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  1. Yea but Moss and TO suffered the same fate as Julio in the red zone. They weren’t Redzone killers like that. That’s what I mean by you have to THROW them into the end zone. Most of moss and TO’s TD’s came from long passes they ran under without breaking stride or they caught a short pass and ran into the end zone. The one thing ALL of those guys had was a QB that could throw on a rope. Matt can throw long but he has to put a lot of air in his long balls which a) gives a DB more time to possible deflect the pass or even intercept it b ) Julio has to slow down breaking stride. that’s the difference in the qb’s TO, Moss, and even Brown had. QB’s that had cannons. Matt has never had a cannon. Imagine the td’s Julio would have if Aaron Rodgers was his qb? And I’m not taking anything from Matt but where Julio falls short on td catches compare to the other guys isn’t end zone catches. It’s the long passes that they ran under and didn’t have to break stride. How many times have you seen Julio have to slow down? Josh Norman almost bended Julio legs back because Julio burned him so bad but he had to slow down for the ball giving Norman a chance to catch up. A clear walk in TD. The saints game in 2017 where Julio outran the entire saints defense but had to slow down. His entire career he’s had to slow down. 2012 Against philly he torches namdi for a TD and doesn’t have to break stride. Stafford has a cannon so CJ didn’t have to break stride as much as Julio.
  2. Exactly. Have to be able to say goodbye to role players too early rather than too late.
  3. The issue is, and Julio has said it numerous times, is defenses keep 6 eyes on him in the red zone. They high/low him. Meaning they keep a guy underneath and over top along with the guy that is covering him. Julio is doubled and bracketed more than any other wr in the league. So why would Matt drive the call to Julio JUST to get him a score. They do it from time to time and you can tell they tried to force it to Julio. No matter how they may try to confuse the defense they’re gonna watch #11. Think about it this way. YOURE the DC is the opposing team. What are you telling your defense? No matter WHAT don’t let 11 beat you. Make them find somebody else. The thing is we keep a plethora of other guys Matt can go to. Something Calvin and Stafford never had the luxury of. Even Brady went elsewhere. It wasn’t always gronk or Edleman. He’d just throw it to the open man. In 2016 how many different pass catchers caught TD’s from Matt? I don’t really care WHO scores as long as we score
  4. The colts were too heavy. The Walsh 49ers were too. Whatever side the team is built around you keep the other side with young talented inexpensive players. The money was on Seattle’s defensive side. Not on offense. Now some players will play themselves into money like Grady and Debo. But you keep the young talent coming in. That’s really what Belichik does. The money was on offense and he rotates the defense. He has his key players on both sides of the ball and shuffles role players in and out.
  5. Matt also spreads the ball around whereas stafford force fed CJ. Also nobody seems to remember Julio was sharing the ball with a HOF TE, and a falcons great in roddy as the THIRD option. Julio didn’t become THE guy until 2015 when Quinn got here. TD’s is a result of who’s pulling the trigger. Whenever the falcons were in the Redzone you KNEW TG was getting the ball. Julio is the kind of receiver where you have to throw him INTO the end zone. Like from 30 yards out into the end zone or he takes a drag route a runs 60 yards with it. Stafford threw more picks than Matt because he forced the ball to CJ cause that was all they really had. Julio has had the privilege of playing with other 1st Round pass catchers his entire career. Roddy, TG, now Ridley, and how Treadwell, and even Hurst. CJ never had a complimenting cast like Julio. He came into the league and had to be the guy. Julio was able to be 3rd and learn from Roddy and TG. They mirror each other physically and talent wise but had different roles on their teams. Julio came into the league on a good team. Calvin probably only played for what? One good lions team? Maybe 2? TD’s doesn’t define either one of them. Randy Moss was another guy you had to THROW into the end zone. Where Matt falls short is the passes Julio has to slow down for. Imagine how many would be td’s Julio would’ve had if it was caught in stride??
  6. Pops just might out live all of us lol. He’s going strong. That’s a blessing. And yes we all need rest lol. My pops talks about the birds every single day lol.
