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  1. Definitely. I like Pederson too, very aggressive. Quinn is like that too and I'm glad we got somebody who's not afraid to go for it on fourth down. If our HC can just get better at time management and the offense finds itself then maybe some magic will happen. I'm just not super optimistic about Sark is the championship calibre OC that we need. It works it works
  2. I'll never be ashamed of my President or my football team. Sad that you felt the need the make an inflammatory off topic remark in my thread about my profile pic instead of contributing to the conversation, but I get it, that's just how some people roll.
  3. Yeah this is a loser post. A loser post about a cheap consolation, a moral victory if you will. Still, it's just a passing thought I had that I wanted to share. When Falcons lost it to the Eagles this year in the playoffs, I was pretty deflated, as any Falcon fan would be that we worked so hard and had a real chance at making it back to the Super Bowl, only to sputter out against a team featuring it's second string QB. In retrospect, that Eagles team went on to win the Super Bowl. But even more than that, that Eagles team went on to dominate its opponents and defeated the Patriots in the championship. The Falcons lost by the fewest amount of points to the Super Bowl champions in the postseason. Fun fact, ALL of the Falcons playoff losses in the Matt Ryan era were to the team that either won or lost the Super Bowl. lol. I wish we had Philly's offensive coordinator. He was spitting out fresh and creative plays all game long and putting his players in positions to win and make plays. I hope Sarkisian can take that next step with our players next season
  4. If I'm a Panthers fan I would consider it a success this offseason if you avoid being bought by Pdiddy or Stephen Murry lol
  5. Absolutely not. I saw everything I need to see from him week 16, 2014. If you guys will remember, a Julio who was BADLY hurt played his heart out and blocked the **** out of opposing players to lead the way and give us a chance. Graham made selfish business decisions that even commentators and highlight guys from ESPN pointed out. He doesn't have the heart of a competitor, is past his prime, overrated, and is a waste of resources.
  6. Can't believe the sorry *** Skins gave that game away lol. Congrats to the Saints, they wanted it more.
  7. Oh boy. At this point, what I think they're gonna do doesn't matter. Matty Ice and company will ultimately decide whether they wanna start playing some **** football. I don't know if something will light a fire under their *** or if they'll just sink... This game will tell you if you the Falcons wanna win. If we lose we're under .500 and if we win we're over.
  8. Just have to hope Shanny rubs them the wrong way and he gets fired
  9. Lol. Okay.
  10. Let's see if they win a single game this year lol.
  11. 0-8 is a disaster.
  12. Josh McDaniels was OC for Pat's, went on to become a HC, sucked at it, and went back to calling plays for the Pats and won em a Super Bowl. Shanahan's head coaching experiment in San Fran is a disaster, with his 49ers being 0-8. Shanahan had his flaws as an OC, but you gotta take the good with the bad. He knew how to take advantage of the talent we have, and our offense is not the same without him. At the end of this season, you gotta think that Shanahan would at least consider a return to the team he had historic success with. And you gotta think that Atlanta would be open to the idea, the way this O looks now. Your thoughts?
  13. If you know anyone who plays fantasy football, they say **** like that all the time. Nobody is wishing ill-harm on another player. He was literally just hoping to face a weaker team because it is advantageous for the Falcons. All I was saying is that you're taking his comment way too seriously. For someone who I've always thought to be a decent poster, it's disappointing to see how easily provoked you were into making such a childish insult about me based on who I voted for or what my profile picture is.
  14. He is just saying that it will be advantageous to the Falcons for that player not to be on the field Sunday. You're being self-righteous.