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  1. He likes to hit. He loves contact, and loves to run in and make that hit It's the same reason so many wanted us to play Dunta Robinson at SS
  2. You lost me at trading up for Chaisson. He's not worth it
  3. Hard to say. I could live with drafting a lot of guys. It'll just be hard for me to get excited if they aren't a playmaker
  4. That's kinda where I'm at. I feel like adding another CB just makes a deeper, not better. It does nothing to change our identity. I'm kinda the same on Kinlaw, and even Chaisson. Kinlaw just adds a really good run stuffer, and Chaisson is a better Campbell. I don't feel like any of those guys make us a visibly more dangerous team than last season.
  5. Why are we spending our best pick on someone we have to fix?
  6. I had thought about that, but wasn't sure how everyone would react to basically turning our draft into 2 players
  7. Who in this draft would you consider it being worth trading up for?
  8. Have they ever shown to have inside knowledge about the Falcons? Likewise, have they ever shown to be untrustworthy about things like this? I'm assumed it to be the latter
  9. Can someone please explain to me how 92.9 knows anything, and why I should trust a word they say?
  10. I don't think toughness is a coachable trait
  11. Watching that tape, my thoughts were that he has athleticism in spades, and great technique, allowing him to, often, be in perfect position to make the play. The other side I saw, was a severe lack of "want it" As others have said, he doesn't "have that dog in him" His play just made me feel like he wasn't giving 110%, like he was doing just enough; sometimes that was enough, other times he got burned. He's not aggressive, and I do believe that's what we're going for going forward. I don't mind a player failing sometimes. No one will win every time, but I need to feel like when you failed, you were giving everything you had. I'm just not sure he'll get to the NFL and then suddenly change how he plays.
  12. This thread took a turn
  13. Yeah uhuh
  14. It's so ridiculous how he acts like this is so strange and so vile, and then takes multiple attempts to force his opinion on the memo. I get it's his job, but it was just annoying to me. It is standard common practice for large corporations to make a public statement of unity, based on a decision made at the top, but then to make clear to the employees below not to contradict that statement, regardless of their personal feelings. You are employees of a company. If you want to contradict your boss, who is trying to create a perception of the company in the public eye, then be prepared to face reprise.