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  1. Definitely not, fan since '86. I'm just tired of the extra bs pay the bills time during the draft
  2. they have gone to commercial on us twice...WTF!!!
  3. F16s are clear for take off!
  4. I just think Riverboat Ron...never ceases to amaze me. He is a gambler.
  5. I hope so. CAR has 2 before us. Might get 2 DTs just to mess with us lol
  6. We have to move up now!!!
  7. Thats what I'm thinking. There is no way our draft is going as good as it is right now with two guys falling to us. Its about to get real interesting
  8. That ATLCAST crew is deep
  9. I think I'm more nervous about this pick than the first..
  10. There is Grimes replacement for the Bucs
  12. If they do it they will win the PETTY AWARD of the night lol