  7. Yea I’ve been working from home. Not moving around too much. I’ve had 3 ppl I know test positive as well. One passed away. A DJ from New Orleans named Black n Mild. It’s very real bro. Thanks for the check up. You stay safe as well brother!! Hope your friends come out on top. Keep your pops safe as well. Mine is here with me at the house as well.
  8. Yea he will...On the field!!
  9. It does when the market dictates it does. Also when you’ve done it at a high level for that long you deserve your money. There was a time when corners made peanuts until Deion changed that. They tried to say corners didn’t deserve that kind of money even tho certain ones were game changers even before Deion came along. Then the league tried to find that ”type” of player. Warren Sapp is the reason the Aaron Donald’s and Grady jarretts are sought out and get the kind of money DT’s get. I get where he comes from but a shiny hood ornament is the equivalent of calling trump a real president. He’s just a shiny hood ornament in the White House. Julio actually makes a difference when he’s on the field is my point. He’s more than just a shiny hood ornament. He made the play that should’ve won the SB for us. And Matt wouldn’t have had the kinda year he had without Julio doing what he did that season. Matt deserves all the accolades but he doesn’t become mvp without a running mate. Peyton doesn’t win his mvp’s without Harrison. Montana without Rice. Brees may actually win an mvp before it’s all said and done because if Thomas now. So trust me I get it. But the Rice’s, Julio’s, TO’s, Mosses, and Harrison’s of the world ain’t just “shiny hood ornaments”. They made a difference to their teams and you could see AND feel that difference.
  10. I might agree with him if Julio was just diva wr. But Julio falls in the FOOTBALL PLAYER category. Like Brett Favre wasn’t just a QB. He’s a football player. Sanu is a football player. Deion Sanders ain’t just a flashy corner. He was a football player. Most freak athletes fit in that “football player” category because 10 x outta 10 they played multiple positions. Julio is actually a converted running back. That’s why he runs so violent. He’s Eric Dickerson as a wr.
  11. Dan Quinn has a winning record. Why on earth do you love to mix coaching eras together? Mike smith has a winning record and so does Quinn. TD and Matt Ryan have a winning record. You can’t move the numbers in a way that supports this argument. The argument is Mike Smith Era record 66-46 Dan Quinn era record 34-28 TD era record 109-83 Matt Ryan era record 109-80 none of these men have losing records. They’ve had some losing seasons but more winning than losing. I’m all for critiquing Quinn, TD, Matt, and smith but put it perspective. 2 of mike smiths years have nothing to do with Quinn’s. I see the point you’re trying to make 100% but put it in context. Smiths last 2 seasons were terrible. Quinn’s first 3 years were a .500 season, 2 winning seasons including playoffs and a SB appearance, and 2 losing seasons. Which in the right perspective shows that TD righted the ship after smiths last 2 seasons. Now he has to right the ship again and signs are pointing to he will.
  12. He’s actually above average in coverage for a SS. His primary responsibility is to be an enforcer as a box safety. An extra linebacker if you will. If a defense is depending on a SS to cover they’re already in trouble lol. The FS bares that responsibility in our system as the last line of defense.
  13. It’s 2 fold. By default they’re on the hit seat for the past 2 seasons. But it’s also common sense that they had voids to fill and limited resources to get it done. I don’t they’ve gone into any season thinking lax and ladi da. This offseason just has more urgency because of the unwanted results and fans and AB restless. Had we had a winning season but still had the limited resources I’d think the same moves would be made. Free would still be released. Needed that capitol. Tru would’ve still been released.Needed the capitol. I told y’all that last season he’d probably go after this season. Even tho I wanted to keep him. We all speculated Campbell would probably not come back as well as hoop. We all knew we’d lose players we wanted to keep and some that needed to go. So no I don’t think being on the hot seat is the REASON for the moves but it definitely highlights them and makes it more urgent to hit on the moves.
  14. I can believe it. The doc told me I can slow progression by working out and doing neck exercises. 45 years that’s good to not any harm to the bone.
  15. Yes. And semi pro as well. I took my shots. Working out def helps. Those old injuries never go away. Geez you’ve been in some wrecks tho. lol. Do you still workout?