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  1. You can’t please everyone. Someone will always find something to ***** about
  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who could never watch that game again. I’m sure that game alone took about 5 years off of my life
  3. I hope not. We have way too many holes on this team to be giving up picks
  4. BPA: G, CB, LB, DE
  5. Not enough. I have no faith in Takk
  6. Hardy won’t find another job In the NFL. We kept him around way too long
  7. He can learn from Julio
  8. He’s better than Hardy
  9. Maybe they’re going to convert him to DT
  10. All I want to hear is we sign Clowney or Griffen. We better get some pass rush or we are doomed again
  11. We better get some studs to get after the QB
  12. Just want a legit defense for once! We need to be able to get after the QBs in this division. Also it will give us flexibility in the draft.
  13. If he can figure out a way to grab Clowney...bruh
  14. Now sign Clowney and we will be straight
  15. I would’ve loved to see Free and Gurley as a tandem