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  1. The game that started the Raheem's a great coach we need to just keep him movement Which was then followed by the if we let him go some other team will sign him and we'll be sorry when he's winning there movement
  2. It's actually worse. New coaches would ordinarily get a mandatory mini camp in April before the draft, but naturally these were eliminated last year, and will be again this year. With everything happening, new coaches aren't getting the extra help that they normally would to try and help level the playing field.
  3. If I had to guess, I'd say that TF probably has a short list of players who he doesn't deem as worth their cap hit, and sees as replaceable, but are at least good enough that he's not just going to cut all of them, since they are at least worth the depth. Considering the timing, and what little cap space we had left at the time (around 5.6), I'd bet we needed a little more cap space for our new additions, so TF went to his list and trimmed some fat. There's probably more players that he won't hesitate to release if he finds a FA he sees as being more worth that cap space.
  4. Wasn't worth his cap hit and easily replaceable for his level of talent
  5. TBF, Allen really should've only been a stopgap there. I appreciate what he did for us, but we should've been looking for his replacement/upgrade from the moment we made him the starter there.
  6. Something that many fans don't seem to understand, and hopefully will have to get used to (assuming this will be the standard for approach going forward) is that "not bad" and "good" are not one in the same. There is a difference between someone that you're just not actively rooting to get cut, and someone that actually deserves to be on the team.
  7. Mocks are clickbait. They change picks constantly so idiots will click and read to see what's new. Mocks are worth only as much as the bandwidth it takes to store them
  8. He isn't even close to worth his cap hit this year
  9. So wait, we're signing another returner from the Bears?
  10. This is a silly take even for you Can we try and be even at least a little objective?
  11. Be like the Ravens and the Steelers huh? Like the organizations who both have taken their current QBs in the bottom half of the 1st round and had great success with them? Some of yall really need to do some actual research before making these threads because you end up coming off way dumber then it otherwise would be.
  12. We currently have 4. Do you know how many a team typically carries on their 90 man roster? Hint: It's more than 4
  13. Not once, since the announcement that he would retire/not be retained have I thought about him or wondered what he was up to, or wanted to hear what he would do with his life going forward. I have given zero thought to him until just this moment. When this thread dies, I can know that peace once again.
  14. You know there's posters who will post that and be serious about it. It's TATF
  15. Well, I mean cutting a scrub QB was proof we're taking a QB at 4, so why not? lol
  16. So, as soon as I saw this, I immediately thought, OK, so here comes TATF to claim this as proof that we're not taking Pitts at 4. Thanks for not disappointing Never change TATF
  17. I get it for the fans. but TF and AS aren't going to rush this. They won't strike a deal before the draft unless it's too good to pass up. Every day that goes by, these teams get a little more desperate
  18. Kevin "hey I'm fat, laugh at me, being fat is funny right?" James
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