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  1. Plus, it's beginning to look like we may have McCoy back come Sunday. I'm a bit concerned about what Forte could do to us. Question is.......will we have the defense that showed up against the 49ers or the defense that showed up against the Falcons & Saints? If it's the later, BUCS win by 6 or more.
  2. Just wait'll the BUCS get a hold of 'em!
  3. Yeah.......ya think you should start praying you die this evening? C'mon, dude.
  4. Ask him if he knows more than jb... Whadaya say we stop with all the aspersion casting and just stick to football talk. You love Ryan and hate Freeman. We appreciate Freeman and think Ryan's far overrated. Oh Well....... I believe it should be within ALL OF US to be able to agree to disagree without all this other nonsense we've brought into it. Okay????????
  5. Yes............I Could, if I was delusional, craved the the approval of others and liked to whine constantly. But, perhaps they'll grow out of it once they win a Championship...........whenever that may be.
  6. You WISH you knew as much as Buc_Man.
  7. It's figured by some here if they start saying Freeman's got no arm it'll be true, simply because we were saying it about Ryan during the 2010 season and it in fact was TRUE. Ya can't really blame 'em for grasping at straws.
  8. For the 3rd time for posting that TrailerPark Boys video... Not smart on my part, but what the hey.........I'm not too smart anyway, right?
  9. Someone's upset....... Dude! Calm down. You hate the BUCS and I hate the Falcons. Most EVERYONE Hates the Falcons, and it certainly isn't because of all the championships they've won.
  10. Yup! Got a death penalty just like Burgundy did. I made the mistake of posting a BEST of THE TRAILER PARK BOYS video from YouTube. Not even thinking about all the profanity and pretend reefer smoking on the show. Once i realized it, I deleted it but by then someone had replied and I was pretty much toast. Good reminder though! I sometimes forget that more than being a pain in the side of Falcon Homers my main purpose here should be one of LOVE, PEACE & HAPPINESS.
  11. Excuse me......Didn't the Saints have a winning record? hmmmmmmm, I could've sworn they were 4-1 when we played and beat them. Maybe not.......
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