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  1. I would call a white player...a white player. I would call a black player...a black player. This is common sense stuff. I didn't realize people thought it was still cool to say "blacks" or "whites" nowadays, but I guess I'm wrong.
  2. Today I learned that people workout to country music...I'm at a loss as to how you can even get ready and physically pumped up with that kind of music, but okay. I don't even blame the dude who decided to turn on R&B. Pulling the cord is odd for sure, but I'm more disturbed by whoever the scout is who said all of this. Who still says "One of the blacks"? Is this 1950?
  3. You all on TATF would simply say he got bailed out by the interception and the Richard Sherman penalty. Just some food for thought.
  4. If we don't have any new defensive players by next week I am going to lose it. I don't care if it's just two random practice squad nobodies, at least SHOW that you're trying to make some type of effort in improving our personnel.
  5. Seeing people seriously try to act like mike smith didn't earn those 13-3 seasons is laughable. He was a good coach. Respect him.
  6. Still can't believe we wasted his performance against the 49ers in the playoffs
  7. Ryan always does nonsense like this though lol. Remember that comeback game against the panthers a couple years ago where he threw that bomb to roddy? He did a play action motion when there was no one to hand the ball to
  8. He was mad at himself for not reading the defense correctly...quinn already said it was an option and ryan could have passed.
  9. Truly a magical season. It's incredible seeing the city of atlanta this engrossed in a team.
  10. *Reads thread* Wait, people are STILL condemning vick and haven't forgiven him? In 2015???? Lol, that is just laughable at this point.
  11. Completely embarrassed lebron and the cavaliers tonight and are playing the best basketball i've seen in a very long time, and yet all i'll probably hear about on the radio tomorrow is repeated falcons crap...
  12. Just because one of our radio stations finally is interested in and talks about the other sports team we have(hawks) instead of trashing them all the time doesn't mean it's terrible. I kid, I kid...kinda. I guess for football-only fans 790 was great but for people with interest in more than one sport i dont see how you can't atleast appreciate 92.9's effort.
  13. And just like that, 92.9 will continue to grow. Accept 92.9 as your sports lord and savior or be left in the dust.
  14. Instead of cheering for meaningless buffalo and washington wins when the season is already over
  15. Probably has something to do with the fact that they are the same people who want us to find a way to get clowney. This modern generation of instant pleasure humans are ridiculous. First they want us to win when we had no reason to, and NOW they want us to trade our future assets to get a prospect that we wouldnt have even had to trade for if we had just lost more. When will this stop?
  16. Considering this current hawks team is the only team out of atlanta to show any type of heart and drive If the falcons played or were coached even half as hard as the current hawks(who just like the falcons have suffered constant injuries) then we'd have easily been in the playoffs. All of this to say that seeing how a good coach like Mike Budhenholzer operates has finally shown me the light of how different a team can look and play when they bring in a great coach, no matter what bad injuries or circumstances they may be in. Fire Mike Smith and bring in a coach that will give our team some pride and heart.
  17. When you've already changed your focus to hawks basketball
  18. I'm shocked a falcons fan can even say michael jenkins' name without throwing up in their mouth
  19. Read the original post. If you dont want to i'll explain it here 2011-2012: failed to solve oline and terrible mularkey offensive playcalling that was evident in preseason, which eventually comes back to bite us during regular season and postseason 2012-2013: failed to resolve running game issue, even going as far as to say that the lack of a running game in the preseason was no big deal, which eventually comes back to bite us in the regular season and postseason 2013-2014: failed to resolve red zone and oline woes that was obvious in the preseason, which has come to bite us in the regular season If you really need me to i can post the major issues that fans and media noticed in the pre-julio days as well, but i thought that this would be enough for people to realize that our coaching staff does not know how to fix preseason issues, and until they do, we as fans need to never say "it's just the preseason" ever again
  20. I said it the first time, this has absolutely nothing to do with the preseason record, this has to do with the issues that are seen when the starters are on the field. I knew homers were blind, but i didnt realize they were THIS blind. How many more years must we witness the coaching staff fail to fix our preseason issues before even the homers realize that it's a problem and that, for the falcons, what we see in the preseason is a major deal? 10 years? 20?
  21. Did you read the original post? This is not an all of a sudden thing. Let me ask you, when next year comes around, and for the 6th straight year, we show obvious problems with our team in the preseason, are you gonna be the person that, despite evidence to the contrary, STILL believe that our coaching staff will miraculously fix those issues by the time important games come around?
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