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  1. Please just hire the best person for the job, and don't care about the color of their skin
  2. Yeah, like I said, I was more just arguing semantics, not that those were blowouts
  3. This thread is some serious BS This is the same crap as the idea of asking players to tank. Suggestions like this are proof that fans are just clueless
  4. I know I may just be arguing semantics, but I find it hard to define 47%, almost half, as "rare" Sounds pretty common to me
  5. You're going to get a response from at least 2 posters right off hand
  6. Not because of the defense playing well How many times would they have given up a big play had their QB not made terrible throws and/or decisions. Any good defense would've been harassing him. We just kept giving him chances, and only his own weakness kept the rout delayed.
  7. Average TATF poster: (Didn't watch and/or didn't understand) That guy sucks! This guy's awesome!
  8. I tend to be cautiously optimistic fan. I generally don't understand the need to be a pessimistic jerk and try to ruin everything for everyone else. Many of our fans (some in this thread) I genuinely pity. What's the joy in watching a game where you assume we're going to lose? They tend to call it "realism" but that isn't being realistic. Being realistic requires that you see both sides, not just the negative. Now, I also though, do genuinely try to be realistic about the team without making myself (and others) miserable about what is, at it's core, supposed to be entertainment, and even
  9. Coaching in general is a travesty right now It's why we need to blow it up
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