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  1. Look at what the Jags did to the BUCS! We had a 14 point lead on 'em and gave up 41 straight to lose 41-14! Everything I thought about the Jags, the Falcons proved last night. They suck and a GOOD team will eat their lunch EVERY TIME! Which is even more reason why Mush will no longer be BUCS head coach come January 2nd. In fact, I doubt the Glazers will even let his sorry *** on the team jet for the ride home!
  2. I tend to agree but I'm preparing myself for the onslaught of every Christian zealot out there if Tebow gets to the Super Bowl. OH MY GOD..............Just think about it! I'm gettin' nauseous just thinkin' about it!
  3. Raheem suggested Talib give the kid a call and give him some legal pointers.
  4. Hillabillies and Hobolos and their portapotty
  5. BULL PUCKIE!!!!! I don't want these fools winning a couple here now that it doesn't count for **** just to save Mush's job! We need a new coach plain & simple! Who will it be? Who the **** knows? But ANYBODY has to be better than Mush! God, I hope I don't regret that statement this time next year!!!
  6. I hear ya Yard! I got two words for ya..........SOUR DIESEL.
  7. Seriously?????? What on earth could possibly top the Dude, Donny & Walter???? I mean REALLY!!!
  8. I'm sure he'll do it as soon as you give up your membership and title as President of the official "TINY TIM FAN CLUB"!
  9. Hate? Fact is more like it. When he shows me he's got his head outta his *** I'll change my tune. Until then I'm just callin' 'em like I see 'em! He's not the one to blame for our complete collapse but he sure as **** isn't the same quarterback we all saw on the field in 2010!
  10. The way Freeman has sucked the exhaust pipe this season, I don't see him beating an opposing armless quarterback.
  11. I don't know what to think these days.......They tell me, Love thy neighbor as thyself...........WTF??????? I've Gotta jerk HIM OFF TOO????????
  12. He made up a new on yesterday.............YANGRY! He says his players are YANGRY! Somebody should do us all a favor and just shoot the dizzy S.O.B.
  13. Catch Up? The dizzy ******** looked like they had been run over by a truck and Mush stood on the sidelines with that ever so regular look of COMPLETE Bewilderment while the team systematically imploded!
  14. Sorry, but I don't have an article on it but just think about it. The Glazers evidently have it firmly planted in their pointed little heads that Mush is a good coach and seeing as they're paying him less than any other coach in the NFL they should keep him.....WTF THEY'RE still making money, no matter what their team's record is! The BUCS are on a 7 game losing streak soon to be 10. All they have to do is go 0-16 next season and if you've seen how they play recently and how completely CLUELESS Mush is on the sideline you'll realize that is not a stretch by any means. Then ALL we have to do is
  15. ****, I wasn't much better! I rarely do well in spread pick 'ems. I was 13-3 in regular picks this week.
  16. Just keep the pressure on Gabbert. The guy sucks, we just made him look good. The BUCS defense is excellent at giving quarterbacks of opposing teams confidence! They do have a fairly stout defense but if you play defense you'll have absolutely NO problem these guys are as almost bad as St. Louis, Indy and Tampa Bay Tampa Bay.
  17. I agree to a point.........yet the Glazers STILL haven't fired him. What's that tell ya?
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