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  1. While you & your boyfriend may just be two of the biggest PHONIES.....EVER!
  2. Sorry, but the Redskins aren't gonna make the playoffs this season.
  3. If the Falcons come out with the gameplan they did against Houston they may have problems but their defense has been fairly stout this season, especially the run D. I don't see the Falcons having much problem. The game is far too important for them to have any sort of letdown.
  4. Plus the team you'll be playing in the first round should be a helluva lot more formidable than the Seahawks were. If you all were to have to travel to say San Francisco, I would think Payton will sit nearly all 22 starters! That first round bye is HUGE! Well, except for the Falcons.
  5. Daquan Bowers had 2 last week in his first start of the season!
  6. 420's not the one trying to say yards matter more than points. That's one of the Homers trying to make a stat lean in his favor.
  7. It's really very simple, All he needs to do........is STFU and play ball. He'd be a lot happier and probably catch a helluva lot more balls
  8. He'd have already been anointed as the second coming and anyone here that disagreed would be banned for life by BankerBird.
  9. No DOUBT! I'm looking forward to a rematch of Saints @ Packers for the NFC Title!
  10. Like anyone would believe your bullspit. It's pretty obvious it's just you, your right hand and your computer & keyboard.
  11. While theirs isn't much it's still a lot better than Tampa Bay's. Actually the Falcons have the best run defense in the NFC South. I think it's rated in the top 10 league-wide.
  12. Ya can't really argue with that! Rodgers is having a "once in a generation" type season.
  13. You're so full of ****! Even when the Falcons are sucking *** flavored bong water you try and make them out to be super bowl contenders. It's pretty obvious you don't care one way or the other. You claim it's because you have better things to do. Well, we KNOW that's B.S. from your 100's of thousands of posts here over the years. You just show up here because you found somewhere to hang since your family wants nothing to do with you. Do you even REALLY have a family? I'm not too sure not EVERYTHING you've ever posted about yourself isn't total ********. Too bad because there's some relatively
  14. Sad Stuff......96 years old! I immediately called my 92 year old Mom, she'd already heard. I told her to bundle up when she went downstairs for dinner tonight. He evidently had complications with pneumonia. R.I.P. Mr. Morgan
  15. Anybody have experience with? I've heard nothing but good things and I know there's a few of you that play. I'm thinking about picking one up and don't want to spend a bundle since I'm not all that serious of a player (Not too good). Sold my Gibson J-45 a few years and recently decided to start playing again at the urging of a friend who's pretty accomplished on the mandolin. Any info would be appreciated.
  16. I just can't stand PHONIES! Especially phonies that try and talk trash when they have no loyalty whatsoever. Redskins or Falcons? Which is it? What blood type's pumpin' through your veins? If you can't decide, you have no business posting with REAL fans!
  17. Son..........you're just plain confused. You can't see it, and it's understandable seeing as you've been off those meds for so long now.
  18. At least he hasn't changed his name to Mexico and/or given anyone herpes...........yet.
  19. Stop being so confused all the time. Ya know they do have medication that'll help ya with that. But then again you already knew that and have it available but choose not to take it, huh? NOT GOOD! Momma & Daddy are paying good money to help you.
  20. True, But it's not like Rodgers has been a stiff before this season. He's simply having record breaking season. I don't see him tumbling back like so many of the other "ELITE" quarterbacks ie: Rivers, etc. There's not a team out there that wouldn't take either one of them. As of right now, the way this season has played out I'd take Rodgers. He's on a hot streak rarely ever seen!
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