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  1. I’m a big fan of Bradbury though I’ve only watched his game against Texas A&M. He’s the ideal interior OLman for a ZBS. His awareness is sky high, his head is always on a swivel being able to identify where the blitz is coming from, and is very very good at seeing who his next target is that he’s about to get a block on. He’s very clean making a block, coming off that block, and being the first man to the next spot. He’s not the type of guy to knock a defender to the ground, but my gosh is he going to twist them sideways and drive them in an angular direction (ZBS). I like how he anchors his back leg in pass pro. The only 2 knacks I have on him are his strength and I’d like for his lateral foot quickness in short areas to be a little faster. Strength isn’t a big issue to me though for the ZBS. Big fan of Bradbury. Another guy who is often mentioned is Elgton Jenkins from Miss St. I like Jenkins’ pass protection but his run blocking is still a work in progress IMO. Bradbury is the more complete player.
  2. 1. RT 2. LG 3. NT 4. DE 5. RG 6. DT 7. WLB 8. RB 9. DE 10. CB
  3. People are sleeping on Lawrence. What Lawrence does best is make it very difficult for teams to run up the middle, get his hands up to close off passing windows for batted passes, and he’s capable of applying some pressure. Some view him as a, “2 down player,” in today’s NFL but these “2 down defensive tackles” are still valuable. If teams are gashing you up the middle on the ground for 6 yard gains on 1st and 2nd downs, avoiding 3rd downs altogether, for a fresh new set of downs, then you’re going to wish you had a defensive anchor who can force a team to a 3rd down. The best offenses aren’t just converting 3rd downs, they’re aiming to convert 1st and 2nd downs. The best offenses are also marrying their run and pass personnels and formations together, so it’s important to have a guy who can anchor the 1-tech who isn’t solely just a “run defender” on obvious run downs or a “pass defender” on obvious pass downs. Lawrence, though he isn’t a ‘modern shorter/quicker NFL DT’ provides great run defense while still adding to the pass game via batted passes and pressure. Sacking and pressuring the QB is wonderful, but so is consistently taking away the A and B gaps on the ground, causing teams to waste a down with a 1-2 yard gain on the ground, batting down passes at the LoS, and having a stouter short yardage defensive front. People are sleeping on Lawrence who has a role in today’s NFL, and could most likely be had with a trade back for extra draft capital. Sign a healthy Kwon to pair with Debo as our two ILB’s (WLB and MLB) behind Grady and Lawrence/Senat, and tell other teams they can forget about trying to run the ball against us.
  4. Talking about blitzing and more specifically, Dan Quinn and blitzing, how would you like this... Debo and Kwon as our 2 inside backers not only means better coverage but also more threats where the blitz could come from.
  5. Well at least the Chiefs have the great HoF quarterback, Joe Montana, on their side.
  6. Yes, because the Super Dump Dome is still what it is regardless of the 2 teams playing in it.
  7. I’m predicting that we sign a RT in FAcy whether it be Trent Brown, Juwan James, Donovan Smith, Daryl Williams, or other. Draft a guard in the 2nd or 3rd round whether it be Dru Samia, Lindstrom, Jenkins, Risner, the guy from NC State, or one of the Wisconsin guys. 2019 OL: Matthews-Rookie-Mack-Fusco-Vet FA Not saying this is what I want or don’t want. Just saying I think the team addresses RT with a veteran, works one rookie guard into the starting lineup, and keep Fusco because they don’t want to have a 2nd rookie starting or spend big on a FA guard.
  8. I wonder how long DLed camped outside that venue to get to meet & greet Gil Brandt? UPDATE: Per sources, DLed thought he’d be meeting Rex Ryan but Gil Brandt was the consolation prize.
  9. From the fact that Aints fans want to, “quit,” yet their team once won a NFCCG due to sequences of bogus no-calls working in their favor. They didn’t complain then. Happy Saturday, TATF fam!
  10. Aints dirty hit on Reggie Kelly one Monday Night. There’s been many things to happen throughout the years, and would seriously take at least 7-8 months to compile into one video. And as said above, there isn’t enough bandwidth to support the amount of filth.
  11. Lmao that’s so true! I remember around 2011 I would see so many Falcons and Panthers fans get banned from there because of their uptight sensitive feelings. Hilarious!
  12. Exactly!!! Nobody doubts that the no-call against the Saints was bad. Everyone knows it was bad. If we’re going to focus on no-calls though, then we have to examine the ones that effected the Rams situation as well. It’s always what happens at the end that is remembered and talked about most. Both teams had bad no-calls work against them. The Rams scores more points however. That’s why the Rams won.