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  1. Titans offense as a whole is a total joke. It’s not just Mariota. No rub routes to at least try and beat man-man. No designed rollouts for Mariota (even with the run not working tonight, you can definitely still utilize rollouts and have them work). No stressing the defense on a side or depth of the field to scheme someone open. It really was essentially backyard football. “Hey, you run a slant, you run a curl, you just go out to the flat, and you over there you go deep!” None of these routes were playing off one another in harmony, but instead were pretty much independent of one another. It’s like the Titans approached it as let’s have 3-5 guys run something and then let’s identify which guy gets open first. Creative play design includes knowing that these 2 guys won’t be open because what they’re doing will stress the defense in a way to ensure that THIS guy is open. None of that from the Titans offense. I’m confident they created the game script, that involves the offense going through Derrick Henry first, and just stuck with that script the entire 60 minutes regardless of adjusting to what was actually taking place on the field. Down by 13 with under 8 minutes to go, 1st and 15 after a penalty and it’s another handoff to Henry up the B gap for a 1 maybe 2 yard gain. Just pathetic all around and as vanilla as they come.
  2. I’ll be there! Leaving early Saturday morning. Driving. I’ll be in Section 217 Row 9!
  3. Good stuff. I thought that was him from section 334 Row 11, but second guessed myself afterwards.
  4. So bad that even Benny wants no association with the Jets.
  5. I was at the game and saw McGary standing on his own just fine on the sidelines later on. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did he come back into the game on the final drive or was that still Sambrailo?
  6. wilL yoU siGn OUr peTiTiON tO bOYCotT buffAlo WiLd wiNGs?!?!
  7. Don’t get me wrong (and just so you know, my unbiased opinion has the Eagles winning and that’s also not from a negative nancy standpoint), I respect the Eagles defense and all. In fact, in 2017 I said the Eagles are a team to keep an eye on. With that said, let’s be real. I don’t believe this current Eagles defense is on the same level as the Vikings defense we just played. Even with expected growing pains while under a new OC shift, it’s going to be whether our defense can limit that Eagles offense which IS better than the offense we just played.
  8. I heard that the more threads like this we have, then Kevin Durant’s next chapter is coming to the Atlanta Braves. Go Thrashers, and keep making these types of threads!
  9. What did you have for lunch?
  10. Another thread needed......Not!
  11. The season literally starts tomorrow, and a thread like this spawns. Nice.
  12. Ya’ll expect to see this defense create a lot more turnovers this season.
  13. The obvious answer is our OL vs their DL. I’m going to go with something different though. All of those choices are good choices, but I’m going with our pass rush against Cousins. To put it simply, the Vikings defense has handled us well for several times now, but I think that ends Sunday. We hang up at least 24 on them. Now the ball is in the hands of the Vikings offense to decide the outcome. Their WRs > our CBs. Dalvin Cook also shouldn’t be taken lightly. We’re going to put up at least 24, and as good as Cook is, they’re going to need assistance through the air to support the run. Even with their WRs being better than our CBs, that’s really not going to matter if our pass rush effectively disrupts Cousins as much as possible. 30-20 Falcons win in Minnesota.
  14. If @ya_boi_j stopped reading at, “have hive sop dap,” then I can stop reading at, “Miami battling in the AFC East.” And that’s where I stopped.
  15. This analysis. Lol. We really do live rent free in the minds of Saints fans.