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  1. Trade with Browns - OBJ and a 3rd(can become a second)
  2. Wouldn’t surprise me if this was planned by Julio and Shannon
  3. Just because you watch YouTube videos that doesn’t make you a scout. People go crazy because the coach and GM didn’t pick someone who was in their Mock draft.
  4. DQ and the cowboys are all in on defense
  5. 2nd round grade on who’s board?
  6. WTH, can we build the frontline of the defense
  7. Have you seen this team the last that couple of years? This is a complete rebuild and unfortunately sacrifices have to be made. If we could get some decent draft capital next year for Julio then you take it. We have to be honest with ourselves and take the emotions out of it, we are not winning a SB this upcoming season with Julio. Might as well see what we can get..., it’s business not personal
  8. I’m all about trading back, but not too far. But an offer like that would be hard to pass up. If we stay put, give me Pitts, Surtain, or Sewell. I’ll ride with Matty Ice for a few more years
  9. Talking heads said the same thing about Josh Allen
  10. Hard pass....we have plenty of receivers on this roster
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