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  1. Someone posted the info in another thread After signing our draft class, adding the 52 and 53 players, and leaving 3 mil to sign players during the season, it only leaves with about 4 in real space Without even more restructuring anyway
  2. Lions one was easily funniest imo Always laugh when I see that gif
  3. Sounds informed when he speaks, and, most important, to me anyways, legitimately, sounds like he's actually enjoying himself, like he'd do this even if he wasn't being paid to. So many of these commentators come off to me like they couldn't care less about football if not for the paycheck. Davis sounds like he truly loves the game.
  4. 2011: 21 picked up 2012: 19 + 1 extension 2013: 17 + 1 extension 2014: 23 2015: 20 2016: 17
  5. Colts would be all over that trade; they'd be the clear winners
  6. Unique to you not them They really don't use them like that and have already said Simmons will be a lb only
  7. Oh man, I remember that. Who was it that made the bet we wouldn't win another game, and had to make change their avatar?
  8. People really seem to be falling in love with a name here. There is nothing about what Treadwell has done that would lead anyone to believe he will even make the roster, much less beat out players who have actually done something here. Expectations for this guy should start at zero, and everything else is earned.
  9. I'm going to agree with the "you don't owe anyone an explanation" sentiment here Kudos for trying anyway though; shows you care
  10. Comes with the territory of being a Falcons fan unfortunately. It's why I can't get offended at being **** talked by most other fans, especially Patriots fans. This **** makes you thick skinned. Patriots fans can post 28-3 all they want, they don't know the first thing about being fans, Pussi.es.
  11. I'm pretty jaded these days. Some people just misunderstand jaded and apathy as hate and assumption of failure
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