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  1. I'll assume that they're soon b/c of this thread, but I honestly don't even know when they are. I've never even watched them.
  2. gettin kinda defensive there buddy
  3. Didn't really feel like hazing to me. (If so, Cam really sucks at it) Felt like a really bad, poorly executed joke; came off a bit mean spirited too, like Cam was jealous or something and had to make it about himself (again though, could just've been how poorly executed it was that made it come off like that)
  4. Yeah that's one of those older vets. It's been over 10 years since then.
  5. It's my job to make sure you have a job
  6. Oh, and gotta love the sad little troll giving his all in this thread. It'd be funny it it weren't so pathetic.
  7. Saints haven't had any luck with OT in years. Armstead is solid, but always injured, Peat has been a tremendous disappointment, and is horribly ill suited to playing on the outside, and their new OT, is already coming into the league with a serious injury history. They keep having to resign old vets from their short lived glory days b/c their new guys suck balls. Oh, and their center is injured too IIRC.
  8. 6 weeks from the last day of mini camp
  9. I guess we'll see
  10. Sounds like a college coach
  11. FYI, Falcons list Reynolds as a CB, and I've seen nothing to indicate they're playing him elsewhere on the field.
  12. Most keeping an eye on JT Jones, Keizur, and Freeman Holding off on serious evaluation of DBs and WRs, since raw TV game tape so severely limits it
  13. cat down the mountain melted theatre butter