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  1. I pretty much missed the 4th quarter because something came up that I had tend to, and don’t have a DVR on the TV I was watching on. I came back and the commentators were talking about a Gurley mishap. So, what exactly happened?
  2. Lol talking about Atlanta in general. You in Boise? Come this way, and you’ll meet a lot of people who find moral victories when our city’s teams lose, blow leads, and choke.
  3. Whatever/whoever is going to bring a Championship to this city otherwise I don’t f***ing care who it is. Moral victories and, “well, we’ll get’em next year, tiger!” feel good crap that this city’s fans have been content with are lame. I’m freakin’ starving for a championship.
  4. I’m about fu***** done with this s***.
  5. Honestly, f*** depression. This is so sad. Man, I never knew him personally, but I wish I did. I wish I did. F*** man. F***.
  6. No one ever doubted the great man, citizen, and person he is. Forever grateful for who he is as a person. Bittersweet that we’re moving on because from an X’s and O’s standpoint we’re thrilled, but from a humanity standpoint it always sucks to see great people like him not get the job done. Definitely wish nothing but the absolute best for him.
  7. The title of this thread is awesome. Open the thread to see various pics of Kenny standing on the sideline is awesome too. I agree with what someone above said; photoshop Kenny on the sidelines during the Marion Campbell era. Kenny is a Falcon for life. He’s staying.
  8. Perhaps I’m over exaggerating to an extent with the Ed Reed comparison, but through the years many fans (on TATF and people I personally know) have acted as if Kazee was either a big star or a big star in the making. I believe the physical speed from his college film plus the year he had 7 (or however many it was) interceptions really had folks hyping him up as a building block star. Then, as some folks start the talk, others easily follow along; the snowball effect.
  9. Other than the rookie, I can’t name a single safety on this team I’d like to retain for next year. Kazee maybe, but strictly as a backup rather than a fanbases’ glorified overhyped next coming of Ed Reed. As for what kind of defensive look, we’ll see who the DC is. Regardless of the look though, this current safety group needs to be erased.
  10. Honestly, I kind of don’t care who the players are. I want to effing win and quit with the BS. With that said: Lindstrom, Hennessy, Matthews, Hurst, Ridley, Gage, Grady, Debo, Foye, Tyeler Davison, Cominsky, Marlon Davidson, Sheffield, and Terrell. Really, the entire current rookie class. I also wonder should we re-sign Ridley after his 5th year or not though.
  11. Even though my comment is the lazy way of saying it...it’s still true...can’t be any worse than what’s going on now.
  12. I just feel so relieved right now, and I’m just a fan.
  13. Quinn, TD, and DK all need to go tomorrow. Nothing later than tomorrow.
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