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  1. real life chichen *****

  2. good bye cruel world

  3. Would've whooped my ***. I ended up with 95.
  4. There's always that. He's actually beating me 100-95. I have 0 players left to play so he's going to win.
  5. Week one maybe. After that I'm screwed. I have absolutely no depth!
  6. Who's Pandora Redundant Fibber? Just wondering who I'm going up against this week?
  7. I've got Peyton in a few of my $$$ leagues which has me mucho happio. 46 points isn't anything to sneeze at that's for sure. Thanks for the trade by the way. Appreciate it.
  8. I think I'm turning Japanese...

  9. Yeah, guess it could have been worse. I think going in and ranking the players helped but it still sucks letting auto select pick my team. I think Gronk is going to rake it in this year even more so with Hernandez gone. Just hope he can stay healthy. Who'd you go with at TE? Appreciate you asking jb, but thankfully my daughter had a showing and not a competition. Scares the ish out of me jumping those horses like she does! She actually ended up showing a horse of a friends that had an accident and was on crutches. Was still quality time spent none the less.
  10. Just looked at who I got in the draft that I missed. OOCH!! Gonna grab on tight to A-Rods balls and hopefully swing all season long. It's all I got...
  11. Sounds good. I'd be in for $20.
  12. I don't listen to them cause my head is like a sieve...

  13. Reese, stop advertising your new business.
  14. DBFever2=DrewBreesFever2

  15. Sounds good JB. You do the same brother. Was good to hear from you. I'll message you my e-mail so we can stay in touch.