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  1. Alf has always been that way. He likes to gamble but it hurts him more now than it helps. He used to trust his speed but he gets beat deep on the double move constantly. Even though he does get grabby I will take him any day now over Tru actually making an effort to defend the pass. Now if we are talking about Tru before the injury...Tru was way better at defending than Alf. Thats why I don't understand why Tru regressed.
  2. Now we know some of those he gets are tick for tack. All corners do it if you do your job. Some just get penalized less than others. Its a proven fact.
  3. I didn't say play well. I said he does his job as a defender. BIG DIFFERENCE.
  4. Born and raised in Atlanta. My dad took me to my first game in 1986 at AFCS back when the company he worked for had a skybox. We got to meet Scott Case after the game and picked me up to give him a high five. (I was 6 years old then). Been a fan, still a fan and will die a fan of the Falcons. All I know is Red and Black.
  5. They better not let Sanu go! If there is anyone that can get a 1st on 4th and short, its him period! TD would be stupid (even though I think he already is) to pull that move.
  6. Actually they have the same number of PDs and no INTs. TRU does have more solo tackles than ALF but thats it. ALF gets more holding calls or PIs because he is actually doing his job as a defender. TRU hardly has ever contested receivers and let them catch the ball in front of him all season long. Plus, TRU has had several opportunities at INTs and blew it.
  7. IDK Man he has been getting bits on defense and trying to make the offense too electric. No balance.
  8. Me too! Even though the injury bug hit the Falcons pretty bad this year, the backups aren’t even NFL worthy besides a handful. So I hope Blank tells TD to get it fixed or else.
  9. Does anyone feel like since Arthur has finally gotten a taste of what a Championship feels like, his tolerance for being mediocre will diminish some and heads start rolling at Flowery Branch?
  10. Championship jerseys are selling out. Just bought mine! Small and large only sizes left if anyone is interested.
  11. Man 1995 seemed so long ago
  12. So since you are saying that Matt still got him the ball...How many times has Julio had to come back to the ball because it was thrown short and he either had to try to catch it or switch rolls and playing safety to save Matt's *** to keep the drive going?
  13. I understand why people keep bringing up AB and his route running. But you have to account that AB has a QB and an Oline that and get him the ball deep or the OB is protected enough for AB to extend the play coming out of his route. We have seen too many times the ducks thrown to Julio when he does have protection or lack thereof. But when Julio can lead the league in yards with a slightly above average arm and a trash oline, you have to put into consideration about Julio being the best receiver. AB benefits from 2 factors Vs Julio's 1.
  14. I wasn't either but the last time he tried to dunk the field goal was at the Rams game and he pulled a hammy. He should have learned from that game that he doesn't have Tony G's ups