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  1. real life chichen *****

  2. good bye cruel world

  3. I don't smoke weed. So I must be just a **** face huh? Must feel awful full of yourself to think you have a space in my head. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself. There hasn't been a **** thing that I've said that I wouldn't say to your face or anyone else. Tired of all the chicken **** remarks. You can't back it up, then shut the **** up. I'm am far from your child. You wanna run your mouth, you know where I live. Don't worry, I won't hold my breath. Your all the same. You put yourself in this **** by laughing at some Hitler **** another punk posted. Thing is, you wouldn't be laughing to my face. Peace out white bread
  4. Aww, I see your little falconbitch likes your pics. Maybe he can feed you a meal? I hear he gives great cheff.
  5. Well, I looked to banned as soon as Freebird reads his pm. Tired of internet tough guys talking **** just because they can. They attacked BigL for no reason trying to get him to say where he was located and such. Disrespecting him because he's a cop and they figured he wouldn't do anything about it. So, I pm'd freebird or whatever his name is giving him my full address and telling him that if he had a problem that I'd be more than happy to send him my frequent flier miles so he could come and get a free attitude adjustment. ******* like him and his friends are a waste of the air we breath. I'm not normally a violent person, but when punks think they can run their mouth without there being consequences I feel like I should prove their naïve ***** wrong. I may not be on this board any longer but at least I'm no puppet. Hey freebird, hows it feel to be the biggest ***** on these boards? I'll be waiting chump. So you don't forget: 617 E. 1st Newton, KS. 67114. Can't miss it tough guy!
  6. fuq u

    Sig Bet

    Screw it, any takers. Must be humorous. I'll sport it, loud and proud!
  7. Guy needs to get a dog. He could name him Jack.
  8. Had to have been Mr. JACKass himself. Jack this, Jack that, Jack on, Jack off. You get the point, Jack!
  9. If your going your talk to me like I'm some guy off of Duck Dynasty, I'd rather not have this conversation, Jack.
  10. Well, to be fair, it doesn't happen near as often as it use to.
  11. I can't tell a lie. I use to love watching the Skins beat the Holly He77 out of the Cowboys when I was a kid. Still do actually.
  12. Would've whooped my ***. I ended up with 95.
  13. There's always that. He's actually beating me 100-95. I have 0 players left to play so he's going to win.
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