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  1. Absolutely. If we keep making coaching changes we will not sustain any kind of success. Fix it!!!
  2. Rams in the playoffs in 2017. Also Chicago, Seattle, and Dallas of thag year. Carolina twice last year.
  3. You don’t let your core players go. You just don’t. Plus who protects your 100 million dollar vet qb if you let Matthews wall?
  4. Terrible idea. That’s like letting Deion sanders walk and the falcons didn’t make the playoffs again until they got ray Buchanan.
  5. Yep. Sherman and whoever was similar to Deion and whoever.
  6. Probably. I expect it to be fixed tho.
  7. Takk and Beasley were switching sides. Takk gave up the edge on both sides. Beasley only gave up contain on 1 one. All the big runs were either in takk or somebody else when Beasley wasn’t in the game. Just re watched it again bro.
  8. He played well. I literally just re watched the game again. Only 1 good run was on Beasley. He and takk were switching sides. All of minny’s big runs was either on takk or Beasley wasn’t in the game. And I’m talking literally just re watched. Just finished up not even 2 minutes ago.
  9. 4.5 is still good speed. Lol.
  10. He got off.
  11. He couldn’t run up the middle for sure. That zone blocking was killing them on the edges. Takk took the worst of it.
  12. His biggest runs were on takk’s side. It’s the same thing I saw from takk in pre season. Flattening his pursuit and the back getting outside. I watched the game twice specifically for this very moment. Dalvin has more success on the right side of the defense(takks side) than the left side.
  13. He had over 100 yards because takk wasn’t setting the edge on his side. Dalvin got outside 2 or 3 times on that left side. Beasley had a guys game. Like him or hate him there was no denying that. One man can’t stop a player from having 100 yards but one player can make the same mistake multiple times that lead to chunk runs. That was on takk a few times.
  14. He got rubbed on the play. I mean that’s the first thing you see. The wr rubbing him and in that split second a speed back like cook is gonna get a few yards. I know if it was me I’d definitely get some extra yards. I ran a 4.3 and could put you on skates. Let a defender get slowed down for a micro second and I was gone.
  15. You actually said what the issue was because that’s what I was saying since preseason. Takk has a knack for abandoning his assignment to try and make the quick tackle in the backfield. It worked against Miami in pre season but cook is a quick change of pace back and if you get too flat up field he’s gonna get outside of you. And that’s in base. If takk plays disciplined against the run this defense will be pretty darn good. The defense didn’t reqlly get beat up like some want to believe. It was a few plays that the edge wasn’t set where Dalvin got outside and did damage. And like you said the offense put the defense in bad spots. Don’t expect it to be like that against Philly. I’ve been saying VB is gonna have a good year simply because he’s playing from a 2 point stance. Takk will as well.