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  1. So a young QB drafted at #4 comes in and either plays immediately or sits on the bench for at least 2 years. Either way, that doesn’t change that there’s still a QB on the roster who counts against the cap for another 2 years (we’re NOT shedding Ryan’s contract before 2023). We’re now left with only 3 years (4 years plus 5th year option) of this young QB’s rookie contract. So much for the “QB not counting against the cap” except for only 3 years.
  2. I’ll go ahead and tell you right now that you undersold to the Eagles based on my crazy unrealistic trade with them. 😂😂😂 I learned I like PFN’s simulator a lot more. Here it is: https://www.profootballnetwork.com/mockdraft/
  3. Like Kiwi, I also was somewhat high on Lawson coming out of Auburn. He’ll turn 26 before the season starts. Please give us him and Ryan Kerrigan.
  4. We all knew it was coming. James Carpenter step on up.
  5. I could see at least one of these guys becoming a Cowboy and at least one of these guys becoming a Jet (Ulbrich) or a Ram (Morris): Keanu, Kazee, Rico (after being released), LaRoy Reynolds, Blidi, Dennard.
  6. I’d take both him and Blidi back in a heartbeat. Having those two veterans who also produce in their roles as 3rd-4th CBs is vital. We end up having a 1-2 punch of Terrell and Farley/Surtain/Horn/Newsome for years to come with Dennard and Blidi being those 3rd-4th guys is a solid group on paper. The survivor of Oliver/Sheffield stays on as the 5th guy for the time being. Upgrade the safeties as well and we MIGHT be cooking with grease (I don’t make those, “Top ______ defense” statements).
  7. I’m a defense first guy, but the only player I would take at #4 is Sewell. I’m worried about the two AFC East teams ahead of us though. Put Sewell on this OL for the next decade and ooooo weee. A straight up a** beater.
  8. He and Roddy are my two favorite Falcons, and it’s really not close. How much I wish Abe was on the 2016 team...
  9. Hoping we can get either him, Jaelan Phillips, Joseph Ossai, Jayson Oweh, Carlos Basham, Hamilcar Rashed Jr, or Chris Rumph. Another name to check out, as a much later sleeper, is Malcolm Koonce from Buffalo.
  10. The current offensive line group will get a big boost just by getting away from Koetter. No need to trade Matthews as the saying goes - “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” With this said, Sewell is the only player I’d want to take at #4 (and I’m someone who prefers defense). If no Sewell at #4, then give us Surtain, Horn, Farley, Parsons, or Slater after moving down. Matthews-Sewell-Hennessy-Lindstrom-McGary all operating under Arthur Smith. This is honestly bad*ss. Next, aside from drafting a RB and signing a veteran tight end...EVERYTHING else goes towards the defense.
  11. 1. FS 2. RB 3. #2 CB 4. 3-4 OLB 5. 3-4 DE 6. LG 7. QB Those are for the DRAFT because that’s what this thread is about. If we’re including free agency, then my top 5 free agency needs are: 1. LG 2. SS 3. TE 4. 3-4 OLB 5. 3-4 DE/NT
  12. Haha it’s all good, my man! My bad for initially going off on you. From my perspective, I thought you were someone literally spewing stuff out of thin air. I later went back and realized, “Wait a minute. I can see where, “we,” and, “we’re” might at first come across as coming from a Falcons point of view. That’s when I made the edit in my original post to clarify it was from the Panthers’ POV. We both misunderstood each other. 😅😂 All good, my man!
  13. Lol I believe you misread my post. 😅 It’s speaking (pondering) from the Panthers perspective.
  14. Lol triggered? You want to my intention of my original post? To simply ponder how other teams could view quarterbacks/the trading movements of the draft because that relates to the Falcons. My post had absolutely nothing to do with my personal opinion of Trey Lance, and you spun it into that. Where, in my original post, did I say I have an idea that I know who the Falcons are interested in? Where. Show me. Don’t keep spawning stuff out of nowhere. Show me.
  15. Could be. Sorry for the double quote. What in the actual h*** are you even talking about? Do you literally conjure stuff out of your a** and then post it? Find somewhere I’ve ever posted an opinion on these boards about Trey Lance, the quarterback prospect from NDSU. Want to know my opinion? He intrigues me. I have a few questions about him, but he intrigues me.
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