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  1. Would be glad to. I think sometimes we as fans forget that we dont know everything and we dont know what a the coaching staff and front office have asked a specific player to do. There are a couple of things that led up to the point of us losing both Spoon and Peters and ultimately comes down to the front office not keeping their word and misleading players. 1st thing is if you think about just the dline and the oline. At its most base form in passing situations Atlanta went with a 4 man rush against a 5 man oline. That means they mathematically have an a double team somewhere and then 3
  2. On offense I think I will go with Quizz! I think he gets 600+ all purpose yards next season with Turner having a reduced role because of him being so one dimensional. On defense I am gonna go with Peters (prolly not a shock to you guys). I say he continues to improve and get smarter on the field and ends up as a top 25 DT in the league. And just as a cherry on top I think if both of those things happen the falcons win the NFC south and their 1st playoff game (in what seems like forever) this yr.
  3. Once again. For what he was being asked to do under BVG scheme he was above average. Anyone who says different has no idea of what the coaches wanted from the guys in the middle.
  4. Glad to see someone I actually knowledgeable about the game and is actually basing their posts on things they see happening on the field and not things they wish or hoped would happen.
  5. I get that a 3rd round pick is an impact but practically no one on this board thought that Peters was worthy of a 3rd pick. Even the so called experts thought he was a 5th at best. People were not upset that the falcons didn't draft a DE. They were upset that they drafted some bum DT that NO ONE had ever heard of. You very well may have been upset that the choice wasn't a DE but most everyone else wasn't upset for that.
  6. The situations when Abe was doubled it was always a TE or a RB staying in to help or chipping. That hardly has anything to do with the DT. Babs was doubled way fewer times than Peters this season. BVG felt Babs was the better DT and so the scheme was set for Babs to get more one on one opportunities. Watch the tapes. Count the plays. Guarantee it was at least 60-40 in favor of Peters as far as who got the double team. This is what I am saying. People say this or that but they couldn't have been watching the same games I saw because Babs was gettin a heck of a lot of one on one opportunities
  7. Penetrate third. Take on the double team (most of the time in passing situations) 2nd. Stop the run 1st. You don't stop the run by penetrating at DT because if you don't make the tackle then u leave your LB out to dry and end up giving a big gain. This is what Babs does all the time. Look at the tapes. Almost all the long runs up the middle happen when Babs gets penetration n misses the tackle while the running back runs right through the hole where Babs should have been. Under BVG the defenses whole philosophy on the run was to make the ball carrier run to the outside. If that's the principal
  8. It's funny how no one seems to mention that Peters is only coming into his 3rd yr in the league. One poster mentions he was ranked 60 something out of all DTs as a ROOKIE? (is that bad?) Jumped better than 11 spots to 49th as a 2nd yr Player! (is that bad?) I mean it's not like this is somebody who hasn't consistently Improved. Is there a reason to think that his improvement won't continue.? And the one thing that I have yet to hear mentioned is what Peters' Job was on most of the plays in the base defense last yr. It's like no one considers what the coaches on the team ask the guys to do.
  9. I'm the same way. I'm a middle school teacher and the kids even know that after the falcons lose not to ask me anything about the game or mention the score or the other teams name in my classroom for at least a day after the game! Now if we win they know I'm going to be in a GREAT MOOD!
  10. That's awesome man. I mentioned in another thread that he seemed to genuinely appreciate the HSA. This confirms it for me. If there was a nicest guy on the team award I think he would win it hands down.
  11. That was quite possibly the most awesome thing I've seen in a while. He seemed like getting the award really warmed his heart. He is so frickin nice off the field. Geez! I think I have a man-crush. Lol. But in all seriousness. Great job guys! The video was awesome! The presentation was awesome! The Bernie was awesome too! THE HSA WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!
  12. Oh n just to clarify: I am not too disappointed in his play. Even great players go through slumps. But personal foul penalties after the whistle are absolutely avoidable IF YOU CHOOSE TOO! He is just not choosing to avoid them and that's what is so disappointing.
  13. Roddy definitely seems like he has something going on. Does any one know the number of targets he had this year vs the number he had last yr? Is it possible he feels like he isn't getting the ball enough? I mean if saw a guy come into my job and is immediately given specific plays just for them that I think I could run just as good (mainly the reverses or handoffs to JJ) I might get a little jealous. Wouldn't act stupid but it would definitely be in the back of my mind. Just saying.
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