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  1. They falcon’d. @slamee101 you was right. Smh. Why would you play zone? Well 1:05 to kick a fg and win it.
  2. It’s over. Y’all worry too much.
  3. I have but it is what it is. Don’t implode and game over. What I hate tho is when teams play zone in garbage time. I’d keep playing man to man. I ain’t giving sh*t and if Ima die ima die hard. I hate that soft sh*t.
  4. I wasn’t worried at all. Only way skins lose this game is if they pull a Falcons and self destruct. They’re trading yards for clock now playing zone. Game is as good as done.
  5. Told you they had this. I saw the saints weaknesses today.
  6. The Saints are the same team they’ve always been with better lines. I’m not worried about them at all. The panthers worry me more than them. All we have to do is contain their running game and protect Matt against their assortment of blitzes. I thought they were gonna be scary. They’re exactly who they’ve always been with less Brees carrying the load. They can’t throw like they used to and they’re masking it by running the ball heavily than usual.
  7. FG will kill em too.
  8. I know this team. If the skins play good chess from here on out they will not lose. They’ve made the saints one dimensional. They can’t run like they want to anymore and their defense is starting to give against the run. It’s up to the skins to close out.
  9. Only way skins lose this game is if they self destruct. See what I’m saying?? Sacked. One dimensional now.
  10. BLITZING!!! Now you see why I keep telling everybody to chill wanting is to blitz all the time. THAT’s what happens if you don’t get home or your qb stands tall knowing he’s about to get hit.
  11. Game is pretty much a wrap. The saints have to be one dimensional now. I know how to beat these f^ckers. They’re the same team they’ve always been but better lines. If our run D shows up and we play man to man and mix in some cover 3 with relentless pressure, especially from inside we got em.
  12. THATS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU LIVE AND DIE BY THE BLITZ!!!! We can beat these f*ckers. I hope they blitz us heavy. They are who I thought they are!!!
  13. Brees eats zone alive just like Matt does even with pressure. I NEVER trust zone against good qb’s. We need to play tight man to man like we did against the cowboys. Man to man is how the edge rushers go crazy cause the qb has to hold the ball longer and be pinpoint accurate. Brees will hit his outlet every time if we zone him heavy.
  14. Ok Tru put your big boy pants on so we can play man to man with these saints. When the skins are in man they’re stopping the saints. They went zone and they drove the field and about to get an easy 3 going onto half.
  15. It was contact that they didn’t call but no int anyway tho.