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  1. Yeah. The defense was good on the one drive where they forced the Colts 3 and out and allowed our offense to make it close. But other than that, they stunk it up the entire game.
  2. I disagree. There was definitely some undisciplined football on our side, but the refs were being ridiculous and one-sided.
  3. The Falcons are kinda good, but mostly bad this year. 7-9.
  4. Eh, I don't personally believe in UFOs. I think the incidents of UFOs mostly owe themselves to secretive government aircraft and that kind of thing. I have a more religious perspective as it applies to theories concerning ancient depictions of visitors to the planet. (some might say aliens, others fallen angels described by the Bible) It's all very fun to think about though.
  5. Democrats don't have a platform. All they do is talk about stopping Trump, and the only way they've been able to slow him down is through unprecedented obstruction, liberal activist judges, deep state operatives, and the phony Russia investigation--all with the Democrat-controlled media and entertainment industry to keep the echo-chamber going. Unfortunately for the globalist uni-party, Americans are waking up. Open-borders and exporting our jobs and democracy overseas is not what this country wants, and that'll be made profoundly clear when DJT wins re-election in 2020.
  6. Nae. The common sense solution is to protect our campuses. We do a better job of securing our banks and courtrooms than we do our children. It's time for a change, and we can enact measures now to protect our children without sacrificing our unique and important 2nd amendment rights as Americans. Thankfully we have DJT in office.
  7. Except the Bucs have not drafted a Matt Ryan. They do have a Mike Smith though!
  8. You dumb mother****ers, I've been thinking this for the last few weeks. Whether we win this game or not I will still stand by this. Quinn came in to fix our defense and the results are sad sad sad.
  9. The offense is outstanding. Best in the league and it's not even close. Our QB is having an MVP season. Most receivers with a TD reception in the league. 32 points per game, tops in the NFL. Our defense... gives up a TD to start every game and lets the other team walk all over them. It's pathetic. I used to watch the whole game start-to-finish, even the last few years. Now I'll watch our offense and take a break from the TV for 10 minutes or so when our ****** D takes the field. Already know what's gonna happen. I can hear from the living room "ANNND THE CARDINALS ARE IN FALCONS TERRITORY!!"..
  10. Like what team are you even rooting for? What a loser mentality.
  11. I think it depends who the vacancies are and how our season ends. If a team he really likes offers him a job after this season he could easily seize the opportunity. I think Shanahan could conceivably stay another year though.
  12. Our defense is indeed far from where it needs to be. We have the third worst pass defense and are ranked 29th overall in yards. We're 31st in scoring defense. The good news is, our pass rush is finally starting to see drastic improvements--which OP fails to recognize. Here are the facts: In 2015, the Atlanta Falcons defense finished the year last in sacks with only 19 on the season. At the halfway point of 2016, the Falcons have accrued 18 sacks--just one shy of their total for all of last season. Vic Beasley had 4 sacks in his rookie year. After week 8, Beasley now has 8 sacks. He is on pace
  13. You mean our defense allows the 2nd most points? Because they are certainly not top 2 in preventing opposing teams from scoring.
  14. I wasn't hitting the panic button on Beasley myself. But his progress this year is still a beautiful thing to see--especially with our wretched luck with fielding a pass rush. I hoped we'd improve in the sack department this year, but it was a "I'll beleive it when I see it" kind of deal. And it was one thing to think surely Beasley will get better in year two, but I don't think anyone predicted him being no.2 in sacks at the halfway point of the season. This dude is on pace for FOUR TIMES as many sacks as last year. This guy may really be something special.
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