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  1. That's what they said they'd do to the Cowboys.......Screwing up the Falcons might mean something to the Bucs players, but as a fan it means nothing to me. Just screws up our draft position.

    As much as I want Raheem gone and the #3 or #4 draft spot, a win over the Falcons is ALWAYS nice. If it means Rah keeps his job? GOOOO Falcons! I can give ONE away for the betterment of the teams future!

  2. their time is coming. Nawlins and ATL are pretty much at their peaks and may be there for a couple more years, but its the bucs and panthers that will take our places in the years to come.

    Until Morris is shown the door the BUCS have NO CHANCE and I have no reason to be even remotely optimistic!

    But.......from what I'm hearing locally it may just be a formality. There's a rumor going around that the Glazers have already contacted the coach they want and have come to an agreement but are waiting until after the Falcons game Jan. 1st to make the moves. It makes sense because Dominick has really distanced himself from Morris the last few weeks.

  3. No doubt the Bucs have been horrible during this losing streak. They aren't tackling the right way. They're leaving receivers wide open, and the pass rush isn't what most thought it would be. Mainly because McCoy is out. I think part of it is due to Morris. Part of it due to his coordinators. The rest of the blame does fall on the players. It is the same as it is with the Colts.

    Even the most lackluster team can get a bug up their azz though and decide to bring it. If the Colts can beat the Titans, then there is definitely a chance that the Bucs can beat the Falcons.

    Actually Clayborn and Bowers have been the bright spots on defense. You get these guys a coaching staff that can teach AND instill respect & discipline and you'll see an entirely different team in the future!

  4. They've definitely cleaned up the pass protection. I don't believe Turner's been breaking 100 much since early on. I don't see the Saints letting them feed him all game.

    If they can lean on him and not turn the ball over, that would be worst case scenario for the Saints, obviously. I'm not concerned with that however as I feel the Saints have game-planned against it.

    I'm nervous about slants, curls, and dumpoffs to White, Jones, and Rodgers. The achilles of the Saints D this year has been short receptions exploiting our weak LBs and mistackles by the DBs resulting in huge plays. Otherwise, the D has played surprisingly well, pass rush and takeaways excepted.

    Fortunately for you all the Falcons don't run a lot of screens............or do they?huh.png

  5. Depends man. If the Bucs defense can stop and completely contain a Newton led offense, that has been on a roll these last 4 weeks.... then I believe they can stop the Falcons offense. Blount could have a big game. Bucs could beat the Falcons, regardless of what the Falcons do against the Saints.

    These dudes couldn't stop anything! Have you watched this defense? It's the worst in the entire history of the team! This includes the teams that went 0-26! This coaching staff is simply showing up and going through the motions. They KNOW they're done and the players are evidently too stupid or too talentless to put anything good on film for the next head coach to get a look at. These guys ALL say how much they love Raheem and how bad it'll be if he's fired..............yet they go out and play like they have the last 10 weeks! While they may love his sorry *** they sure as **** don't respect him enough to even put forth an effort!

  6. Don't count your team out it's a division game in which are almost always close.

    You evidently haven't been watching the BUCS. The players AND coaches shut this down weeks ago! The only way you all lose this game is...................there really is NO WAY you can! It's a home game for the Falcons so there's no fear of a plane crash. I can't think of any possible way you could lose! Even without Turner, Ryan, Jones, White & Abraham you all will win this game.

    The BUCS are by far, the worst team in the NFL at this point!

  7. I think the key is going to be the Saints better Oline. It's going to keep Brees clean and then begin to open run lanes when the falcons pull the safety out of the box.

    Having Ivory's power running is going to allow them to close out the game this time.

    Hasn't the Falcons O-line been looking much better of late? Turner grabs 100 yards and Ryan doesn't turn the ball over I can see the Falcons taking this one.

  8. Twas the night before Christmas and all through Raymond James, the seats were all empty, fans withering in pain.

    With two weeks left, both divisional games. Buccaneer fans are hoping for no more of the same.

    The fans are all hungry for a coach with some flair, like the time when JonGruden once spent time there.

    The players were nestled, all snug in their beds. While visions of a SuperBowl danced in their heads.

    No more counting pennies, next year we must spend 89% of the cap. We’ll settle our brains for a strong NFLDraft.

    Cause on the field, this season’s been a disaster. We all tried to figure, what was a matter.

    Away from the stadium we flew like a flash, opting for for home instead of spending cash.

    The memories of a season not too long ago, seems like something we may never again know.

    But what is that, my ears do hear? This team is young, and will have a bounce back year.

    With a little drive, lively and quick. We know this team can be quite slick.

    We’ve seen glimpses of greatness here and there in a game, the time is now to stop assigning blame.

    Now Barber! Now Blount! Now Williams and Freeman!

    Give us once again, something to believe in!

    Next season we know, they’ll get straight to their work. No lockout to ponder, hinder, or irk.

    The hope is they’ll be much wiser pros. To the top of the division, hopefully we’ll have arose.

    No more penalties, heard by the ref’s whistle. They’ll fly off the ball like the down of a thistle.

    And we’ll hear them exclaim, amid cannons and scoreboard lights. “On to the Super Bowl!” To New Orleans we’ll take flight!

  9. As a Saints fan, it's been the best of times watching this guy define the QB position, leadership, ownership and example he leads by.

    It will be sad day in New Orleans when he hangs up his cleats.

    You can only hope what happened to us when Sapp, Lynch, Brooks & Alstott were jettisoned roughly at the same time doesn't happen to you all. If you prepare, you should be able to make a smooth transition. While you may not be as good as you were with Brees there you won't have to swim in the cellar like the BUCS have done and should be doing for the foreseeable future, but that's simply because of the Glazer's being too cheap to spend the money to hire a even a qualified head coach!

  10. The W we got from them looks the same in the win column though.

    Those W's only count when they represent Falcons Wins.....Remember who you're talking to! This guy's a bigger Homer than WRW!laugh.png

  11. This isn't the same Bucs team that beat Atlanta earlier in the year. I will give their defense credit for showing some guts against the boys on Saturday, but with Atlanta playing for a PO spot at home, I think the Falcons win by 2 TDs.


  12. Saints 31-27

    Most of us agree it'll be pretty much between a 4 & 6 point win. Question is.........Who will end up on top? It's a close call but the Saints have done more this season so, tat alone has me leaning towards the Saints. ****, I'd like to see ya BOTH Lose....or Win. At this point I'd just like to see 1 team from the South make a good showing of it.

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