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  1. They probably wouldn't of implemented this rule if Jimmy Graham didn't bend our goalpost. I like the dunking after a TD thing, but I understand why this was put in place. You don't want to delay the game because of a celebration.
  2. This story really shouldn't be a big deal, but Roddy did take the bet and a man should honor his word. Roddy just comes off as immature here. This is why I don't like social media. It makes people look really stupid.
  3. We need so much help in the trenches on both sides I don't think I can order them.
  4. Very grateful to what Asante brought to the team. Him teaching our young CB's was huge. Nocholas...I've always like him, but his play peaked and he didn't get as good as I was hoping he'd be.
  5. I'm more impressed with their defense more than anything...
  6. Good start for Seattle. Can't overreact to anything though. Still the 1st quarter.
  7. Pulling for the Broncos. I want to see Peyton win another ring AND I want to see Champ Bailey win a ring. That dude deserves one. Feels like he's been in the league for eternity.
  8. I've been rooting for Peyton ever since the playoffs started. I'm wary on how he''ll play vs that defense but I expect at least 21 points. Denver's D has me more worried. Also rooting for Champ Bailey to get a ring. Feels like he's been in the league forever.
  9. I wonder how many captions people can make out of this.
  10. God he's so arrogant...But he backs up his mouth with his play.
  11. I'm rooting for Denver because I'm a Peyton Manning fan. If he does make it to the Super Bowl though I'd rather him face San Fran rather than Seattle.
  12. The Vick bridge has burned. If he ever did come back by any chance I wouldn't really care, but he's past his prime which was wasted from him not really trying and being a d-bag. I became a football fan in around 2005 so I missed most of his years here, but I could only imagine if he had the work ethic of a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.
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