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  1. <---- laugher You know if the Saints had loss this game, if we brought up the jimmy graham drops and the miss int in the endzone your fans would say excuses.
  2. Or the roman Harper dropped int before the roddy play, jimmy Graham's dropped passes, John Casey's missed field goal etc... How can a team dominate another and be down 3/4's of the game?
  3. Maybe these excuses need to go in to the thread Pick an excuse new Orleans fans will use when they lose Sunday. Honestly tho give it up! It was a good game you guys loss because we scored more points than you. Easy to point to drops **** Graham had a bunch of them and on the dropped td pass roddy wouldn't have had a chance to see that play if Harper doesn't drop an int in the endzone.
  4. So you get to make to excuses on dropped passes etc and you think the falcons had this game in the bag when in fact you were down 3/4 of the game. Man you sure need to go to the doctor and get put on some skitzo medicine.
  5. Paging Falconidae you are needed in rival central for your crow! <---- Laugher
  6. Yeh like the illegal contact 4 yds downfield on Moore which was called and the flag picked up and then Greer barely touching White and he gets called for PI I was pissed.
  7. Can you guys run the table yes, just like you guys can lose every game left too. I think you should focus on one game at a time.
  8. Yeh sorta like TATF... They actually have a thread trying to compare Ryan to Rodgers.
  9. http://mobile.atlanta.sbnation.com/atlanta-falcons/2011/11/13/2559258/saints-falcons-fourth-down-overtime Never gets old.
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