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  1. Not necessarily. He himself shouldn’t place any pressure on it. And that’s where he’s coming from. The pressure comes from media and fans. For rid it’s just prepare as he always has. He’s been the man before at every level he’s played. Same with Julio. Same with Matt. Same with any bonafide star. They don’t feel pressure. They’re used to it. I go thru that in music. I don’t feel pressure. I work best in pressure moments. That’s what separates us from the average guy. So I believe him when he says it’s no pressure. He wanted to be the man so it’s back to business for him. Ppl like that are cut
  2. I wouldn’t even consider Matt’s. Unless he wins a SB. But if he never doesnt if I’d have to consider Matt I’d also consider Julio. They are one of the best qb/wr tandems to ever do it. So I wouldn’t consider Matt without considering Julio. A big reason for Matt being considered is Julio. They’re joined at the hip like rice and Montana. You will NEVER be able to say Matt Ryan without saying Julio Jones.
  3. A lot of that also had to do with Matt has never been a beast In the Redzone either. At least not without creative play calling. He won’t make the kind of throw that Aaron Rodgers would make in the red zone. As soon as the ball is snapped he makes a fast ball throw. That’s not Matt’s game. Again, Julio draws an @ss of coverage in the red zone and Matt just doesn’t attempt to throw to him unless it’s a desperate attempt. Again why would you force the ball to Julio when you have other guys more than capable of catching the ball in a 1 on 1 situation? The times Julio was left 1 on 1 in the Redzon
  4. He did set things up. For Ridley, Sanu, Gabriel, Hoop, Freeman, Coleman, Gage. Julio IS the setup. Because so may are gonna have eyes on him.
  5. Did you play football? I did for a long time. I was NEVER told to slow down EVER. My speed was my best asset. That literally makes no sense to slow down and give a defender help reading the play. You have to make them think faster than they want to which leads to mistakes. Jets issue in the Redzone is bracket coverage. Period. High/low. Do you know what high/low is? It’s the guy assigned to him plus a guy underneath and a guy over top. Hence High/Low!! A Redzone window for Julio is tighter than the average wr. Did you ever see rid “slow down” in the Redzone??? No.
  6. That is absolutely not why. He draws extra coverage in the Redzone. You think AB slows down in the Redzone? If you understand DC’s the one thing they focus on is trying to take your best player away. Bill Belichik lives by this. Take the main guy away and MAKE the other guys beat you. Their mindset is they may score but it ain’t gonna be Julio or AB or Hopkins or Irvin or Moss etc…
  7. I think this bodes well for Hurst’s future. The 2 TE package will be more important for us now. Also am X factor could be Patterson. Rid as wr 1, gage #2, a fight for #3 between Darby and Patterson and of course the 2 TE’s. We’ll still have a dangerous offense. Especially if the run game is effective. We did lose the fear factor tho. Right now there’s nothing that strikes fear in opposing defenses. They respect Rid but he’ll have to prove that he can command those doubles, triples, and brackets. When he does that the sky will open for this offense. Especially when pitts puts it together.
  8. Oh I know you’re not saying that. You’re argument was availability. I get that.
  9. Julio missed 7 games total. He missed 2 while in the hunt. The 5 he missed were Of no significance because we weren’t contending. He’s still the best falcons wr on or off the field because Matt’s numbers are a reflection of that. He’s MISSED sorely when he’s not on the field. He’s top 5 on or off the field until him being of the field becomes the norm. Ridley had a better season because he played in more games. But he is not better than Julio. As far as 4-7 it was still a LONGSHOT to make the playoffs and would’ve needed help from too many teams. Lions, bears, rams, Vikes. Like I said the majo
  10. He definitely is still top 5. And I’m not sure if Calvin is better yet. Facts are in numbers. Matt’s numbers are better when Julio is on the field than without. Until that changes like it did when Julio took over #1 from Roddy then Julio is still the top guy in atl and is still top 5 in the nfl. Julio only missed 7 games because we were out of the playoff hunt so early. He could’ve played if we were in the race. There was no need to play him in meaningless games. Unless he just wanted to pad stats for history reasons but that’s not his brand.
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