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  1. It gets so annoying how no one can bring up Keanu Neal without comparing him to chancellor or how our defense is trying to be like Seattle!! I mean its literally every time someone in the media talks about them.
  2. Some of them shirts are pretty dope but they're a little to pricy for my taste
  3. If I remember right he just has sickle traits and not full blown sickle cell but I'm not sure. I expect him to play
  4. Take the ball deep take the top off the defense
  5. Bruh I'm talking about him throwing the ball, like as in flea flickers. Of course he'll have catches.
  6. Do you guys think shanahan will have any passing plays for sanu? I personally don't see it myself.
  7. I remember that. Pretty sure will svitek was the one who stepped on his ankle when a lion pushed him into Ryan.
  8. Yeah It would be awesome if they did. But technically teams can't retire a number.
  9. I can already see visions of Greg Olson abusing our defense
  10. I don't think I've seen him once
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