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  1. He better get $hit canned with his awful offense and ruining Matt Ryan.
  2. Just needed to get that off my chest. His offenses have been horrible the last few years.
  3. What a waste of money he has been. Matt Ryan is clearly not a fan of his offense. Watching koetter and Winston today really makes me miss his vertical passing game
  4. I understand but you can't argue that he looks more comfortable and in control
  5. What do you know!!! Matt Ryan calls his own plays and we move the ball
  6. They just aren't meshing well together. Matt Ryan isn't comfortable and not playing confident. Matt Ryan just doesn't go from TOP 10 QB to being one of the worst this year. Thats SOLEY on Shanahan. Same thing with Peyton. You don't go from one of the BEST QBS and smartest to throwing 4 INTs in the first half. These systems don't fit well with a QB like them.
  7. I put Matt Ryans POOR PLAY on Shanahan. Both of them have been terrible. Ryan has obviously thrown some balls he shouldn't have but clearly he is NOT COMFORTABLE in Shanahans offense. Shanahan needs to put his ego to the side and let Ryan do what he does best. Ryan was never like this with Koetter and you don't just regress like this overnight. He is not comfortable. Its like Peyton Manning in Kubiaks offense it just isnt the right fit
  8. Matty Ice is clearly not comfortable with some things in Shanahans system. They need to get together and get on the same page and call plays he likes. Ryan just doesn't get worse but Shanny is trying to make him fit into his system. I'd rather have Koetter back.
  9. The problem is is if we switch hands it would allow him to use his off and to stiff arm and fight off tacklers. When he runs to his right with the ball in his left once first contact comes he's down.
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