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  1. or what? Some fans on the internet will be upset with him?
  2. Oh man, that was a blast from the past a lot of great posters in there that haven't been around in a very long time I miss some of those guys
  3. Lol, found it! Good times
  4. Ask Kevykev I wish I could find the thread. Those pics were hilarious.
  5. Someone had to take over the territory after the Troll gang got whacked by a Banker
  6. I really don't care, about him or what he says. You shouldn't either.
  7. Uh yeah, lay off the meds. I can't see any reason to think that the Raiders would even consider this trade.
  8. Yeah, cause this deserved its own thread If all you were going to do was whine and scream in the written word, and not add anything new or of worth, thought, or value, then you could've just added it to one of the many other threads. This is as much a "review" as the last dump that I took.
  9. We could go 0-16 and he still wouldn't be fired till at least after the season, if at all. in before fools reply to this suggesting we could lol
  10. Kendall Calhoun OT Cincinnati waived Ryan Neal CB Southern Illinois added Measurables for Neal added, vids to come
  11. You don't need to post this in every thread.