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  1. I don't think it was severe enough for a 1 game suspension. If Cam would have been out for the game I could see it happening. Cam sold that play to the refs like a soccer player. He was fine. Kazee just has to be smarter when a QB slides which is harder to do than people think at game speed.
  2. Yeo. Some of MR $$$ could have gone to him.
  3. Dimarco would have gotten Coleman the first... I miss that guy!
  4. Can't argue that one. It still makes me cringe.
  5. I just had the debate with a friend of mine talking about Cam was tougher than Matt. I told him that Matt doesn't whine about getting hit. He takes his licks and gets right back up. Fruity Newton on the otherhand...
  6. Those two names shouldn't even be in the same post
  7. Refs can see ghost PI but can't see a clear QB sneak touchdown?! GTFOH
  8. Yup and he knew it. He kept cursing at himself after that 1st down