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  1. This guy Morris is as delusional as any person on this board! Sad thing is, he's also an idiot! He has no business being in the position he is and you get the feeling the Glazers are just sitting back snickering at all the fans as they scream for this MORONS head. I mean it's almost Lynch Mob bad down here. I recommend any of you that have the opportunity watch the game this Saturday night, even with the lopsided score of 59 to 13 in the 4th quarter there are gonna be fireworks galore in the stands because the ONLY fans that are gonna be left besides the multitude of Cowboys fans are the hardc
  2. I've got two words for ya. HANK STRAM
  3. All the Niners really had was a very good defense! You can't go from **** to the Super Bowl in 1 season. **** to the playoffs maybe, a lot of teams have done that. The only team that has ever come close was the 1981 Niners, but that was before free agency and they were special! Packers & Saints are the class of the NFC right now and I fully expect them to be meeting in Green Bay the end of January for the NFC Title.
  4. But it's no big deal for the Falcons? Could you BE more backhanded in your comments?
  5. We sit in the first row behind the BUCS bench and years ago I brought a coaches whistle my daughter had given me for Christmas to a BUCS game. It was a fine whistle. I had never had one as loud as this and I knew they weren't allowed but I decided I'd be one of THOSE guys that day. I blew it a couple of times before the start of a play and a State Trooper on the sidelines immediately walked up to me and said that either I or the whistle had to go. He was nice enough to let me put it in my pocket and keep it, but I've never done anything that stupid since!
  6. We kind of figured as much. What kind of ammo ya need? I have plenty extra! j/k....
  7. MY ACT??????????? Yes you really are as bad as your family thinks! Yes.......You are! Someday you'll see it but it's gonna be too late for ya to do anything about and for that I'm sad for you.
  8. Nothing like kicking folks when they're down, huh? Could you BE more pathetic?
  9. The only thing I KNOW is that you're completely full of ****. How do I know who has quit on this team and who hasn't? You just saw it as another opportunity to kick someone after a loss. That's all you're really good at anyway and the only thing that brings you joy here. These other Falcon fans are here because they want to see their team win, celebrate it and someday win a Lombardi. You're here for one reason and one reason ONLY..........To HOPEFULLY wallow in the misery of others. You poor, sad, S.O.B.
  10. **** YOU! Like you have any respect for anyone that doesn't wear a Falcon or Redskin uniform.
  11. Not Down! Just pissed! I was laughing the whole game. It's like watching Laurel & Hardy play in the NFL with Bart Simpson on the sideline calling the plays.
  12. At this point, I think even Freeman has given up on this idiot! We're seriously considering giving up our season tickets if they bring this fool back as head coach. Tickets I've held for 36 years! If the Glazers don't have him packed and outta there by January 3rd I can't justify spending a dime on this team! This team is as bad as any team we've EVER had! I've seen bad football at times over the last 36 seasons and this could possibly be THE worse! It's like they WANT to lose!
  13. Somehow when I saw the halftime score I figured, no way does that stand. The Panthers are getting better but they're not there yet, and yes Ryan is the second best QB in the south.
  14. What? It's cuter coming from a second place team? You guys are the biggest excuse makers around. YOU in particular!
  15. I GUARANTEE you all put up over 40 on us and win by at LEAST 14. I just watched a portion of Mush's pathetic postgame presser and it suddenly he hit me.............Mush is the spittin' image of Bart Simpson with a dark suntan!
  16. I didn't see the game except for the last play and all I can say is that was some GREAT defense on a 4th & goal with 5 seconds left! The Titans are a gonna be a real good team next season!
  17. Bend Over Here It Comes Again!!!!!! 41! That's FORTY ONE POINTS to a team that was averaging 12 points per game and hadn't scored more than 20 points in a game all season! Rah was seen handing out resumes immediately after the game in the hopes of glomming onto the the Jaguars as a water boy next season.
  18. I think they'll ALL be good games except for the BUC-Jags. Morris is just too far gone to be able to coach even a mediocre game!
  19. Nope! My wife's African-American coming from her father a U.S. serviceman stationed in Stuttgart back in the 50's who wed her Austrian Mother. Leeroy sported a scar on his throat for the rest of his life from the racism over there at that time. So NO, we're not of the same ilk! I doubt even YOU are so pathetic to feel the need to lie about your family, but seeing as they seem not to like to have too much to do with you.....we just don't know.
  20. Your idea of a legitimate question compared to the rest of us is not even close. You know exactly what you were trying to do with that first statement about Brees. It's the same thing you always do. Which is why you're not taken seriously by anyone here other than Falcon fans that don't know any better.
  21. Why on earth would a loss by the Redskins bother a Falcon fan? Huh? How's that work?
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