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  1. Wanna Trade? Straight up? Garrett for Morris? I'll even throw in a Subway footlong BMT.................TOASTED!
  2. Funny you should say that about Blount because I've been hearing that if Morris is brought back they won't be bringing Blount back.
  3. Spoiler my ***!! Most avid BUC fans are hoping we go 0fer so the Glazer's HAVE to jettison Youngry and get a real head coach. Don't even count on us bringing all of our starters up to Atlanta come January 1st. They may just throw Freeman on IR to keep Morriss from ******* him up anymore than he already has. I'm not too sure that his "SHOULDER" injury isn't anything but ******** so Morris can use it as an excuse to keep his job.
  4. I can kind of see what you all are bitching about re: Mularkey but not Smitty. In my mind he's a very good head coach. Setting aside the drops by White & Jones the Falcons overall are a very fundamentally sound football team. It seems to me he gets the best available from the talent you have. That's good coaching. Gruden use to do that but his problem was his disdain for younger players. Smith is by no means a defensive or offensive superstar ala Sean Payton but he definitely gets the most outta what he's got. BUC fans are hoping for the same thing one of these days soon.
  5. I don't pay close enough attention to the nuances of the Falcons offense to offer a valid opinion, other than I know they don't like to do it. It probably has a lot to do with Turner's ability to catch the ball. You all can ***** all you want about your offense but at least you're not stuck with what WE have to put up with. Say what ya want about the Saints but it is FUN to watch Brees & Company.
  6. Word is there's a lot of dissension within the organization due to the nepotism of Bill Polian hiring his son who had absolutely no credentials worthy of the position for which he was hired and all the promotions he's received since. It looks like their front office is ready to implode all of which has led to their downfall. They've lost a lot of key personnel people over the last 6 or 7 years.
  7. He always starts making things up we said when he gets cornered. He has to!
  8. So True, If they never played for the skins or Falcons he can't man up enough to even admit the quality of their play. Yet, he claims to be this hardcore fan who's been from Maine To Spain and done everything when truth is he's some mealy mouthed engineer geek that hides behind a computer while he spews endless ********. He claims a family but that's in serious doubt now considering he supposedly has a job AND a family yet can still have over 150,000 posts here over the years.
  9. That's what the P.O.S. Lives for. Why do you think his family wants nothing to do with his pathetic ***?
  10. There's ALWAYS next year! At least you all didn't have to start looking forward to it with 8 games left in THIS SEASON!
  11. COWERED????????? REALLY??????????? We've REALLY struck a nerve, huh? Your family can't stand ya, so you stay on here hours at a time trying to make others as miserable as you are. But unlike you we ALL have lives and most of us have families that like being around us.
  12. NO ****!!! I've known only one other person to ever be quite as self serving and arrogant as WRW, my sister's ex-husband. I believe he's homeless now somewhere in Europe........last I heard anyway. Fitting for such a worthless piece of ****. He smelled a LOT like WRW. We're talking online here.......imagine what this doucherag is like in person!
  13. Says the 12 year old engineer with the Firemans hat on.
  14. Believe whatever you like. You're a fool that can't even decide who your favorite team is. NOTHING you say can do anything but make you look like an even bigger fool than any of your previous posts. Keep posting! I'm sure your family's thrilled they don't have to deal with your sorry *** while we keep you busy making a bigger fool of yourself with every post!
  15. I looked up Pathetic in Webster's just now. At the end of the description was some 5' bald fool with a Redskins jersey on standing in front of a building with a sign reading "Pete's Engineering". I couldn't copy & paste it do to copyright issues.
  16. SHHHHHHHHHH! Not too loud, The homers here aren't too keen on the truth.
  17. What's with all the negativity? This thread started as just another "THAT GOOD FOR NOTHIN' S.O.B COACH OF OURS NEEDS HIS *** KICKED" then everyone goes all ******** simply because it's not about the Falcons. I mean............C'MON MAN!!!!!!
  18. I agree. The only way the Falcons can't do it is if they hire Raheem Morris as head coach for the next 4 weeks and that isn't gonna happen unless Blank pays him more than the $7.50 per hour he now gets from the Glazers. Sadly for the rest of the Falcon fans they pretty much have a 100% chance of going One & Done......AGAIN.
  19. He's the biggest MORON here AND TATF! I mean that's saying A LOT! As soon as the Falcons are out of it he'll start trying to talk like he knows something to try and cover up all his bullspit. But we ALL know better.
  20. Just because I'm fazed by and actually care about how the BUCS perform, unlike your casual following of the Falcons and saying how you're unfazed and have better things to think about when they lose? You mistake belligerence of the BUCS losing with just plain disgust of watching an idiot like you try and talk like you're a real fan when you have but one sole purpose and EVERYONE here knows what it is. You're truly Pathetic.
  21. 38,357 postsI believe those 38,357 posts along with the 100,000 or so you had before they switched the board over is a dead give away.
  22. 38,357 postsI belive those 38,357 posts along with the 100,000 or so you had before they switched the board over is a dead give away.
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