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  1. You're easier than a drunk Prom Queen!
  2. I remember being told here back in April by every Falcon Homer here how Gruden had no idea what he was talking about when he showed a film on draft day showing just a portion of Julio's many drops during his time at Alabama. Visual Proof doesn't even matter here!
  3. So..........You watched the Falcons game. WHOOPIE FREAKIN' DOO!!!
  4. The biggest attention whore on this board accusing others of seeking attention. That's rich! Just STFU and talk football and quit worrying about what the REAL fans think of you & your team.
  5. Burgundy doesn't watch the games. He' gets his game info from TATF.
  6. It'll be a shootout, no doubt. But just look at the Packers, they're one of the worst defenses in the league re: YPG and you all stood toe to toe with 'em.........but then so did the BUCS. Uh........never mind.
  7. From what I saw pp was here almost immediately after the game offering his take on it, then the Falcon Homers started to swarm like locusts, ignoring the fact they had just lost to a 3rd string quarterback.........GOD FORBID we bring up the fact that Jones at times couldn't catch a cold or that Ryan looks like Peter Griffin at quarterback. Their idea of "FOOTBALL TALK" is how great the Falcons are and the thrill of seeing other teams lose while ignoring their teams many deficiencies.
  8. You Numbnut! What did Romo do to lose that game Sunday? Falcon Homers.........
  9. Just tellin' the Truth. I know it hurts but you ******* can dish it out but the minute it's starts coming back atcha you whine like 8 year old school girls.
  10. He probably took the week off from making everyone miserable at the waste treatment facility to smoke a few doobies in honor of Davis & Williams. Although it is pretty stupid for the NFL to suspend these guys for something over 28 Million Americans use simply because of outdated laws.
  11. Remember where you are pp, They can't take it when called to the carpet on the continuous homer bullspit they post here and do their best to have someone banned when they are called on their tripe. Your damned right their mad and they'll pretty much stay that way being Falcon Homers......
  12. You all are just being brought down tp earth after that 13-3 season last year. You still are a very good team. I mean..........CHRIST! You could be the BUCS and have the biggest doucherag in the league as your head coach!
  13. There are Junior High School teams in the Tampa area that could beat a Raheem Morris coached team, Dumbass!
  14. There are actually dumbass media geeks in Tampa that actually keep saying there's still hope this nitwit can turn it around! Then you wonder why people think Tampa is a jerkwater town! Theses fools figure it takes a locomotive to run over them in order to step off the train tracks! UN****INGBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!
  15. REALLY? You've got a 2 game lead with 4 to go. Both the Falcons & Saints will probably go 3-1 over the next 4. The best the Falcons can do is hope for a wild card spot which I believe they'll get and they'll probably get to go to New Orleans for the Playoffs.
  16. You played the BUCS! Don't get too excited! These guys would have a hard time beating any of Florida's College teams! But congrats on the win! Any win in the NFL is good. Even if it comes against a team that spend 95% of their practice time watching Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons...
  17. They weren't calling facemask penalties today! We had the same thing in our game. Only in our game it didn't really matter.
  18. Nah, they just decided to play second stringers and either have the starters not suit up, play very little or sit in the locker room so Raheem could have more excuses for the loss so he can keep his job and make up more ridiculous words. ******* Pathetic!
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