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  1. You bet he is! Poor wittle Mattie isn't gettin' the credit this Homer believes he deserves!
  2. His Mom is very, very ill. He's got more important things to be concerned with right now. She may have passed by now. Just keep him in your thoughts & prayers.
  3. The Saints have become my pick as Super Bowl champs seeing as how the Packers lost to the lowly Chiefs and suddenly no longer seem to be the Team of destiny they once were. I'm thinking it's going to be hard nosed, hard fought, well played battle by both teams with the Saints coming out on top seeing as they can secure a first round bye with a win. The Falcons are finally where TD and Smitty wanted them to be when they drafted Jones but he may not be enough to get them to Indianapolis in February. But then again, I'm one of those that thought the BUCS could win 8 games.
  4. It's not just the coaching, Most of these stiffs.............NO actually just about EVERY single one of 'em have proven to be a waste of space! I didn't think Freeman had oit in him to play this bad and be such a hopeless mess! When your Franchise quarterback decides he's not going to show up for games it's time to head back to the drawing board. The Glazers may just decide to clean house and fire Dominick also! They'd have very good reasons after what this pathetic bunch have put on film this season! Honest to GOD! thaes Losers are WORSE that the 1976/77 0-26 Buccaneers! Sad, just ******* sad
  5. ******** won't serve Diet Mtn. Dew ONLY Diet Coke...and yeah it was spewing all over the 200 Cowboy fans sitting around us!
  6. You all beat possibly the worst coached team in the NFL! It was SAD! I take that back.............it was FUNNY! You should've seen the BUCS sideline, there was asst. coaches comparing resumes while Morris looked once again, loke someone that had been thrown into a situation he wasn't close to being prepared for. Neither had he prepared his team....AGAIN!! What sucks is I talked to a few of the diehard season ticket holders that sit around us and only 1 of 'em were going to renew their seats no matter what the team did coaching wise. All the others said they'll not be renewing if the Glazers br
  7. I just figured I'd put Tonight's final score as a thread title before I head over to Tampa for the slaughter.
  8. Thanks, See some of his other posts and you realize what we're dealin' with.
  9. WRW & Burgundy haven't ****** up my team either! Notice I said, hanging by his thumbs. To the best of my knowledge you can't die from hanging from your thumbs. Believe me, I am not the only BUC fan that wants him gone..........NOW!
  10. The Saints could fall asleep the way they did against Lambs.
  11. So.............Now YOU are in charge of the website and keeping it, up and running online? What have you been doing BANNING YOURSELF?
  12. My guess is March sometime before the draft in April.
  13. More like most of those hanging around Nebraska Ave. have been INSIDE HIM.
  14. You all may be better off as a 5th or 6th seed. Look at the Steeler, Giants & Packers. They've gone all the way in recent years as a low seed Wild Card. Plus the Falcons look to be heating up. Do us all a favor and don't let up on Raheem when his scrawny *** shows up New Years Day!
  15. Didn't you know? Those factors come into play ONLY when discussing the Falcons, because......well, They're the Falcons!
  16. Bayless is the biggest doucherag in sports.........BAR NONE!
  17. I knew from his first game back in '09 when he came out at the beginning of the game and was trying to tell people on the sidelines where their seats were! He was going on up up to people and pointing all over the stadium! I kid you NOT! He really was doing that! My buddy was trying to downplay it, He's a very nice christian fellow that tries his best to see the positive in everyone and everything. Even our idiot head coach.....but even he had enough after the loss to the Panthers but the loss to the Jags sent hm over the edge! I haven't heard him cussing like that in 3 or 4 years!
  18. Not true........You KNOW there's more than a few over there who can't wait to post "Where do I send my $ for Super Bowl Tix?".
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