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  1. I still remember when y’all wanted to run Shanny out of town.
  2. Get over it. Shanny ain’t coming back. I riding with Quinn and the current regime until they are gone. Shanny proved again that when it comes to big game he chokes.
  3. We figure out a way to get Clowney or Griffin then I’ll feel better about playing TB12. Still worried about our young secondary
  4. People can only hide who they are for so long. You will start to see red flags as times goes on that makes you question their commitment to the team. But they always do just enough to sort of get by. I believe this is Takk. He’s not fully committed to this team, but he will do just enough to make us think that he has bought in. I’m leaning towards the OP, sucks to says this, but we might want to move on from Takk before he becomes a cancer to the locker room
  5. Hard to tell when there are players who haven’t taken a snap in the NFL yet. Let’s wait until about week 4
  6. Another Harvin thread....No!
  7. Yup, you’re right. Let me correct myself. Falcons will be linked to any FA or disgruntle defensive player on the market because of how desperate we are to find any semblance of a defense
  8. You guys know that we will be linked to every free agent DE right? This is what happens when you have mediocre defense.
  9. Fromm sucks. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s undrafted
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