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  1. In before Clark Kent comes in and wrecks this whole thread lol
  2. Some people's concept of defense is still in the 90s
  3. What, is someone going on IR?
  4. Anybody have that tweet of his about thinking he would sign for cheap showing you as part of the problem?
  5. Admitting it is the first step to recovery
  6. I bet you called the Raiders stupid for trading Mack too
  7. You're somebody who ends up getting talked into the way more expensive car you don't need at the dealership huh?
  8. Sometimes I wonder how some UGA fans can successfully walk through doors and feed themselves, let along type something on the internet
  9. Thomas Decoud
  10. That you can remember
  11. Lol, third time's the charm?
  12. Guess what day it is! It's Humphrey day!