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  1. I actually think it'd be interesting to pick Mr Irrelevant; don't know that the Falcons have ever done that We'll trade it away in all likelihood though
  2. Luckily Quinn didn't give us what we wanted, but he did give us what we needed.
  3. Guards don't go in the top 10 unless it's a weak draft and/or they're taken by a bad GM. There are few exceptions.
  4. Toilolo is one that I could understand, but fail to agree as being a no brainer cut. The guy does a lot for our run game.
  5. A troll using that quote is just abhorrent.
  6. You may see multiple threads, but they're all from the same person
  7. I've actually considered buying this bumper sticker on many an occasion
  8. Seeing this post as a reaction to Athell's, all I could think of was this: sums up this way of thinking nicely
  9. I'm telling yall he's an alt. I called it when he first showed up. Account that hadn't been used in ages, with a negative reputation, suddenly starts posting again? Come on. This guy just remembered he had this alt and saw it was never banned and started up again. I've been lurking during my absence, and was floored that he was still being allowed to keep this **** going; thought his, should be obvious for everyone, shtick, would've gotten him gone months ago. It's **** like this that was a big reason why these boards were turning into a ghost town before Banker cleaned house. I have my sig for reason. Debating with those who won't acknowledge any arguments but their own is an exercise in futility. They don't care about facts. They care about stirring up the hornets nest, and creating 10+ page threads about nothing as result. They're just more intellectual attention whores.
  10. This isn't college football
  11. This leaves only 2 coaches from Mike Smith's staff: Keith Armstrong, and Wade Harman, and Harman was only part of that last year, and at a different coaching position.
  12. Weird time for this; seems kinda out of the blue Is there something going on in the background that we're not aware of? Note: I'm not asking to say what it was if so, and if you can't answer yes or no either, then that's also fine. I don't want any toes being stepped on.
  13. Hey, stop forcing reality into his dreams! Have you no heart?
  14. I have to go with K-train on this one. There's a lot reasons to be hopeful here, but there's such a small sample size of him as a RB coach, with so many other factors involved there, that it becomes difficult to rate the hire. I'll file this one under "wait and see" for now, but if Quinn endorses him, that's good enough for me, at least for the time being, As he's shown a general eye for those who can teach.
  15. So now you're basically going to spam the board with this, and make a new thread at every opportunity. Yeah, you're not a troll at all.