. My issue with kiper and any analyst is where a player ranks on HIS board may kit he the same on a teams board. If so and so player is YOUR guy get him. Plain and simple. That’s reason guys like Warren Sapp fall to Tampa bay or Aaron Rodgers falls to GB. Or Ridley even falling to us. If a player fits what your team philosophy is get him. Now I’m not saying grab a 3rd round talent in the 1st but common sense. Terrell is a 1st round talent corner. Will he perform that way remains to be seen but he has the talent. Grady was a first round talent we got in the 3rd. Would it have been a difference if somebody grabbed him in the 1st other than them saying “I had him graded as the #150 overall player on my board? Or “huge reach”. He woulda shut everybody tha f*ck up. So who gives af what analyst say? Players gotta play regardless of round picked.
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