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  1. ******* FREDDIE!! You GOTTA have balls the size of WRW's head to walk out on stage dressed like that! More power to him, R.I.P. and more power to WRW and his big head.
  2. We already know you're confused, no reason to keep tellin' us.
  3. That had nothing to do with football OR talking **** about a rival, which is all you, Servo, WRW and a few other Falcon Bleeders are capable of. Too bad you couldn't find the humor in that video. You live in a similar type trailer park or just born in one like it?
  4. Clev @ Pitt -11 Pitt Indy @ Balt - 16.5 Indy Hou @ Cincy -3 Hou Oak @ GB -10 GB KC @ Jets -8.5 KC Minny @ Det -7 Det NO @ Tenn +5.5 NO Philly @ Miami -3 Miami NE @ Wash +7.5 NE Atl @ Car +3 Atl TB @ Jax +1 Jax SF @ Arizona +4 SF Chi @ Denver -3.5 Denver Buff @ SD - 4.5 SD Giants @ Dallas -5.5 Dallas Stl @ Seattle -6.5 Seattle
  5. Wouldn't you all LOVE the opportunity to get the Falcons back in the Mercedes dome again for the second time in less than 3 or 4 weeks?
  6. Agreed, The Falcons don't have the ole' run defense the BUCS have. I see the Falcons taking this by at least 7 points.
  7. Seeing as the BUCS are long gone a Falcon-Cowboys 1st round matchup would be awesome even moreso than a Falcons-Saints matchup because we already KNOW how that'd turn out.
  8. Get ready to see Redskins garbage or perhaps a world series trophy from who knows what team he happened to be laying claim to 40 years ago. This guy is the biggest WHORE-FAN in the country!
  9. Sad thing is, draft picks aren't really an issue for us at this point. There's some decent talent on this team. We just need a new head coach and new coordinators and some free agents, some linebackers, a running back......come to think of it we could use a good draft pick or 2 or 3 or 6! We lose Sunday against the JAGS to make it 7 in a row, 8 outta our last 9 and 2 to teams that we easily should've beat and the talk around the campfire down here is that Monday Morris will be out of a job. THAT is why a lotta BUC fans will be pulling for the Jags Sunday. SAD........but TRUE.
  10. Sorry Deludo, I have proof of who I am and what I'm all about. I've met many people from the Falcons board over the years, Partied with 'em, tailgated with 'em, watched football with 'em, had 'em use a couple of my tickets @ BUCS-Falcons games in Tampa. ****, I've even had 'em stay at our house when they're down for a game. YOU on the other hand are nothing but rank ********. There are REAL fans then there's people like you..........I suppose pseudo-fan is a fairly good description of you but it still leaves out just how pathetic you REALLY are. My condolences to your family during this holida
  11. I've seen cooked vermicelli firmer than that dudes conviction to his blathering tripe.
  12. NOT with Morris as head coach/defensive coordinator. Well.....maybe....if the other team doesn't show up.
  13. REAL LOYAL!! I've liked porterhouse steak for over 50 years. Funny how you don't get the difference. You couldn't be MORE fairweather.
  14. Yup.......You are delusional, there's no gettin' around that.
  15. WHERE did I say anything about my posts or being the best poster here? You can't stand the truth about yourself is all. You don't have the first clue about manning up for anything. You're entire schtick here is so old and worn we ALL have you figured out and we ALL realize just how pathetic you are yet you're still here because you have NOWHERE else to go seeing as your family wants nothing to do with ya. You just stick around though, because you're too old to change, if you wouldn't change for your family you're sure not gonna change for us besides you're OBVIOUSLY too clueless to be able to
  16. Yup! And we all know just how happy that makes those poor folks that have to claim you as family.
  17. You don't man up at all! You simply acknowledge the beating you just received then go on making disparaging remarks about the team/teams that just beat you. you're completely delusional and when called to the carpet on your ridiculous antics you go even more over the top. You're nothing short of PATHETIC! EVERYONE here KNOWS it... aside from Burgundy, Tom Servo and Rev (simply because he's got a heart bigger than his brain and feels sorry for you).
  18. The geek NEVER has demonstrated an overabundance of common sense when it comes to anything football related. Or anything else for that matter......
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