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  1. WRONG as usual! My wife was born in Austria and is heading over there for a month right after Christmas to visit her sister. You just keep up with your assinine assumptions while telling about your pursuit of Park Place & Boardwalk!
  2. As far as that goes, you have to realize this is a Falcons board and the majority of you go back & forth between here and TATF while Rivals stay here so it makes it a lot easier for a Falcons fan. But you DON'T see a lot of Panthers fans around here unless they're winning.
  3. A thread like this? How about ANY thread?
  4. OH MY GOD!!! The of schadenfreude speaks...
  5. I'm gonna start callin' you...... Nick Buoniconti
  6. That ridiculous, outdated photo you keep going through the trouble posting on every post just shows what you're all about! I even asked a while back in a very friendly way that you stop posting so it'd make it easier for folks to respond with other photos without having to go through the trouble of first deleting yours. Remember what you told me? I do. You can't get around what a doucherag you are. We ALL know it. Just because this is a Falcons board and there's a few here foolish enough to back up your idiocy doesn't mean you're not viewed as Pathetic.
  7. I'll hand ya one there. I hate the whole "we just be ourselves" line. I've heard Morris use it a couple times this season to mask the pathetic job he does of game preparation.
  8. NO! You missed my main point. You act JUST LIKE the '72 Miami Players with the continual crap you post here.
  9. What is says is.........Historically BOTh the BUCS and the Saints are better than the Falcons! If not, show us all those trophies! They don't give tropies out for B2B winning seasons, Sorry! Or 13-3 seasons!
  10. Mr. CD??? Dude, you're nothing short of pathetic! Like I said no one here can take ANYTHING you say seriously with the continual crap you post here. I personally don't believe ANYTHING you say. You're obviously pretty miserable and for that I'm sorry for you. I don't want to see anybody miserable. You, on the other hand take great joy in spreading negativity to any rival who ventures over here. Now, you're questioning why and how we can't believe a single thing you post? PUHLEASE!!!! Like I said earlier, you say you don't care yet fell the NEED to HAVE to tell us, then try and question MY self
  11. Yeah? But the same kind of coaching couldn't possibly help Freeman?
  12. Whatever you say.....Thing is, You spout so much bullspit here how on earth would you expect ANYONE to believe you? Just sayin'............... I know, I know, You don't give a **** what we think. But, then why the **** did you bother telling us?
  13. You're talking one helluva an upset! If the Cards had a quarterback I might even agree.
  14. ********! We couldn't be farther apart. You just happened to make a statement I agree with. I can't stand those sanctimonious ********! To have celebration simply to take joy in their record not being broken is so third rate and classless it isn't funny. It's actually Pathetic! Actually what they put forth is pretty much the way you are on this board ALL the time!
  15. Jags over Bucs Panthers over Falcons Saints over Titans Cowboys over Redskins
  16. Speaking of records.........I don't know if anyone's noticed but the GREAT Raheem Morris has his team poised and ready to Challenge the Mighty 1976/1977 Tampa Bay BUCCANEERS record of 26 losses in a row! He's already knocked down the first six with four more to go! If we can manage to lose our next 4 (I know that's a tough task but someone tell me they don't think we can do it) That'll give us a 10 game losing streak to end this great season! Then WE'RE ON OUR WAY!! All we have to do is go 0-16 in 2012 and lose our first game of the 2013 season and......VOILA!!!! We're THERE! First team in NFL
  17. That's the one thing in the Ryan-Freeman debate, after this season I'd say Ryan seems to be a helluva lot smarter than Freeman. Freeman's got the better arm and physical tools but you've GOT to be heads up as a QB now more than ever. If the can get Ryan's accuracy going on the 30 & 40 yard passes he has some real potential other wise he'll just be another quarterback that tries not to get his team beat. I was impressed last Sunday that they were attempting all the long passes though.
  18. That MUST mean you all are gonna win the Super Bowl! Well, at least one Falcon fan will get some kind of consolation!
  19. I actually agree with pretty much everything you said here. Problem for me and most every other BUC fan and even most experts is they believed the pile of steaming **** Morris was serving up every week last season, the off season and the first 8 games of this season. But what's happened is he's been outed. He's like the Republican Senator that said the first time, "I wasn't even in the same city on that night, that picture looks nothing like me".I'll leave it at that. You can use your imagination, But THAT's our head coach!
  20. I'm passionate about my team, I can see how that would be completely foreign to someone such as yourself who jumps from team to team as a matter of convenience. But yes, I'm very, very pissed off at the way we've underperformed. I've learned simply from helping Mrs. jb raise 5 kids playing the blame game is 99 times outta 100 the absolutely wrong way to go. But we're talking MY football team. Yeah I said it...MY TEAM! If you don't look at your team as if it's YOURS you're not even worthy of watching 'em in my book. Lucky for the NFL not everyone feels that way! LOL!! That being said I see peo
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