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  1. Injuries only count as an excuse for the team that you root for
  2. There's no such thing as waivers on a practice squad player
  3. Lol at the idea that we can never be dissapointed in a player, but only in those who drafted them both/and not either/or
  4. Our problems against the run against the Vikings weren't something adding Hageman to would have fixed
  5. Different kinds of players. Taco was more similar in body type to Takk which make the pick all that much worse
  6. You never take the "next best" guy at the position when your target gets taken; almost guaranteed to fail Just pick another position with equal value on your board
  7. Bla bla bla Redemption bla bla bla second chances bla bla bla Not really Brotherhood! bla...bla...bla
  8. Harlow is only comparable to other interior OL, and I guess they just decided he was the best of the ones who didn't make the roster; there's probably something to be said there for familiarity with the system
  9. It's about depth. You can't trade an OG for a DE. It's why we didn't keep brooks James. We already had 6 on the roster. You sign different kinds of players to give yourself the depth you need to effectively run practices
  10. He hasn't been a good blocker at all, but we'll see
  11. Give priority to their draft picks, but we cut Marcus Green?
  12. You don't understand how the PS works
  13. Didn't we have a Wozniak a couple years ago? Edit: yeah, TE, Brian back in 2014; related?