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  1. I love how we're making articles and videos about captions under pics now lol
  2. Very well could have. The reality is this shows nothing
  3. Next step, Rotoworld reporting this as evidence lol
  4. So basically we have no one that has seen him practice there, no film of him getting snaps there, and no word from the coaches that he's being tried there, but this is all based on a line of text under an image? I mean, maybe this actually is happening, but I see no reason to react to something that could easily just be an intern typing in the wrong position.
  5. Yet another example of why these types of comparisons are, and always will be, idiotic
  6. This is what happens when we trust Matt Karoly and what he's "being told"
  7. Feel for him and he'll be a FA next year Tough
  8. That's because you don't understand organizations in general, regardless of if they're in GA
  9. Come on OP you had one job All you had to do was put an a before that name in the title I'm disappointed
  10. Correlation does not equal causation Our problems in the regular season weren't because we didn't win the preseason games
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