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  1. Oh really? Saints, Packs, Ravens, Pats and Niners would argue that. Your just mad the falcons suck. Get used to it.
  2. 3 or 4 weeks ago it may have been exciting. Now we aren't worried about the falcons anymore. Our focus is on catching the 9'ers with some luck.
  3. I think they should run the ball ALOT! Turner will likely burn that panthers D. Eat the clock as much as you can to keep Cam off the field. Last thing the falcons want is a shootout with the Panthers as their offense is the better of the two.
  4. Falcons will certainly see a wild card spot. No doubt about it. It would be pretty hard to screw that up given the position they are in right now with the beat up bears. Likely will see the #5 seed before it's all said and done. But is this falcons team good enough to get past the wild card round? No.
  5. I say **** to the naw don't fire Jason Garrett. Fire anyone make it your special teams coach. He was the one yelling at Garrett to call the timeout. You could tell Garrett was uncertain about the call but he knew something wasn't right and they needed a timeout to reset. It isn't his fault your kicker missed a field goal that he had just previously made. Shame on him. Not Garrett. He is a good head coach still finding his way and a damm good OC.
  6. Riddle me as to when i said that last time. Also it was in your house. I feel it will be much harder on the falcons this go round. I think it can go either way. Neither of you are a better team than the other. It's going to be fun to watch.
  7. You get jealous just like a little kid does. Don't get mad just because your team will never have a qb like brees. Nor will your team ever be as good as ours.
  8. We can use him alot in that Green bay weather come NFCCG
  9. How can you say the panthers are not just as good as the falcons? Records aside. They have hung in there with some good teams that could have easily gone either way. You beat them once but this time its not in the GA tent. I can easily see supercam going wild on you guys.
  10. The Falcons aren't talented enough to compete with the great passing teams of this league and you take it out on the NFL?
  11. Once again. We said Right NOW...What part of that do you not understand. We played the packers in week one. Obviously they squeeked one out against the NYG today. They are undefeated but by the hair of their chinny chin chin. We look unstoppable right now. Stick to being a Chef. Because your clearly not a rocket scientist.
  12. Philly vick was my trolling name. They banned me. I didn't change it by choice. i've had many saints user names on here and they were also banned too. Never been a philly or vick fan. Just something to piss falcon fans off. You mad too bro?
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