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  1. The Chiefs drafted Mahomes to sit under Alex Smith and still won their division. If they draft QB it’s because he was too good to pass on.
  2. If we trade down I want another corner to pair with Terrell, and go RB and safety in the 2nd.
  3. It's two spots to get a quarterback of the future, you do that every time.
  4. Quinn 2.0 Arthur Smith looks like our next head coach
  5. Other Somebody who will set up the run for matt’s awesome play action and bootleg game as well as keep the pass rush off him. I like Gase he seems like a bad HC but a great OC, watch his mic’d up and he shows no emotion at all, very analytical.
  6. Teco I believe is gone, as well as Beasley and Alford, that frees up Grady and Julio deals and probably a pass rusher or o-lineman, I’d like a vet(think Freeney), then draft a pass rusher in the first two rounds
  7. I’ve loved what they’ve both done. The talent on our D-line is as strong as i can remember. A guy that hasn’t gotten much love but is playing really well is Derrick Shelby. He’s really played the run well this year. If only Vic could find a pass rush.
  8. Falcons are much better offensively. Vikings have a bit more talent defensively and have a great defensive coach. It’ll be a good test but I don’t see us losing unless a fluke play goes their way or we **** the bed on special teams.
  9. We are going to smash the Jets this week.
  10. We played bad last week. Made a lot of errors this team isn’t used to making (2 missed field goals, jets sweep at the 1). I just feel like if we put it together on offense, this team is going to win the NFC. We had games like this last year too.
  11. This message board is so negative on arguably the most talented falcons team ever. I agree we will be just fine.
  12. I'd be shocked if we take a safety in the first three rounds of the draft. It's simply not a need and they wouldn't play for a couple seasons.
  13. Exactly, he was the weakness on the offense last year and we were still historically great, but that doesnt mean we shouldnt find someone better. At this stage its lamp at 31 or give Garland and our pick last year a shot.
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