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  1. Agreed. Why did we bring Dirk back? That's a TD garbage move. TD needs to go, new GM needs to cut and replace DQ and DK. I was a fan of keeping TD when we fired Smith, but a soft culture has stayed through all of our coaching moves. So I am now of the opinion that the cuts need to start with him. And I defiantly don't want sit through another season of DQ and DK.
  2. Huh? Mike Smith's speeches were as vanilla as he was in general. He was an unemotional, steady coach. And I wouldn't consider DQ's speeches to be very "motivational" either. I think AB hires more vanilla types and feel that a little more motivation is needed around there.
  3. Wow... Poll: which is more of an eye sore? His poor play or his red contacts? Both are embarrassing imo..
  4. The TD/Pioli team had a pretty solid draft imo. I was much happier with it than I have been in the past with just TD. I am indifferent in regards to them staying or leaving at this point. But... I do not want McDaniels here. And... if TD is lobbying for him, that should be enough for Blank to say... "Okay.. enough of the dumb Sh!t, pack your bags Thomas, you're done"
  5. Playoff game against the Giants a few years back. I was hopeful that Mularky was the problem, but culture is a reflection of the head so I wasnt holding my breath. 2-3 years late on this move IMO. I do however, see Smith as a class act, and wish him the best.
  6. The loser mentality is owned by those who are responsible for directing the team more than message board posters who are frustrated with this sh!t show.
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