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  1. The right side sucked and left guard was suspect at times too When was the last time someone took it to the house with Bosh? I can’t recall any this year and maybe 3 last year if that. Yes he isn’t a boomer like he used to be but still effective. You make it sound like he’s trash.
  2. No he needs to be paid as a dual threat. Don't see too many punters that can kick and tackle better than the team. He is not a problem. Dimi better restructure that overpaid O-line to keep him.
  3. They better not touch Stone Cold Bosh!!!
  4. One thing that was pointed out last night was how BB has one offensive play with 4 different looks to it and depending upon how things are lined up on defense BB has coached Tom audible to one of the other 3. Tom knows exactly where he is going which makes it easier for him to hit Edelman or Hogan in open space since the Rams defense tried to double team Gronk all night. But on the contrary the Rams realized it too late but Romo said that McVay adjusted at halftime to not show cards so early pre-snap in the 2nd half. Once the clock was under 15 seconds the DC couldn't adjust do to communication being shut off which allowed the Rams to almost start carving up the defense. I wonder if other teams have tried this method and failed (obviously since the Pats keep winning) or Romo figured something out and teams paid attention last night.
  5. Well the way he played last night he won't make it another 3 years. He looked sluggish. Not one TD thrown.
  6. I actually read a ton of books. I was referring to all the cameras in Tom's face and being rude pushing the reporter for CBS trying to interview him.
  7. The media sucks. Jesus!!!
  8. Now Brady please retire!!!
  9. The saw the hands to the face but missed the fist full of Jersey by the same play.
  10. They looked and the Julio/Sherman tape. Held his arm that was blind to the ref.
  11. Yeah he tripped over the dude. It wasn’t a hold at all.
  12. I’m a UGA fan first. Glad Michel got his TD.
  13. They resetting the play clock