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  1. Their 3rd WR was Meredith. They moved him to IR as soon as they signed Dez
  2. They'll have to move money around again. They turned all of Terron Armstead's remaining 2018 salary into a bonus to create enough room to sign Dez
  3. I'm of multiple feelings on this 1. Never want to see injuries and feel bad that it happened 2. **** the Saints, glad they're weaker now, no seriously, **** em 3. Not really all that surprised since he was away from football as long as he was, freak injury I know, but still makes you wonder if he was out of practice And no, I don't see these as being contradictory, not even in the slightest
  4. Depends Are you going to post pics?
  5. The last one and probably a few more that you missed too
  6. My word that was painful
  7. We've been doin good because of yall, because of the media lol
  8. Even if we ran the table (absolute best case scenario), the Saints would still need to lose at least 2 other games for us to even enter a tie breaker scenario with them for the division.
  9. Bryant is the bigger name which brings in more views and thus gets more media attention
  10. Nah, you're cool man. Thanks for posting. Don't think anyone's trying to blast you (at least I'm not), more blasting PFF for their terrible picks/analysis and their crappy/awkward/boring as **** host
  11. Here So no one else has to turn their head on their side trying to watch it lol
  12. These are hardly great picks, seems more like they're just trying to put in different kinds of players to make each video "interesting." Also, that host sucks