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  1. Even I didn’t think it could get any worse. And then I saw this thread.
  2. Sark and the players have been awesome. My only gripe with the offense is the heavy frequent dose of tosses as our main form of ground game. That may be due to the guards unable to get good push on the ground though, maybe?
  3. The defense was atrocious but let’s make another Ryan thread. TATF logic.
  4. It’s the injuries that make it hard to watch. Some of you may think I’m getting too far ahead of myself with this 2019 talk, but oh well. In 2019, I’d love to see guard upgrades on offense, and the rest nothin’ but defense.
  5. **** we can’t even decide which way we want to kick!
  6. What in the ******** was that?!?!
  7. THAT’S ***************** PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. C’mon Foye, please get up!
  9. come on baby, Come On Baby, COME ON BABY!!!
  10. Gonna blame Terrell McClain/the lack of beef in the middle that they’ve gashed us for chunk yardage up the middle all day. That’s how they drove the ball down the field this past drive.
  11. Defense needs to step the bleep up now, c’mon!