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  1. This board is nothing but extremes. Lose, and we're making threads about tanking and who we'll draft, win against a 1-5 Dolphins, and we're talking about the SB. Being rational and level headed makes you the minority on this board.
  2. This reminds me of when customers chew out managers, and scream, I'm never coming back here again! They're back the next week
  3. He is literally the entire DL; not really anyone else for them to focus on
  4. Lol, remember the last time Washington was in Atlanta, when Shanahan was trying to get fired? We gave them so many opportunities to win that game, but at the end we were somehow still in the lead, and Shanahan just decides to lose it himself, and go for two with seconds left instead of taking the tie and going for overtime.
  5. Shouldn't have, but it did. Smith screwed up. He isn't the only person who did, but he still is one of them
  6. I remember getting ripped apart during the offseason for arguing that our defensive backfield was ****.
  7. The QB isn't automatically the best player just because he plays the most important position. I'd go Grady Jarrett personally.
  8. I will say, this game is absolutely on Arthur Smith. Even with all the issues, and the talent deficiencies, the game was there for us to take. We actually took positive steps in this game offensively, and for a while, it felt like we were moving forward, but then the 4th quarter happened. 1. Going for two when it was unnecessary, removing your chance to keep the game a field goal score apart. 2. Giving up, not going for points, and just trying to run out clock(of which we did a terrible job) when the other team had plenty of time and timeouts to get the ball back and get a score. 3. Using your timeouts instead of making the other team do so, and leaving you without them should they, and they did, score. This game reminded me so much of Mike Smith's "if we hadn't taken a timeout, the other team would have" game that ultimately got him fired. I had more or less already written this season off before today, but we should have won. Hopefully, Smith looks at more than just the players after today and learns from this.
  9. I'm just not for forcing ourselves to take a QB. You take a QB just because you think that you have to, and you'll just be drafting another in 2-3 years.
  10. I still do truly believe in taking the BPA. If an elite CB is sitting there, and the best DL and OL aren't worth the pick then take him. We're also 1 injury away from a bottom 10 CB group. We're only about average right now as it is.
  11. My thing with a QB right now is, if the right guy falls to us, I'm totally fine with it, but our problems right now aren't QB. Could Ryan be replaced/upgraded? Sure, but he wasn't even top 5 reasons we sucked on Sunday.
  12. Oh yeah, I'd love to have him. The fact that he always tries to maul the opposing player and isn't satisfied just being a space eater and taking double teams makes me really want him. That attitude is something I'd really like more of on this team. He's probably not going in the first half of the first round though. Someone may fall in love and overdraft him, but he'll likely never live up to that high of a pick. Supposing we do get a top 5 pick, grabbing in the 2nd would be outstanding. A lot of time and evaluation left to go for the season and after though.
  13. When has a space eating NT every gone in the top half of the 1st round and actually lived up to that billing? I'm sure this will be followed by, but Davis is different
  14. Lol, these takes of Davis being top 5 will be really funny come April.
  15. Gonna wait and see where prospects rank as the season progresses, but if we do end up with a high pick, I'm certainly hoping we end up with a top flight Edge or DB. FTR, I am not saying draft based on need, but just hoping that the BPA ends up as one of those. OL, I'd rather see more addressed with veterans, though we may not even have to honestly. We're good at LT and RG, Center shows promise with time, and RT and LG could both be better by the end of the season. Admittedly that wouldn't help us right now, but...
  16. No! We're going for #1 overall pick! Tankers unite!
  17. I look forward to being ripped apart by UGA homers with their terrible takes on their players. Come at me. Your hatred fuels me.
  18. Not talented enough to deserve that high of pick Doesn't play a position that deserves that high of pick Davis will never have the impact you want from someone that high Davis is a space eating NT, a very above average space eating nose tackle, but a space eating NT nonetheless
  19. Jordan Davis with the #1 overall pick would genuinely be one of the worst draft picks of all time
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