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  1. lets look at Brees in first 4 yrs

    2001 55% 221 yds 0 TDS 2 INTS

    2002 60% 3200 yds 17 TDs 16 Ints

    2003 57% 2108 yds 11 TDs 15 INTs

    2004 65% 3159 yds 27 TDs 7 INTS


    Ryans Numbers in his first 4 YRS are MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Better than your guy, your Only Guy , the guy that if he goes down makes you a 1 - 15 Ball Team....

    Ryans Numbers in his First 4 yrs are better than even the best that has ever played the game

    J Montana

    J Elway

    P Manning

    J Kelly

    none have the Numbers that Ryan Do

    so I say you sir

    are Full of Shyt

    This is a quarterback driven league. If anyone's star quarterback goes down they start loosing. You dumb shyt just look at the colts for example.

    Not saying Ryan is Great. But where do you think the falcons would be if he went down at the start of the season?

    In the Cellar

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