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  1. I don’t mind it, but I do miss ‘Jump Around’ and ‘ Click Click Boom.’
  2. I didn't say the struggles had anything to do with coaching, playcalling, or schemes. Not sure if that's what you thought I said or not The mistakes by the players aka poor execution has been the main problem; as I alluded to in the OP.
  3. Panthers had the ball for almost 6 more minutes than the Falcons. Could’ve been worse, but T.O.P. still needs to improve. Yep, won the turnover battle, but still lost. That hurts. Definitely this too. Yep. Dropped passes. I’ve never seen more dropped passes by a team in a season than the 2017 Falcons. It’s insanely bad. Then, to add to that, dumb penalties nixing first downs and leading to punts.
  4. Time of possession is how other teams beat us. Mistakes are how we beat ourselves. Our mistakes aren't helping our time of possession. We can compete with anyone when we're not making crazy mistakes, but we can lose to anyone when we're committing those mistakes. The penalties and drops have plagued us all year win or lose. The offense didn't get the ball in the 2nd half until about 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Our defense has to find a way to get the ball to the offense. The offensive mistakes are more severe considering how the offense isn't seeing the field as often. Falcons had the ball for 27:08 and the Panthers had the ball for 32:52 That's just my general take. Thoughts?
  5. I’ll say this. 3 points given up in the second half. The offense still managed to put up 25 points on the road against a strong Jets defense in nasty weather. Aside from the call on our first touchdown (I didn’t like the call even though we scored. 1st and Goal at the 1, try a toss to Freeman out of I-Formation with a pulling guard and D. Coleman lead blocking. You still have 2 more downs if you don’t get it. I didn’t like the play action pass right there but it worked), this might’ve been a Sarkisian’s best called game; yes, better than the Green Bay game. Last week was his worst. He’s been inconsistent, learning curve in the NFL and all, but I just hope he can build consistency and keep it going. Today was great. Again, only 3 points given up in the second half. 25 points on the road in nasty weather against a good Jets defense. Hopefully this is what we need to get the steam going.
  6. Not even close. One horrible night that I haven't seen mentioned was back in October 2013. Jets came to Atlanta, Geno Smith looked like the next coming of Dan Marino, Jets defense ate us up on our own field, and we lost Julio for the season. That same night the Braves and Dodgers were playing Game 4 of the playoffs in LA. Late in the game, it was looking like the Braves would get the win, shift momentum heading back to Atlanta tied 2-2 and no Kershaw in Game 5 because he pitched Game 4. All of that instantly crashed when Juan Uribe hit either a 3-run HR or a grand slam late in the game to knock the Braves out of the playoffs. Idk who else remembers that night, but honestly, it was pretty ****************** ***********. Felt like absolute crap.
  7. Please elaborate on this with the information that you know.
  8. I wanted this dude about 3 years ago when he left the Browns. Hopefully he’s still near his playing level from his time in Cleveland. I’m still sour about Crawford’s injury.
  9. Better question, does anyone in our defense make a play against the run before Ajayi, or whoever else, gains 5 yards? My question was rhetoric. Sorry, I’m just aggravated with yesterday.
  10. Ayyyy! Really happy for Hall!
  11. Atlanta probably has the greatest potential once they fix some things. Right now, the Eagles are probably playing the best. Redskins have been pretty good too.
  12. Hate hate hate hate hate this. Hate it l, first of all, for Crawford himself. New team, still fairly young, showed flashes in the preseason, and he seems like a good dude. Sucks for him. Next, I hate this for us because 1) We have a lot of injuries. 2) Crawford is a guy who I think was gonna help us even more than pretty much all of us expected when signed.
  13. I KNEW this would come whenever we first signed Poe, and I think WE knew it would come. Back in March, everyone was happy because they were enjoying a slew of March Madness games one after another, the news that the Falcons signed Poe eventually broke, and suddenly people are even more excited than they already were. Texts & phone calls to their buddies, Facebook posts, Tweets, message board postings, and turning the channel to see what the talking heads were saying. "OMG we just signed Poe!!!!!!!," was the theme and message. I, and I'm pretty sure the majority of hardcore Falcons fans, knew that we'd eventually hear a message a few games into the season along the lines of, "Poe's stats suck. Did we really just get hyped and overpay for another Tysen Jackson. Dude has ____ tackles and 0 sacks. Yet another overrated defensive lineman who can't get pressure on the QB and is below average defending the run. Bust. Troff'd." That day has come. OP, I know you didn't actually say the things I mentioned in my example. It's just that you fulfilled the prophecy about doubting Poe's contributions based on his stats.
  14. Haha thanks man.
  15. It's just a matter of time before that Matt Ryan to Julio/Gabriel deep bomb gets going. It hasn't connected yet, but the fuse is getting closer to BOOM!