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  1. Lol. I never saw this thread before
  2. The Seattle game he stripped the ball out and tipped it in the air for Debo.
  3. Yep. Jalen created 2 turnovers in the playoffs and almost had a 3rd if he could've secured the pick on Rodgers.
  4. He's a Barry/Emmitt hybrid to me.
  5. I don't see way more upside than free because he's a guy that DEPENDS on speed and speed alone. Once he loses that his game is done. Trust me. I know RB's. Free can play like emmitt when he lost a step or two because he's a technician. His game doesn't DEPEND on speed. Coleman is a serious injury away from being Norwood. Take his speed away and it could be over. The only way back from that is to become a power back and he'd have to gain a lot of muscle and work on changing his game. He has upside but it ain't WAY more than Free's. I'm sure you thought there were plenty of backs that had more upside than emmitt smith just because they were faster than him right? But what you failed to realize is they weren't complete backs. Free is a fusion of Barry/Emmitt. Coleman is Gail Sawyers. Great speed guy but the right injury could end his career. Not end it as he can't play anymore but end it in terms of once his speed is taken away his game is done.
  6. They're enamored by speed. Free is a complete back WITH speed too. Don't know why our fans seem to think he's slow. He's not as fast as Coleman but he ain't slow. And at the moment Coleman is a speed back. That's his forte. He's not the complete back free is and that's what fans are missing. It's the complete back vs the speed back and fans will go with the speed back everytime. It ain't all about speed. Ask emmitt. I was a speed back and I had to work on becoming a complete back. I still never became that because I got hurt but I was working on it. Complete back > speed back. We have 2 very good backs that compliment each other very well and we're lucky to have that. So I wish some would stop with the "I'd be ok if we let free go" talk because we would take a dip in production.
  7. I'm not gonna say he has way more upside. His running style just isn't a patient style because he's a speed guy. He's not gonna really care about being patient.
  8. Yes on our whiteboard it should've been. On the pats board it was about 7 points of emphasis and situational football was one of them.
  9. Trust. And Quinn wasn't wrong to trust in Kyle because it got us to the SB but in THAT moment knowing your 3 runs and a kick away from winning the game you make sure to tell Kyle run it no matter what.
  10. When some staff found the pats whiteboard after the game it still had their Bullet points on it. Situational football was on the board. We stopped playing smart football and had no urgency.
  11. We didn't take our foot off. The coaches just blew a socket. You don't take your foot off the gas on NE. You definitely don't dial up that homerun play that Matt was sacked on if you took your foot off the gas. And you DEFINITELY don't keep hiking the ball woth 20 seconds left on the play clock. The coaches just didn't call situationally sound football.
  12. So what?? Lineup and run it again. We still would've stayed in fg range. And why would you run the ball AWAY from your best running side?? Running off Chester and Shcrader is our best running side!!!! Shanny called an outside play to Matthews side knowing bill wasn't gonna allow that. Plus they were desperate at point. Do you really NOT understand situational football? Or football in general?? Do you think bell NEVER loses a yard or two? Barry sanders was the king of lose one yard, 2 yards, then pow 15 yards. That's the running game in a nutshell. Sometimes it loses yards. The fact remains there's less changes taken in that situation by just running the ball 3 times STAYING in FG range and making NE spend TO's. PERIOD!!!
  13. Absolutely. Now you get it. There's no secret to offensive success. Get a franchise qb, a stud RB(or 2 in our case), a stud wr and you're offense is a good line away from being tops. And if you run a particular type of system get the right scheme fits and pow!!! You look like we did. Ever wondered why GB has only won one SB with Rodgers?? It's because they lack a superior backfield. Favre had Dorsey Levens and went twice. HE blew the second SB by being careless with the ball. Elway couldn't win a SB until he got a stud in the backfield. Marino could never win because he lacked a running game. We have 2 studs. Pitt has 2 studs. Carolina will have 2 studs. Arizona HAD. Dallas has 2 studs even tho they only use the main one. Our system DEPENDS on the back being a stud. Every successful wco has. From Rodger Craig to Leveon Bell to Terrell Davis to Devonta Freeman. All the wco teams that have one a SB had a stud RB. Except for GB when they won with Rodgers but the running game got deadly down the stretch.
  14. That's my thing. I want both of them. Just more lass rushjers. If clay stayed healthy that 7.5 combined is about 11 sacks between the two. Clay was more disruptive than Vic early in the season. Them they both started meeting at the qb. Denver and SD, and GB they both wreaked havoc. That's why I want clay still.