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  1. #1 brees has always been a dawg qb #2 he was hit during the throw causing the ball to float resulting in the pick. He didn’t just throw a pick. #3 Brees isn’t and never had been captain check down. He does like EVERY great qb ever did and went where the defense wasn’t. He always found the matchup and exposed it. Same thing Matt does. Just became you hate a team doesn’t mean they don’t have great players. I hate the saints but they have players that are absolutey awesome. Brees, Kamara, Jordan, Thomas, Ingram, The line. That’s something I’ve never done just because of disdain for a team. Couldn’t stand the bucs but Sapp was awesome. Wished we had him. Never liked the pats but Brady is awesome. It’s ok to admit other teams have great players.
  2. Sure helped the packers with Rodgers sitting and learning from Favre. Whoever comes behind Matt HAS to be a dawg qb and should sit behind him at LEAST a year or two. Mahomes sat a year and here we are. I don’t want us to be a Franchise that has a significant drop because we waited too late to draft Matt’s eventual replacement once he hangs it up. I’d rather have a Trevor lawrence sit behind Matt for 5 years learning then draft a guy the year Matt retires. Drafting your qb is always the way to go. Don’t want someone else’s leftovers. Young pup is ALWAYS the way to go.
  3. It doesn’t matter if the run or pass. The defense is matched by personnel. If the offense sends out 3 or more wr’s we’ll be in nickel or dime. If it’s 2 wr’s and and TE its base. And brooks can rush if it’s a pass. Beasley stops the run better than ppl give him credit for. The problem in the second game was bad game planning period. Senat didn’t play and they gashed on the run. Base defense is guys that play the run well but can rush if they pass out of a run set. Nickel is guys that can rush but can stop the run if need be. Takk and Beasley are decent against the run. And it’s not like teams don’t pass out or run sets or run out of a passing look. It’s about tendencies at the end of the day like what a team likes to do on 1st down or 3rd and based on the look they give. THATS what you study in film. Percentages of plays in situations vs what set they’re in and down and distance.
  4. There’s no way AB would keep a HC with a losers mentality. The only thing that gets a HC coach fires is being unsuccessful. If he’s successful why would he be fired? That makes him smart for hiring great coaches to do their jobs.
  5. If that’s the way Quinn is looking at it we’ll never win anything. EVERY great franchise should have HC worthy coordinators. And he hired Kyle who could’ve been perceived as a replacement. Belichik hires HC worthy coaches. Parcells did with belichik. Walsh did with Reid, mooch, etc...Carroll did with Quinn. If a coach is so selfish or scared of losing his job to someone he hires then he’s already gotten himself fired. The BEST thing to do is hire great assistants that go and get their OWN jobs like Kyle did. This whole “Quinn wont hire his replacement” is weak sauce. That’s not a winning attitude. Every successful team has had coaches worthy of being HC’s. Success will allow him to keep his job and the assistants he hired to help be successful will get their OWN jobs. Like KYLE. Can’t be afraid to hire greatness. If so Tuna would never have hired belichik as his DC in NY.
  6. In that regard no he wasn’t. But was familiar with him as a play caller and the system he ran.
  7. He was. Sark’s ability to meet Quinn’s demands was another story.
  8. He’s not going to just interview one coach. Just the first. Doesn’t matter if they won a SB together. Russell Wilson and Matt Ryan are two different type qb’s. Kubiak fits better than Bevel imo because Russell did things you can’t coach. Matt isn’t gonna do that. So while it does make sense to INTERVIEW a coach you coached with you don’t stop the process with him. One thing bevel will do is run the d@mn football tho.
  9. I hope it’s kubiak. We can get back to what this offense truly is.
  10. Every single coach hires ppl they’re familiar with. Smart business. Quinn is also familiar with Kubiak.
  11. Hey fellas. Just came in to say what’s up and to say the game we all love is dead. They’ve killed it. You all know as well as I do that wasn’t a penalty from Grady. I actually turned the game off after that. They killed the game we all love falcons fans. It’s tough enough having the season we had but geez we can’t even tackle the qb anymore. Meanwhile Matt tales vicious hits and hardly ever gets the call on obvious infractions. Smh. Ok done venting. Talk to you guys and gals later.
  12. Look. The browns are showing us looks we’ve never seen. Wrinkles after firing Haley. Relax. They’ll adjust. It’s onky so much the wrinkles will last.
  13. Won’t matter bro. Nobody takes into account that punters high point the ball to give guys a chance to run downfield and the fact that blocking isn’t always good. Ppl tend to forget there’s 11 on ST’s too and not just the returner lol.