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  1. With a respectable balanced run game, then I can see it. Having a balanced run game is twofold in terms of contributing to a more efficient offense and defense. Do I foresee a respectable balanced run game this year? Nah, not really. However, I do see a continuation of 3rd down and 12 coming up a good bit again though.
  2. Goodness, they need to give him a different number lol. Sign the man. Let Grady, Fowler, Takk, Marlon, Griffen, Bailey, Cominsky, Harris, and Walker attack. I could live with this group getting after the QB. Big Tyeler Davison anchoring against the run. I hate losing Clayborn. Sh**, give me Griffen and Vinny Curry.
  3. Griffen is likely the best option available. Him of a vet corner like Dennard and Ryan. Clay Matthews as a stopgap at SLB isn’t bad either. Vinny Curry gives you another 5-Tech “who can kick inside” ala the famous ‘Michael Bennett role’ that folks love(d) lol. Any if these guys would be welcomed additions. And Eric Berry? Can he still be salvaged? I’m absolutely sure there’s also some other available names I’m forgetting.
  4. You bring in Eric Berry on a 2 year deal and Clay Matthews on a 1 year deal and call it an effing day. Veteran presence not only in the locker room but on the field. I fear we don’t have a SAM backer at the moment. I think Berry is going to surprise folks after taking all of last year off to reset. He’s so under the Radar right now IMO. Berry and Rico at S with Kazee and Hawkins as backups. Sheffield and Kazee fill in at Nickel/Dime. This allows Keanu/Bucannon to man the WLB position, Debo at MLB, and Foye/Clay Matthews at SLB. Walker and Charles Harris as rotational DEs. This setup instantly makes me feel a lot better about the entire defense in terms of youth, veterans, and attempting to get the most out of guys who haven’t quite done that.
  5. I’m expecting lawsuits to be issued soon.
  6. One thing I forgot to add, and this may sound crazy at first, is to switch more to Cover 2 (something Quinn doesn’t really do but Raheem Morris does) Man: WLB: Keanu Neal MLB: Debo SLB: Foye Oluokon CB: Isaiah Oliver S: Ricardo Allen S: Damontae Kazee Slot: Kendall Sheffield CB: AJ Terrell I’m still not wild about this setup, but I think it might be the best this roster could do. EDIT: I forgot to say how this relates to Walker. Keep Walker as an attacker as much as possible. Run your coverages out of this group rather than TRYING to use Walker as a coverage backer. A mistake that would be.
  7. Smart move by Mercedes-Benz because the longer they associate with that organization, the more likely they’ll have outlandish lawsuits filed against them.
  8. I’m worried that we’ll play him mostly similar to Campbell at SLB. Walker, like Campbell, should’ve been more of a hand in the dirt DE rather than SLB having to be used frequently in coverage. Campbell was cheeks in coverage the past two years but quietly made an impact the few times he rushed with his hand in the dirt. If the Cardinals use Campbell more in this manner as a rusher, then they’ll have us looking silly for not doing the same. Walker’s build does however make him likely better to be a better edge setter than Campbell who mightily struggled in that area (largely thanks to his tunnel vision causing him to get absorbed inside when he was meant to be the farthest outside edge guy).
  9. I definitely think we’re not as soft as the Mike Smith era teams (2008-2012 offensive line aside). McGary as a run blocker is, “the boogeyman,” but he needs to take a year 2 jump in the pass protection department. If the LG position isn’t cheeks again this year, then I’d say the OL is neither soft nor aggressive AF unless proven otherwise. If LG is cheeks again, then you can forget it and just chalk up the OL as being soft. As for the DL, Grady and Tyeler Davison are big stout AF MFs. Davison is criminally underrated. Go back and watch Grady and Tyeler D decimate the interior run of the Eagles and Colts vaunted offensive lines. Nobody could establish an inside run game against Grady and Davison. Nobody. ****, if I remember correctly, the Vikings didn’t do much between the tackles; all of Cook’s stuff came from outside the tackles because our edges were softer than butter creme bunny puffs. Adding Marlon Davidson and Dante Fowler also helps. If Takk could get his head in the game, shut up, be consistent and just perform then he helps too.
  10. Gracious! I hate to hear about the hairline fracture, but I’m glad overall is good!
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