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  1. Shoot, I’d add Olukon to the ‘stock up’ list due to Duke’s abysmal play alone.
  2. Loved seeing Oluokon come in for Duke on the last drive. Hopefully it’s Olukon who gets the start next week.
  3. Wanna talk about play calling and execution? Awesome defensive play call and execution! Poole!
  4. Week 2 vs Carolina. 2nd and Goal at the 3 yard line. Matt Ryan at the LOS, “Sweaty, Nasty, Booty! Sweaty, Nasty, Booty!” Sanu motions to the top with Ridley, Julio on bottom, Freeman in the backfield, and Hooper in the slot. Freeman runs his Sweaty, Nasty, Booty through the B gap for a Falcons touchdown.
  5. Quick question for someone, and I’m sorry if it’s been posted somewhere in TATF and I missed it as I’ve been very busy with work lately. What is the official timeframe that Debo is expected to be out for?
  6. When Mack and #94 are the only defenders downfield near Cobb, you might have a problem in your secondary.
  7. Exactly. I get the feeling that I may be too envious watching the Bears offense when the night is over.
  8. Ding ding ding!
  9. Run defense taking a hit, yes. But overall the defense should be fine.
  10. Real talk, our defense looks like one of the better ones in the league. Offense needs to, in addition to solving red zone woes, establish the run between the tackles.
  11. Troff’d is the only way to chalk it up.
  12. Stopped reading after Louie tee.
  13. I really like our WR and DB depth. Wish the DL depth was a little more.
  14. Not in regards to the Falcons lol, but have you ever thought about who the top pass rusher for each AFC West team is? Khalil Mack, Von Miller, Justin Houston, and Joey Bosa. Jeeze! Each of those teams also have a 2nd or 3rd guy to complement their #1: Bruce Irvin, Bradley Chubb/Shane Ray, Dee Ford, and Melvin Ingram. In regards to the Falcons, I do like our Vic/Takk pairing though!