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  1. I’ll say they are legit when they stop a 4th and 14. They have consistently been giving up chunks or yardage on 4th and long since DQ has been head coach. Gotta send more than 3. They got lucky on that final stop but they have some work to do before legit status in my opinion. Off to a decent start after the week one debacle.
  2. This Sunday night game was worth it to watch! 1-1 Baby! RISE UP!
  3. You keep sinking....Why would you do that?!
  4. Mays Raiders! My High School...Memories 21 years ago!
  5. I would too if the opposing QB keeps throwing picks
  6. I hope Money Matt can stay healthy. Love that guy!
  7. What about Bean Talk?
  8. I think a lot of the players who voted are jealous of some of the Falcons players and they refuse to honestly vote based off of talent. The vast majority of the players who voted don't have a QB, DT or WR for that matter that could take them to the post season at any given time. The fact that MR2's MVP numbers in 2018 or JJ11's leading receiving yards in 2018 meant nothing to these clowns and it showed.
  9. Dang bro. That sucks!
  10. Big Facts! The Que's on the yard when I was in college were definitely not like this dude. I pledged a different organization and we had a dude that tried to pledge one org (didn't get picked) and joined another just so he could get some. Dude was a lame and he knew it. Still didn't get as much play as he thought he would get because every female on campus knew the real story behind him.
  11. Bethpage black is too long of a course for Tiger now. 504+ yard par 4s are rare on golf courses. That can take a toll if an entire course is set up that way. Only the fittest golfers can tame a course like that and Koepka is proof of it. It is funny that you don’t hear Koepka name as far as domination goes except for majors for the most part. But I also believe Tiger wasn’t there mentally since this lawsuit popped up.