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  1. Matching up with TE’s isn’t really his responsibility in our system. He’ll usually be on running backs. That’s the MLB’s responsibility usually. The SLB usually takes the TE. That’s why Campbell was usually on TE’s. Either the SLB or SS will be on a TE. Whether it’s base 4-3 or nickel. The TE just isn’t usually the MLB’s responsibility. That’s why Debo has been so great against backs out the backfield. That’s his job. If we’re in man to man he’s watching the tailback and follow him whenever he goes. If we’re in zone he’ll cover his area. If a TE comes in his zone he’ll cover his area until the TE runs out of his zone. The question you have to ask yourself is would you want Debo covering kittle in man to man it would you want him covering Coleman out of the backfield? I’d want him on Coleman because he has the speed to cover enough ground to break the play up or keep it to a short gain. Foye can run with Kittle if he’s in on nickel or walker who has the length and speed to run with Kittle. The only thing with him is knowing and trusting his assignment. Or you can match a safety on Kittle. The main thing is the pass rush hurrying Jimmy’s decision. Which would make him throw the short pass to Coleman which Debo 10 x outta 10 will break up or keep to a short 2-3 yard gain.
  2. Lattimore. Him, AJ, Oliver, and Sheffield would be a no fly zone. Straight man to man 98% of time. Only time we play primarily zone is against running qb’s.
  3. It’s not that he’s slow to react. It’s that the better qb’s like Brees can look him off and get him to go where he DOESNT want him to be. Which is why I don’t care how much ppl hate Rico. Brees can’t look Rico off. Rico is a great chess player on the back end. Not so much of a risk taker and even that may change with what Whitt coaches about taking the ball off ppl. I’ve mentioned this several times that kazee is always looking to make a pick that he’ll leave his corners hanging because a good qb got him to make a false step with a pump fake or a good old fashioned look off, which is why you think he’s always a second or so too late.
  4. Exactly. A lot of times it’s just getting in the right situation at the right time. for players. Now we just need the coaches to deliver. I’m not putting ya in the SB but we should at LEAST be a sure shot playoff team. We really rounded out the edges with former 1st round talent that I feel we wanted/scouted during their drafts.
  5. I’m reserving comment here bro. Treadwell never played with a qb like Matt that spreads the ball and can throw into tight windows, Harris was on the sucky fins so we don’t know for sure if it was just him it the result of nobody wanting to play on that team, and carpenter sucks foreal but even he may be better in year 2. Especially with a strong running game to take pressure off the line.
  6. This is kinda a Bill Walsh thing. This is partly how he built the 80’s niners. Cast away top rounders and injured players along with his scheme specific drafting. It works guys. BB does the same thing. And the thing is we don’t need any of these guys to hold the weight. We have our stars already for that. Matt, Julio, Debo, Grady, Neal, and Rico. We don’t even need Gurley to be full Gurley because if Julio and Ridley. We’ll be fine with 70-80% Gurley. And the THREAT of him makes this the most dangerous offense in the nfl because he can still play and can still hit the hole with authority and burst and urgency. Sometimes the right change of scenery is all a player needs. Miami has sucked for a while now but they’ve kept good players around that underperform. Even Suh looked like it was a wrap when he was there.
  7. Absolutely. They made great moves imo. The only thing I agree with what dude said was they have to go out on the field and prove it. That’s every season tho. But I think they have a chip on their shoulders anyway so they can’t wait to prove it. If we can get back to similar 2016 type of play where we get up 2 scores or more and turn the defense lose we will indeed be in the playoffs. Part of the issue with last season is we feel behind some early. We’re built to get a lead and pin our ears back and go after the qb. If anybody noticed we used to defer the toss. But second half of the season we were taking the ball first so we could score first and get the early lead. It yielded excellent results. If the defense shows it can get stops early I think we’ll go back to deferring the toss. But that’s really it in a nutshell. We’re built to get leads and go after the qb. That’s the team philosophy. So when they get off schedule giving up early leads it looks bad because we ain’t built for that.
  8. Playing next to Grady should yield similar type results for Fowler. But even more it depends on how Quinn and Morris feature him. And he’s absolutely wrong about LB being a weak spot on the defense. Since 2017 the falcons have had a top 10 LB unit and they rated them 7th going into this season. He’s wrong about Rico being talent deficient. He’s as athletic as any safety in the nfl. And being smart is indeed a talent. Why is Matt Ryan the QB he is? It ain’t because of his athletic ability alone. The secondary doesn’t look weak to me at all. They’re bigger for one on the outside tandem and AJ is going to be a player. If he can have anywhere close to the rookie year lattimore had we’ll be in the playoffs. And that doesn’t mean he won’t get beat because Julio took lattimore’s lunch as a rookie but his entire seasonal body of work was excellent. Plus Morris dialing up the plays will make a helluva difference. The DL is def improved. Younger and meaner. Takk is my only real question. And that’s can he hold up. He’s always getting hurt.
  9. I’ve mentioned this since sark was here. He didn’t use much per snap either. DK never did.
  10. Cam is used to lack of a wr core.
  11. Yessirr. If we started the season off with the coaching in place the way it was second half of the season I think we would’ve made the playoffs last year. Starting off on the right foot this season and we’re much improved for sure.
  12. Oh yea I know he was lol. And I’m also exited about Gurley. He takes a ton of pressure off Julio and Matt. Forces defenses to respect the run again and can’t just sit on the pass. Should be an interesting season.
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