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  1. Matt Ryan and Cam Newton both won Offensive Player of the Year and MVP. Both Falcons and Panthers had the no. 1 scoring offense and went up against the no. 1 scoring defense in the Super Bowl. Both Falcons and Panthers blew out the Seahawks en route to the Super Bowl. Both Falcons and Panthers lost the Super Bowl.
  2. We should absolutely extend Trufant. If our defense really is as good as what they showed at the end of the season, then think how good it will be with Trufant in the mix. Letting Trufant go will be exactly the mistake Quinn and company make that sets this team back, if they do. Teams that win their conference championships will often jettison players with high-profile contracts, like Carolina did with Norman last year, only to regret it the following season. You say we don't need Trufant now, but when we're playing in an important game against an OBJ, or a Dez Bryant or an Antonio Brown, then you'll be glad you have a Trufant! We drafted an elite CB, may as well keep him.
  3. I'm not gonna say "the game was fixed! that's why we lost! the game had to be fixed!". But if you think it wasn't even a possibility, then you're dumb. Too many odd things have happened in a lot of Super Bowls to say without a shadow of a doubt that there has never been a fixed game in the Super Bowl........ and you see weird **** like this every year in the big game.
  4. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #RiseUp
  5. Let's get him this SB ring and there will be no question
  6. Not disagreeing with your overall message, but bro, Seattle was blown out of the playoffs last year by Carolina!
  7. Matt is hungry. I've had this feeling in my gut since 2012 that the next time Matty Ice goes to the playoffs, he's going all the way. Aaron Rodgers is a bad man, but this year Ryan is THE man. He won't be stopped.
  8. I want to so bad, but tickets are like $300 a pop. Smh.
  9. Yes, absolutely. The other number 1 offenses have at least made it the Super Bowl. The least this squad can do is win one playoff game at home. Anything less than a deep playoff run will be utterly disappointing, and really, we need to be playing in the Super Bowl and playing to win it.
  10. The Cowboys are going down faster than a two dollar hooker. Everyone wants to crown Dallas the NFC Champs already, but they're gonna lay a huge egg in the divisional round. Dak isn't gonna beat Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan en route to a championship. It's just not gonna happen. He ain't ready. The NFCCG will be a shoot out between the MVP and Discount Double Check. Ryan is hungry and won't be denied!
  11. Gotta beat the best to be the best. Honestly, I think we've got a better chance against Dallas. The media wants to crown them NFC Champs already but I think they're going to lay a big egg in the divisional round. Dak isn't going to beat Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan en route to a championship. He ain't ready. Atlanta is going to win out because this team is hungrier than the rest. Matty Ice won't be denied.
  12. Matty Ice is gonna stick it to the establishment. Can't be stopped! And I've changed my avatar to Donald Trump in honor of @ADAMSVILLE GYM!
  13. Ok idiot.
  14. Even though they're having a down year, the Seahawks are a very well coached team with a ton of playoff experience. They have the ingredients to go on a deep playoff run. They're a very confident group that will come to the GA Dome prepared to wreck our whole season. As tough an out as they'll be though, I think we win this one on the hunger of Matty Ice. The last time he made the playoffs, we **** near went to the Super Bowl and he wrecked the league's premier defense for 400 yards and several touchdowns. Since then he has been denied the postseason year after year. Now he is the league MVP and there's a fire in his eyes and a calmness in his approach that has been missing. He is hungry for a championship and he won't be stopped in the GA Dome. I'm not sure that anyone can stop us anywhere for that matter. The Seahawks don't know what they're coming into.
  15. Ugh. This is a huge pain in the ***. I'm actually going to that game and have to drive 2 1/2 hours to and from Augusta to get there and this totally changes my plans for that day.