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  1. Oh yes, Norm Chow. Distant cousin to Fake Chow.
  2. This is some cesar sayoc level of stupidity.
  3. Its crazy too, since that was rosen's first start. Usually every rookie wins their first start! Especially against teams that have won super bowls recently!
  4. Saw this coming when i saw him take that hit. I was worried it was a acl at first. Knowing how dq has been misleading with injuries at first, its probably a high ankle.
  5. It was saying you aren't able to receive messages. Do you have the saints game tickets by chance?
  6. Hey Tandy, I tried to message you regarding the panther tickets but it wouldn't let me send the message to you. Are you only selling them as a pair?
  7. Section 36, row e, I believe. Since its on a Saturday I'll be early. Should be fun.
  8. Anyone else going to be at the jags game? I'd love to meet up with some Falcon fans. I know this will be moved but was hoping for more traction here.
  9. Of the 6 games they watched. Not all the games.
  10. Some of you people are pathetic. He's just wanting guaranteed money and what he does to his body for this franchise i actually agree they should work on that. Julio isn't a dez Bryant cancer. He comes to work outperforms everyone and i think he is deserved. The 9th highest paid receiver. Please, rank 5 above him.
  11. Jay Adams! We love you brother! He was legit.
  12. Why would max tuerk be cutting someone? Is he no longer playing and become a GM?