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  1. I definitely like the black on black getting back to the Prime and Vick days when on the field it just looked mean. But the white jersey is fire The gradient is growing on me. On the black I am glad they didn’t choose red numbers to look like San Francisco but the numbers are huge. I’ll get used to it and I’m sure everyone else will too.
  2. You can't compare this. There is top tier talent that come from lower division schools that couldn't get into the big conferences due to grades, test scores or law trouble. They don't get the TV time exposure in order to "shine". There has been so much discrimination of not looking at small school talent its ridiculous. Also its some big time "Big School" talent that have declared/committed to Division II schools this year that can brawl with the best of them.
  3. Pats and Saints out early. What a weekend!!!
  4. It’s coming back! Sit cho arses down Taints!
  5. Well that stat didn’t pass the eye test this season and Tony Dungy pointed that out tonight.
  6. Everyone has tape on Ryan and if you put pressure on him he will fold quicker than a fat “B” in a lawn chair
  7. Yep. Can you extend the play. The taller the QB the less agile unless you are Cam. Seems like 6’2” and under is the range for agility
  8. Well Roddy had a good chunk of that until Julio got that screw fixed
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