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  1. Kid just isn’t a football player imo. We need to get D-Rob more involved. Kid has been very reliable but we forget he’s on the team every other game it Mecole
  2. Gilbert is Kyle Davis recruitment all over again
  3. Honestly could see Fromm go late in the 1st Round to the Pats and sit behind Brady a couple years.
  4. I just want to see someone else get some reps at FS. #2 hasn't improved much at all since HS and no one else has had much of a chance to do so at his position.
  5. Must be 2 Floridas and Texas A&M's because the ones in the SEC suck.
  6. In his defense, his coaches deserved some tough “coaching up” with the way they coached that game.
  7. Maliq Carr down to UGA and Purdue