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  1. I agree. My dad is scared of Hill but I’m like we haven’t seen him behind center for an entire game. Confuse his @ss. Keep the heat on him.
  2. I believe we’ll see a heavy dose of Oliver and Neal blitzes to force him to make reads quick. Or combo blitzes of Oliver/Neal and Foye/Debo. Do NOT sit back in zones. Do NOT spy. Just relentless pressure. To the point he’s so in his head they can show blitz then drop back and force a pick. WHOEVER the QB is.
  3. That sounds good but they’ll never play us without a safety on top of Julio. Especially with Lattimore hurt. So let the safeties blanket Julio and you get 1 on 1’s for Hurst on a LB. The saints play a lot of man to man so when they blitz a LB a safety might have to cover Hurst but usually in cover 1 a LB would be on him. Which could actually play in our favor anyway. I think we need to be aggressive with them. Julio, Calvin, Gage, and Zach taking shots all game to keep them off of Gurley and the run game. Don’t let them get comfortable.
  4. If they can win out I can see that. Just beating the bucs and saints twice won’t be enough. That’ll put the bucs at 5 losses but we’d still be a game behind them. Puts the saints at 4 losses and we’re 2 games behind them. Both teams would have to go on a serious skid and that I don’t see happening either. And I also don’t look at schedules either. A 3 win team can literally whip a playoff bound team. Like in 2016 thanks to the cardinals who were going nowhere beating the Seahawks helping us jump from 6th seed to 2 seed. Win loss records mean nothing to me in the nfl. I mean do you think teams
  5. Yea. I think the wildcard scenario is the easiest route because I don’t think we can topple both the saints and bucs one of them maybe and that’s looking like possibly the saints. I don’t think we can win the division but if we can pass one of those teams we can possibly get a wildcard. We own the tiebreaker on Minny and if Chicago keeps sliding and Detroit hits a skid we can jump all of them to the 8th seed if they allow it. As it stands the bucs own the 1st WC slot. We’d need a lot of help but I think that’s our best shot. Don’t see us winning the division. Also need one of the cards or rams
  6. 6th against the run. Imagine if they came in the season with the blitz mentality and not trying to just get pressure with the front 4 and the backend was sharp. Currently the only corners playing well are AJ and Denard. If the other guys can up there game to match the other 2 it’s a strong possibility we could go 6-1 the next seven games.
  7. This is what I was saying yesterday. There is a tiny scenario where we can make the playoffs. Especially if they add an 8th seed. Mathematically we’re not out yet tho we have a tall hill to climb. I don’t give up on playoffs until we’re mathematically eliminated. No matter how hopeless it may seem/be.
  8. #1 I didn’t get in your grill. #2 where did I say tie GAMES. I never once mentioned games ending in ties. I said ASSUMING we tie with somebody. 8-8, 9-7 etc...my whole point is ending up with a better record than other wild card hopefuls.
  9. Dude I know what a tie breaker is. You did all that typing entirely for nothing when I knew what you meant from the start.
  10. Assuming we tie with somebody. I said nothing about a tie situation. We weren’t supposed to have home field in 2016. We were a wildcard team but low and behold the right teams lost and we ended up top seed. How do you figure they have no shot virtually? I don’t know how old you are but I’ve watched enough football games to see the weirdest scenarios take place. I said teams that need to LOSE. Ties go out the window if you hand a better record than then. If we finish 8-8 and the lions finish 7-9 how would a tie come into place? I’m not factoring ties. F*ck a tie. So that’s how I figure. And it
  11. Teams we need to lose today for playoff hopes. Rams Cardinals Niners Lions(already won) We can’t figure to topple both the saints and bucs in the division unless we can beat both twice and they lose games in between. So our best path to the playoffs is the 7th seed. And currently the 3 spots are Bucs, Cardinals, and Rams. We stand a better chance of the rams and cards dropping games than the bucs and saints. Of course we have to continue a win streak. I would say we need to go 4-2 at the worst to still have a chance. That means splitting with the saints and
  12. Good. That’s what we need. We need the niners to lose. I know it’s hard to get past saints hatred but for the playoff picture we need the niners to lose more than the saints.
  13. I think they can beat the saints twice. The bucs once. Or vice versa
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