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  1. walking after camp is he? or were you making the point that this massive number just 'appears'. Last time i checked his rookie deal ain't cheap..... smh, the difference won't swing our cap over to Taints levels of mismanagement
  2. Great retort to your freaking ridiculous Madden type hypothesis. How is that relevant
  3. So either Rodger's agent is a complete idiot He took a 'hometown discount' He also hasn't won a superbowl you're not as clever as you think you are
  4. objective thread disturbs usual traffic of trolling and counter trolling. Oh no wait, play resumes as usual. smh
  5. Great post. Rogers is gonna star as a hard yarder and a pass catcher. Matty gonna shut some people up. Gotta agree with that.
  6. has got AMFB message board written alllll over it Is that Greg M in the middle? Normally takes some good photos at TC
  7. weird one. we all know Seamill is legit, and gets them for himself. Question though. Wouldn't everyone rather just have a conversation with them, or a photo with them? Don't see the value, emotionally, in a signature whatsoever. I met my favorite comedian and he signed my book. That book is beaten up with folded over corners now, but I still remember what we talked about.
  8. i'd make a few changes to what level I expect them to play at this year, but I think this is close to bang on for last year. +1
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