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  1. Eh, I don't personally believe in UFOs. I think the incidents of UFOs mostly owe themselves to secretive government aircraft and that kind of thing. I have a more religious perspective as it applies to theories concerning ancient depictions of visitors to the planet. (some might say aliens, others fallen angels described by the Bible) It's all very fun to think about though.
  2. lol. This investigation is a joke, as has been proved many times. They literally used opposition research to open this investigation and the special counsel is full of hardened Democrats. Andy McCabe getting his *** fired just two days before retirement was ******* hilarious. Inventing "insurance policies" in the event that the wrong candidate wins is a disgusting assault on our democracy. Good thing DJT has another 7 years to drain the swamp.
  3. I'm curious as to what you would consider "racist, sexist, or trans/homophobic", since liberals are quick to condemn pretty much anything they disagree with as being one of those things. To most Democrats, thinking that transgender individuals shouldn't serve in the military is a 'trans-phobic' aggression. If that topic can't be fairly discussed and debated in a poilitics thread, then you're not really interested in debate. lol I've been called racist for agreeing with the President that we should build a wall along our southern border, and I've been called xenophobic for wanting to stop immigration from third-world countries where terrorism is rampant. Of course, none of those accusations are true...and hopefully you wouldn't think there's anything wrong with expressing those opinions, even if you vehemently disagree with them. What's most important to free speech and fair debate is making sure that everyone has a platform to express their opinions. Unless someone is being a total racist jerk, if someone gets offended, they probably should learn to grow up and remember that they're on a message board.
  4. Democrats don't have a platform. All they do is talk about stopping Trump, and the only way they've been able to slow him down is through unprecedented obstruction, liberal activist judges, deep state operatives, and the phony Russia investigation--all with the Democrat-controlled media and entertainment industry to keep the echo-chamber going. Unfortunately for the globalist uni-party, Americans are waking up. Open-borders and exporting our jobs and democracy overseas is not what this country wants, and that'll be made profoundly clear when DJT wins re-election in 2020.
  5. Nae. The common sense solution is to protect our campuses. We do a better job of securing our banks and courtrooms than we do our children. It's time for a change, and we can enact measures now to protect our children without sacrificing our unique and important 2nd amendment rights as Americans. Thankfully we have DJT in office.
  6. Globalist HR McMaster, you're FIRED. Good to see that guys like McMaster and Cohn are being shown the way out. I think next John Kelly should be replaced.
  7. Definitely. I like Pederson too, very aggressive. Quinn is like that too and I'm glad we got somebody who's not afraid to go for it on fourth down. If our HC can just get better at time management and the offense finds itself then maybe some magic will happen. I'm just not super optimistic about Sark is the championship calibre OC that we need. It works it works
  8. I'll never be ashamed of my President or my football team. Sad that you felt the need the make an inflammatory off topic remark in my thread about my profile pic instead of contributing to the conversation, but I get it, that's just how some people roll.
  9. Yeah this is a loser post. A loser post about a cheap consolation, a moral victory if you will. Still, it's just a passing thought I had that I wanted to share. When Falcons lost it to the Eagles this year in the playoffs, I was pretty deflated, as any Falcon fan would be that we worked so hard and had a real chance at making it back to the Super Bowl, only to sputter out against a team featuring it's second string QB. In retrospect, that Eagles team went on to win the Super Bowl. But even more than that, that Eagles team went on to dominate its opponents and defeated the Patriots in the championship. The Falcons lost by the fewest amount of points to the Super Bowl champions in the postseason. Fun fact, ALL of the Falcons playoff losses in the Matt Ryan era were to the team that either won or lost the Super Bowl. lol. I wish we had Philly's offensive coordinator. He was spitting out fresh and creative plays all game long and putting his players in positions to win and make plays. I hope Sarkisian can take that next step with our players next season
  10. If I'm a Panthers fan I would consider it a success this offseason if you avoid being bought by Pdiddy or Stephen Murry lol
  11. Absolutely not. I saw everything I need to see from him week 16, 2014. If you guys will remember, a Julio who was BADLY hurt played his heart out and blocked the **** out of opposing players to lead the way and give us a chance. Graham made selfish business decisions that even commentators and highlight guys from ESPN pointed out. He doesn't have the heart of a competitor, is past his prime, overrated, and is a waste of resources.
  12. Can't believe the sorry *** Skins gave that game away lol. Congrats to the Saints, they wanted it more.
  13. You have to teach kids discipline, respect, sportsmanship. Mike Smith wasn't wrong for getting on to Asante for what he did four years ago. The point that was he shouldn't have done it the way that he did it. Or are you just trolling?
  14. Like someone else said, you usually don't write a book halfway thru your coaching career. Is Smitty hanging it up? Depending on the kind of things he says in this book, teams may not want to hire him. Why write a book making a bunch of iscuses when you can still get hired on somewhere else and possibly redefine your career there? The whole idea of the book just reeks of spitefulness and hurt feelings. It really kind of clashes with the idea I've had of Smith's character. I'll wait to hear more info on this project before saying much else. Would definitely be an interesting read...my question is why write this book now? What's Smitty's motif?