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  1. Since over the past 3 seasons the Saints have actually injured fewer players than 80% of NFL teams, Goodell can't prove intent to injure.
  2. No they haven't. The NFL (Goodell) says that the players and coaches admitted it, but has provided NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE to support it. Goodell himself doesn't need evidence; if it's in court (as it is now with Vilma) the court is going to REQUIRE the NFL to produce solid evidence. And, since I don't believe they actually have such evidence, Goodell is going to be SOL.
  3. Goodell can (and probably will) re-instate the suspensions. And the players can appeal to the courts to force Goodell to show evidence of a "pay to injure" program, and not just a "pay for performance." Goodell is going to have a very hard time doing that since, over the last 3 seasons, the Saints have been on the bottom end of teams that injure players from other teams. In 2009, they were 3rd from the bottom in number of injuries caused; in 2010, they were 11th from the bottom; in 2011, they were again 3rd from the bottom in number of injuries caused. If the Saints had a pay for injury progra
  4. The biggest "lock" of the week is the Houston Texans over the Miami Dolphins. One of these years the Dolphins are going to win one against the Texans. Just not this season.
  5. On paper, the Falcons should soar in this game, and they probably will win it. But, playing in KC is no picnic, and I do expect a close game.
  6. Brian Billick and Mike Martz have been suggested for a possible OC vacancy (which does not now exist). I wonder if Billick would mind working for his brother-in-law? If Mike Martz gets the OC job in ATL, Tony Gonzales can forget about any meaningful role with the Falcons. Mike Martz does not like to incorporate the TE position into his offensive schemes. Martz also fails to make adjustments or compromise when his offensive scheme falls flat. In other words, it's Plan A or nothing with him. I don't think anyone here should wants Martz as OC.
  7. Do some research before you write. The Saints 18-6 road record over the last 3 seasons is the BEST record of any team in the NFL. If that's pedestrian, I'm sure they'll take it.
  8. Absolutely correct. The Saints may not be able to re-sign both Nicks and Colston, but I guarantee they will find a way to keep Nicks.
  9. This guy's 0% chance is really crazy... I would put the Falcons' chances against the Giants at about 40%.
  10. Why would the Giants play a 3-3-5, when they have so many pass rushing DEs? If the Giants play any less than a 4-man d-line, especially on long yardage, I will be extremely surprised. The Saints did play some 3-3-5, but their 3-3-5 is almost like a base 3-4-4, with Roman Harper being basically a fourth LB rather than a safety.
  11. The G-men are on a roll right now, with Eli Manning playing like an elite QB, and their front 4 getting all kinds of pressure on the QB (Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck in particular, and Osi Umenyiora getting back in game shape). Their back is certainly a liability, but only a QB with a quick enough release can possibly exploit that liability. I don't think Matt Ryan, with his propensity to throw checkdowns, is the guy to try to exploit the Giants' vulnerabilities on the back end. When the Giants have a successful pass rush with only their front 4, they are difficult to beat (ask Tom Bra
  12. The Falcons are going to Metlife Stadium in New Jersey to play against the N.Y. Giants. After that game, they will coming home to watch the remainder of the playoffs on TV.
  13. The hold on Rodgers was NOT BS. When you TACKLE the incoming rusher, guess what? Holding is going to be called EVERY TIME.
  14. Nicks is UFA after this season. But, there is NO WAY the Saints will let go of a 344-pound STUD LG who absolutely pancakes the interior of defensive lines. Especially since Drew Brees likes to move up in the pocket instead of roll out. Guards and the center are especially important to the Saints' success, more so than tackles would be. You have to pressure Drew Brees up the middle to have any chance of success. Pressure from the outside usually doesn't work. Dream on about Nicks going anywhere else! You don't necessarily need high round draft choices on the O-line either. Nicks was a fifth rou
  15. Actually, it is about a 70-30 proposition. Teams that have beaten a team twice in a season (obviously division foes), and play them again in the playoffs, win again 70% of the time. So there is statistically a 30% chance that the Falcons could beat the Saints in the playoffs. I believe the last time that was done was in the 2007 NFC playoffs when the N.Y. Giants, after losing both regular season games to the Dallas Cowboys, beat the Cowboys in the Divisional round of the playoffs.
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