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  1. 23 hours ago, falconfanEST1989 said:

    Full strength vs full strength.   Good so when we win we can shut the NFL media nut huggers up :slick:

    If this is true I will be on the bucs sidelines losing my voice. Its been a couple years since i flew from Anchorage to Tampa for that game. I will take julio against Tampa every day. I'm a lot closer now that I'm in Jacksonville. 

  2. 1 minute ago, octoslash said:

    What are y'all enjoying consumables-wise today for the game?  


    I had black coffee for breakfast.  

    Then an orange instant jello. 

    Lunch will be a bowl of beef broth.  

    Pregame cocktails of non-alcoholic sparkling white grape juice.  

    More jello during the game, with lots of water.  

    Chicken broth for dinner.  

    Water at bedtime. 


    I'm not making this up...that's my menu.   (I have a colonoscopy tomorrow morning lol)  


    Well then, lol. I hope all is normal for you up in there. I plan to make chili and cheesy jalapeno cornbread. I'm sure it will help cleanse my colon as well. 

  3. 22 hours ago, jb 3.0 said:

    It's called depth. Every year you all seem to be scrambling at the start of the season to find someone to plug a hole. In the past it's been the offensive line. But go ahead and keep making excuses for what is obvious mismanagement by a GM thats sole concern is kissing *** to keep his job.

    Good luck with Mike smith and the diggler. Can't wait to see that play out.

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