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  1. I only learned of the reason for the name recently myself
  2. Right "Duck" dougnuts get it?
  3. Kazzee has the coverage skills, but I'm just not sure he's really athletic enough to hold that position down long term, though he could potentially handle it in the same manner that Allen has, which wouldn't be bad, at least until we could find an ideal starter there.
  4. I've really always gotten the feeling that, as much they love Allen, and I truly believe that Quinn does, he was always kinda a stopgap for them. He really doesn't have that ideal skillset for what we want at that position, but he works, we had other needs, players with that skillset are really hard to find.
  5. no, but the point being...they don't have to
  6. One bad injury and you may never play again, and sometimes, even if you can play, you're never the same again, and also sometimes, you get injured and come back from injury to find someone else now has your job Many players have had such things happen to them before they could get a long term deal and lost money (or a long term deal at all) as a result Get what you can while you can
  7. I used to love Tuggle's responses to these kinds of questions. They always cracked me up.
  8. not 24/7 Donutz on a stick in Duck You can look em up online
  9. He's not demanding a contract or he won't play. He was asked if he wanted a long term deal and answered yes, which is perfectly reasonable.
  10. I'm sure the Falcons organization wants that too.
  11. He's earned something sure, how much and whether it's here or not remains to be seen, but he will get a fairly large deal somewhere to be sure.
  12. yeah one place
  13. I mean, did you think that he didn't?
  14. Give him a bit. He needs to call in to 92.9 and ask them about it first, so it become viable news