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  1. LOVED him coming out of college. When he’s been on the field - he’s made some awesome plays. Saw him in person at the Falcons-Colts game in Indy in 2019, and was impressed seeing him in person. The downside? Dude stays injured as all get out. Almost like a Jason Verrett situation. Awesome players when healthy yet often injured.
  2. All I’ll care about is cheering against his team because that helps the Falcons newly acquired draft pick(s), and rooting for the Falcons. I’m married to my teams rather than any specific player, and being that his new team losing helps my team, then that’s why I’ll be rooting against his new team.
  3. Another BU fan on the boards? Nice, Sic’Em Bears! 🐻 For me, it’s flag football Saturday mornings, working out, tennis, cooking, watching football/basketball/baseball/hockey, Xbox, board/card games, and various outings with friends which could include bowling, karaoke, ice skating, TopGolf, etc.
  4. I’m stating the obvious, but the poster you quoted is a clown. He’s around for one reason, and only one reason. I wouldn’t even bother quoting him to give him the attention that allows him to get his hard on.
  5. Ya’ll see Mykal Walker moving? Sssssssheeeeesh!
  6. Chicken littles out in full force with their QB agendas.
  7. Obviously a lot of folks are going to bring up how 2016 ended, and thats a no-brained. The season overall was a lot of fun - just not the last 30 minutes. As for a season...2013 just as you said, OP. Coming off that blown NFCCG, losing Julio early, and The Who Tony G trade speculation. That season was cheeks. 2014 wasn’t far behind. Both of those seasons blew major cheeks. Major.
  8. Yet no mention of Caleb Huntley. Lol. Definitely going to need to check out these Mississippi State players. I didn’t realize we had as many UDFAs from there. Neuzil, the guard from App State, looks really good & a great fit for the ZBS. Joe Sculthorpe played with Dwayne Ledford at NC State (as did Hawkins at Louisville), so he’s one to keep an eye on.
  9. Both of these are well said. The defense definitely has some work that’ll need to be done, don’t get me wrong. On paper, the secondary is actually improved. People are overlooking the Moreau and Harmon additions. Richie Grant is a day 1 rookie contributor. I don’t have high hopes for our defensive line aside from that it’s now Dean Pees in charge, surely Fowler can’t be as non-existent as last year, and surely the un it cannot be nearly as bad as last year. I think Pees + the vastly improved and more efficient offense will have a big effect on the defense. As for the offense. To all oth
  10. What was up with those Mary Poppins umbrella-toting Aints fans?
  11. Caleb Huntley, and the guard from App State.
  12. Bruh, I just wanted to comment that the Saints are headed to the shi**er. Aside from their OL and Kamara - they don’t have all that much else lol. Thomas and Lattimore are both good players but not to the extent that a lot of people make them out to be. Cam Jordan’s been awesome for years but I’m beginning to wonder if he’s on the decline. This also isn’t Dan Quinn’s Falcons anymore. We’re not getting embarrassed by Taysom Hill again.
  13. Cleveland, Denver, Carolina, Detroit, Jacksonville, Jets.
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