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  1. I hate saying that. I just want the old atmosphere back.
  2. My favorite corner that year. Right now we have a big hole at SLB, and if Clay Matthews or another vet isn’t signed, then I have to believe Chassion at #16 and then the best CB available at #47 is what the FO is aiming for. Would for sure love to either re-sign Clayborn, bring in Griffen, or a vet CB.
  3. I mean, I hate to say it, but our Birds have been used to barely any attendance for a little while now, so fan-less home games wouldn’t make a much of a difference. Anyone who used to go to games at the Dome and has been to games at the Benz knows the difference between both venues’ environments. It’s sickening.
  4. Personally, I wouldn’t complain at all about Wirfs in the first round. Slot him at that massive gaping hole that is LG (go watch Carpenter in the first Saints game lol) and go from there. As already said above, if Swift fell to the 2nd, then that likely means other good RBs are falling as well; and taking Swift there is something I wouldn’t be a fan of at all.
  5. Big fan of Sheffield based on the second half of the season. I was bigger on Jordan Miller after the draft, and I hope he develops into something. I saw some highlights of the 49ers game last week, and even Blidi stood out several times against Kittle. We’re going to need a lot of guys to step up to compete in this division going forward.
  6. Fulton, Gladney, and Henderson is the next best group behind Okudah (tier of his own). Wouldn’t be opposed at all.
  7. SpotOnDtan, is that you???
  8. I think it’s definitely realistic because he fits the type of corner both TD and DQ covet. Plus he’s a Florida guy, and we know DQ’s connection to the school. I like Henderson overall and was for him before the Trufant release that sparked a large portion of the board on the idea of Henderson/CB at #16. I could easily see Henderson, Fulton (we have a history of taking LSU guys), Diggs (TD likes bloodlines), Kinlaw, and Chaisson as very strong possibilities for #16. If it were up to me, I’m looking at Chaisson, especially considering the current gaping hole at SLB, at #16 and then the next best CB at #47 (Jeff Gladney). I actually think Gladney and Henderson are very similar in terms of being two of the best pure man corners outside of Okudah. Sorry, I somewhat side tangented. Definitely think Henderson’s realistic at #16.
  9. Congrats man!
  10. Would still like to fill a either the DE need with either Griffen/Clayborn or the SLB need with Clay Matthews as a 1-2 year stopgap. RB absolutely must still be a priority in the draft.
  11. I expect the base salary to be low as the Rams are still paying him a decent guaranteed bonus. 1 year is good. The only risk I see is if this move would cause the front office to completely ignore the 2020 RB draft class.
  12. There’s several CBs I like in this draft, and Jaylon Johnson is NOT one of them lol. A guy that gets overlooked, Jeff Gladney. Pros: Quick feet, fluid hips, great reaction time and recovery against double moves, really knows how to play the ball whether it’s in front of him or in the air above him, constantly keeps his feet moving long after some might think the play is dead, speed, excellent at defending outside the numbers by using his initial footwork to position himself to force the receiver far outside and run upfield stride for stride while cutting off the WR’s opportunity to break inside, awesome at staying with his man when breaking from the outside to the inside, has above average awareness by watching the QB’s eyes and understands zone concepts when to pass a man off and latch onto a new man, has what you want in a man corner but his above average awareness also makes him a natural fit for zone as well, has the memory of a goldfish in terms of forgetting the previous play and focusing on the next. Watch his tape against Texas where early on it was a mixture of getting beat a few times while also making good plays, but as the game went on he was on full lockdown mode. Cons: Not good at shedding blocks to beat screens, offers just about nothing against the run, is vulnerable against skinny posts, and gets a little too handsy at times. He’s a pest.
  13. Then let’s get Dobbins in the 2nd or Akers in the 3rd.
  14. I’m expecting Fowler to play hand in the dirt DE opposite of Takk whereas Clay would be a standup strong side backer at the LoS.
  15. Matthews. There’s currently a need for a SLB, and I believe Matthews would be a serviceable 1-2 year stopgap. Really focuses the draft towards CB (Jeff Gladney is quickly becoming my favorite), RB, LG, and DE/DT. The thought of Gurley, a top 5 talented back and only 25 years old, returning to this state (I’m not a UGA fan) on a ‘cheap’ contract is intriguing, but being a top 5 talent at age 25 yet released is very telling that something’s seriously wrong. Play it safe and take a RB in a fairly good draft class on a rookie contract.