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  1. I've got MINE nimrod! I can die a happy man if we go 0-480 over the next 30 years. Too bad you can't say the same...........LOSER!
  2. You are one delusional old dog, huh? Keep it up and your old lady's gonna wise up and put you down like she should've a few years ago.
  3. You just keep tellin' yourself that. We ALL know BETTER! Actions speak louder than words numbnut.
  4. I hear that! I'm looking for some more this January. Too bad the Falcons and their fans aren't as likeable as Rodney was cause they sure are as funny as Rodney was!
  5. Careful......WRW's been making a lotta gay references here lately. He likes that photo too much & might just pop all over his keyboard and not be able to post here while Burgundy & Servo clean it up.
  6. That one must have slipped by him. Oh, but that was THEN, THIS is NOW! NOW being they just lost to a 3rd string quarterback. Funny how none of that counts. Can anyone say................HOMER?
  7. He CAN 'T! The dipstick is nothing but a disease! He's not even a football fan. If someone ever did anything for a team other than one he claims to be a fan of he makes endless disparaging remarks thinking he's funny. never realizing that he carries absolutely ZERO credibility as a fan and forget about him being a knowledgeable fan.
  8. Who's talking trash? I don't see any BUC fans here saying anything but the truth. You can't handle it? That's your problem.
  9. WTF is up with all your gay references lately? Save it for the waste treatment facility! I'm sure you do a lotta sucking down there but there's absolutely no need to share it here!
  10. Claiming you have a PAST record winning pct. of 70% against a team you're playing in 5 days after losing to a 3rd string quarterback as Stain choked and Julio played hot potato, is indeed........Tough Talk. Tough Talk coming from a disease that doesn't have a clue and can't appreciate the game for what it is unless it's HIS TEAM that's on top. PATHETIC!
  11. I know what the BUCS record is and wholeheartedly agree they couldn't beat most high school teams, but I'm not the disease claiming my quarterback who resembles Peter Griffin while throwing a long pass or my rookie wide receiver who at times couldn't catch a cold are headed to the Hall of Fame. And as far as your gay games you play with your engineer buddies down at the waste treatment facility....save it for your porn sites.
  12. Tough talk from a disease that was beaten by a 3rd string quarterback less than a week ago.
  13. Sooooooooo.....Now you have Julio joining Stain in the Hall of Fame. You're nothing short of Pathetic.....a PATHETIC disease.
  14. What a ******* loser. Just like your buddies, Servo & Burgundy....actually worse than them since they're evidently not old enough to know better. Brees is better than any quarterback in the history of the Falcons OR the Redskins yet you're such a complete Homer Tool you can't give him credit for the talent he is. You're sickening. You're not even a football fan. You're a disease!
  15. This thread was started by Falcon Man and his idea of "FOOTBALL" talk.
  16. Most but not all. You have some REAL Heavy Duty. Longtime, Loyal Falcon fans here but then you have those here that simply troll this board to give **** to Rivals of the Falcons ala WRW, Tom Servo, FalCan aka Ron Burgundy aka Falcon Man and get most if not all their football info from other Falcon homers or in WRW's & Falcon Man's cases from wherever GOOGLE takes them.
  17. He gets ALL his football info from over on TATF.........
  18. I can ONLY imagine what he did to his G I Joe dolls........and God only knows the perverse things his Barbie dolls went through after seeing what he did to that Barbie PlayHouse.
  19. If it's so obvious why on earth do you try your best to make this into TATF? Doesn't it strike you as odd that both pp and myself are constant targets for your idiotic attempts at witt? You've been this way since you arrived and you prove yourself no match time after time after time. The ONLY people here that would even back you up on what time of day it is would be Tom Servo & WRW. That oughta tell you something, dontcha think?
  20. That's your response to being acknowledged an emotional mess?
  21. You'll get a few of 'em that will but for the most part even if they were 0-12 at this point they'd not acknowledge any team being better.
  22. It is gonna be fun watching the mad dash to the finish in the NFC. I just wish Morris hadn't taken us outta the race so quickly!
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