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  1. Yeah Saw that not too long after I posted and they want Earl Thomas too
  2. I'll be interested to see who gets tagged. As others have said, the Falcons may be waiting to see who escapes the FT period, and what they learn during the legal tampering period before they pull the trigger on Beasely (assuming he doesn't just agree to a pay cut). The reports were that we were intending to draft Lawrence that year before Dallas leapfrogged us for him, and it's unsure whether Dallas will be willing to franchise him 2 years in a row, considering the price tag.
  3. Jonah Williams will not be playing LT in the pros. He may not even play RT; strong possibility he has to play OG. Cody Ford isn't playing OT at the next level either. There is no OL in this draft worthy of a pick that high that will be available when we pick.
  4. Deion is our MLB. That isn't changing. Some of yall need to understand that. Any LB we draft would be for another LB spot or to be a backup.
  5. He made 9.25 per season in his second contract which he got from Oakland. He's now in his 30s. I wouldn't expect us to have to match that. He also seemed to make clear when we signed him, and to a 1yr 1.5 deal, that he had already gotten his money, and it wasn't what was most important to him now. We'll see what happens, but I'm just not sure this'll be a backbreaker. maybe, we'll see
  6. Well, without evidence this comes off as needing a grain of salt to begin with (no offense), but then there also becomes the question of whether it would be referring to 365 days, or to a different NFL calendar year
  7. [Insert what I want here] is smart so naturally the FO won't do it. If they don't do [insert what I want here] it proves that they're idiots. ~TATF
  8. Most of these guys are out of the NFL for a reason, and doing well there, in no way, suggests they'll do well in the NFL. There will be exceptions for sure, but it's not a one to one comparison in talent and competition.
  9. Your first mistake was thinking that any of these mocks or speculation has any actual standing on what will really happen in the draft For one, it's early February, teams haven't even begun to make their boards yet, much less are honing in on a prospect
  10. So, just curious, but what actually qualifies as "great" to you? Do you have to be #1 at your position to be great? Top 2? cause Jarrett is easily top 10 at his, if not top 5
  11. I'd like to see us make a few more hires; get back to the large support staff we had when Quinn first took over the team
  12. RB coach for the Jaguars
  13. I'm going to make a twitter account. It will say that Carolina is trading for Aaron Rodgers. It could be true. You don't know
  14. Always be concerned about anyone the Patriots are willing to let go
  15. Didn't even read the OP, waste of time Jarrett will get paid, and is worth every cent we will give him