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  1. So, having only read the first post, and, without reading through this whole thread, is it filled with posts from those who want us to trade Ryan, trying to argue that this guy (who I've never heard of till today) is legitimate?
  2. Who is "Kenny the sports guy"? I can't find online where anyone legitimate is saying this. Let me know when someone actually worth reading reports this; then maybe I'll care
  3. Ehh, I guess. They deserve the chance to argue for a better position as much as any other player at any other position
  4. Why is that whenever a QB wants to move to a new team because they don't like their current situation, they're a "diva" Why aren't all players who want a trade divas?
  5. I swear if we draft Wilson, Roddy may remove his own name from the Falcons ROH
  6. A stat that shows how often a QB's defense has given up large amounts of points?
  7. Seems kind of silly to assume that result Analysis is based on reality of the present
  8. Kiper's job is to make money by generating clicks Mission accomplished
  9. Title makes it sounds like this is a report from someone with knowledge saying that's actually the case Reading tells you this is just his opinion though
  10. The Atlanta Falcons have named Roderick Moore Jr., and Bobby Thomas assistant strength and conditioning coaches, and named Mario Jeberaeel a diversity coaching intern. Additionally, Paul Rice, Charles Walker, Sal Conti and Patrick Kramer have been named football analysts. Moore joins the Falcons after spending the last two years as the Athletics Director of North America for Vald Performance, where he evaluated motion analysis, ground reaction forces, eccentric hamstring strength and bilateral asymmetry at all levels (Military, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA). Prior to his s
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