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  1. Wentz is the Big Ben of the eagles
  2. Remember that fake punt! Hopefully our ST game is better now that Armstrong is gone
  3. **** I thought that was it on that long pass
  4. Brees will throw a pick. You heard it here first
  5. I agree with call. Trust the D. This why you brought in all these FA
  6. They would’ve picked that up on the Falcon’s D
  7. Now you guys see the importance of Deion Jones
  8. Sark must be calling these plays
  9. Should we do what the Rams did and go all in for one season?
  10. That fake punt by the rams changed the game
  11. Gurley needed that. Hopefully the jitters are gone now
  12. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a punt without a flag
  13. Best player ain’t doing **** right now. Maybe give some more touches in the 2nd half and see if can shake the jitters. If not, go back to Anderson who knows how to win in the playoffs