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  1. He hasn’t been charged with anything yet. I would pull the trigger. We aren’t going anywhere with Ryan at the helm
  2. I knew it wouldn’t take long for one of these threads to form
  3. How many same old Falcons threads are we going to see after today?
  4. So Franks is basically Lamar Jackson 🤣
  5. Now we wait to be disappointed by the Braves, UGA, and as usual the Falcons
  6. No sense of urgency. Walking the ball up the court. No Ball movement. This team has a lot to learn moving forward
  7. It’s crazy how most on here was calling for more PT for Cam. Waited too late to lift the minutes restriction
  8. Ha! This is where CM puts us out of our misery
  9. The fact that a guy like Bobby Portis is crushing the Hawks tells ya everything you need to know about this game
  10. Some of the guys who are destroying the hawks won’t see any playing time in the finals
  11. Hawks aren’t ready to make that leap. Lights are too bright
  12. KH is definitely struggling. I would go with Gallo to be honest
  13. No one can create except for Trae. Hawks need some major upgrades
  14. Collins ain’t the guy y’all. He can’t create off the dribble
  15. Collins is not the answer. I would move on from him.
  16. The Hawks missed an opportunity to close the series out at home. Series isn’t over, but the pressure is now on the Hawks to stay alive. I hope they rise to the occasion
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