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  1. Pretty much what I was thinkin'. LMAO!!!
  2. What HE sees? The kid is almost as delusional as you! I gotta leave here in a minute but I'll give you a answer to your question about Free & the BUCS when I get back later today.
  3. You're such a homer, that your star wide receiver is a league leader in dropped passes, yet when it's brought up by a Saints fan you bring up a few drops by their Tight End who's the BEST in the league right now. You're Pathetic!
  4. Yeah and neither was I. And you call ME DUMB?
  5. Oh? You mean like the Redskins? How convenient for you.
  6. Funny, but I don't see anywhere in this thread where I said anything about Ryan.
  7. ****, I quit watching the NBA when Larry Bird & Magic retired.
  8. You've CAN'T be serious! You mean like how the Falcons played AT HOME AFTER A FIRST ROUND BYE last season?
  9. Self Worth? Hardly, just pointing out the difference between REAL fans and a turd like you.
  10. While the Falcons have great leadership with the likes of Roddy White? PUHLEASE!!!!
  11. It seems if you're a fan of any NFC South team you're gonna have to expect games like that.
  12. As ****** as you are, I gotta agree with you on that one.
  13. EXACTLY what I thought when reading the thread title.
  14. He actually OVERthrew White & Jones on his first 2 passes!
  15. REALLY?????? I mean REALLY??? That's your comeback? I hope you went to bed after that one, cuz, you obviously needed some sleep!
  16. hypocrisy? Kid, you don't know Jack ****! Which is obviously why you're here. You saw that you'll never learn anything over on TATF so you came over here only to crawl into Wrw's underwear and start munching.
  17. They're both having hall of fame type seasons. They ought to have a one on one Steel Cage match on Pay-Per-View after the end of the season to decide the MVP. I'd pony up $39.90 to watch it. Where's Don King when ya need him?
  18. That only counts for teams he DOESN'T pull for. He lives in his own delusional little world. He scanned his nametag from the Christmas party they had down at the Waste Treatment Facility.
  19. Well, from what I've seen outta the BUCS this season it sure won't be Freeman. My money right now would be on Yates. He has the best team around him at the moment.
  20. Which is why Ryan was ranked so highly in the ESPN rating last season. As great as a QB as Archie Manning was he'd be ranked as one of the worst ever according to ESPN's rankings.
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