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  1. I clicked the link, and then I remembered that I can’t see his tweets since he blocked me a couple years ago. Lol.
  2. Big fan of Bagley! He bounces out of the gym with each step. So much explosiveness when he puts a foot on the floor. He needs to work on his touch around the rim, like any prospect has something to improve, and I think he’ll develop in that department. I love how active he is around the rim. Thunderous dunks, effects shots with his length, & has a huge knack for hauling in big rebounds. He sees the floor well on offense too. My thing though is that I wonder how much he’d fit with Collins. Both players have similar skill sets to each other. But hey, sometimes you just gotta get an ultra talent like Bagley and let him go to work regardless of how similar his style may be with another young cornerstone. I love both Ayton and Bagley’s game/talent, but I like Ayton as a fit for the Hawks. But I definitely would NOT complain a sigh Le but about getting a guy like Bagley.
  3. DeAndre Ayton with our first pick, trade our other 2 first rounders to move back up and take Gary Trent Jr., SG, Duke. That would be an A+ scenario. Ayton has superstar potential written all over him. He’s long, athletic, can shoot, post up, roll in the PnR, rebound, & effect shots with his length. He offers instant offense & rebounds & has awesome defensive potential. Trent Jr. can shoot, shoot, shoot from every spot on the floor. Drives to the paint, creates separation with his quickness, step back and shoot. Reads passing lanes well on defense too. Going forward gives us a young core of: PG: Schroder, SG: Trent Jr., SF: Prince, PF: Collins, C: Ayton Bench: Bembry & Dorsey That’s not bad at all after Year 1 of the rebuild.
  4. Bagley or Ayton, please. Bamba as an alternative.
  5. Big fan of Minkah! Long, athletic, smart, instinctive, and competitive. Plays fast, both mentally and physically, and just moves so fluently. Whatever team gets him will have some happy folks lol!
  6. Sign me up! Would prefer to keep Reed though. Also add Upshas to the re-sign list.
  7. Big fan of Nelson. He's a no-brainer pick if available.
  8. I too picked up the same thought (thread title) when I heard TD say that. I hope it gets done. Stealing Norwell from Carolina would be a dream. Dude is only 26 and has quickly turned into one of the better G's over the past 2 years. Pass protection? Check. Mean big nasty who loves to run and hit defenders? Check.
  9. Number 1 priority and it’s not close.
  10. Levitre will be 32 this Spring and is younger than Alex Mack. You don’t want to pass up talent to reach for need at guard in the 1st. You address at least one guard position in free agency and then work on the other spot later in the draft. Reaching for need is how teams end up with lesser talent.
  11. Let’s steal Andrew Norwell from Carolina (Justin Pugh as Plan B). Let Levitre, Wes, Sambrailo, and Harlow battle for the other guard spot. Outside of Quenton Nelson who will likely be gone by #26, I’m not sure if there’s a guard worth our first rounder. Chances are that the options at #26 will favor the defense (Payne, Vea, Hurst, Taven Bryan, Tim Settle, Rashaan Evans, Tremaine Edmunds, Armani Watts, Ronnie Harrison, Deshon Elliott). I’d rather go with one of these guys if there’s not a guard worth taking at 26. This is why I believe solidfying the guard position should be the top priority in FAcy along with re-signing a lot of our own guys. Go BPA in the draft. Norwell/Pugh, DT in 1st, OL or S in 2nd
  12. Been tootin’ the horn (not on the boards, but to people I know) for the past 5-6 games that upgrading the guards should be one of the biggest offseason priorities. I like Wes and he’d provide good depth (young, was just his 2nd season and 1st as a starter, versatile positions), but I don’t know if he’ll ever develop to what we need as a full time starter. Again, he provides good depth and that is important. Levitre will be 32 next season with 1 year remaining on his contract. Really hone in on upgrading the guard positions. Just an extra second or 1.5 seconds in pass protection and an extra average of 2 YPC on the ground would really help solve a lot of the offensive playcalling/game planning/scheming woes. Won’t solve those woes completely, but it’d help mask some things.
  13. I feel for ya’ll. I hate that for my Georgia friends & family. Gut wrenching. I didn’t have a dog in the race, but I feel for ya’ll. I’m a Baylor fan (Dad’s alma mater) and well, yeah. We’ll just focus on trying to beat Liberty & Kansas for the next several years. Congratulations to the Bama fans out there (K.O.G. and anyone else). Georgia fans, ya’ll keep your heads up.
  14. Terrible (non)adjustment by Funchess.