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  1. Arkansas used them first with a "YESSIRRR!!!" sign to welcome Pittman. Good job by our team to jump on it early before everyone does tho.
  2. If Bama goes down, everyone's going down. Saban:
  3. Didn't it take Pickens a while to get the score? IIRC he didn't get to campus until July? I expect the same out of ZE wherever he ends up
  4. Think it'll be when he visits with his family or soon thereafter
  5. The best teacher is experience, this is the only time I'll give kudos to Dabo for recognizing it and making the move early.
  6. Kirby took his announcement ceremony away and told him to just show up to work next week
  7. Probably included Hayes in those 6 OL leaving
  8. Broderick Jones not signing early, wants to look at......wait for it...... Auburn ?
  9. Funny, I meant to come on here earlier just to state that this kid wouldn't be coming to UGA.
  10. Trezman starts on ST and played some ILB with Nate McBride yesterday late in the game
  11. If we only take 1 RB, Corey Wren could fill the James Cook decoy role for a year until we bring in more help the following cycle.
  12. Kid just isn’t a football player imo. We need to get D-Rob more involved. Kid has been very reliable but we forget he’s on the team every other game it seems...like Mecole
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