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  1. As much as I want Raheem gone and the #3 or #4 draft spot, a win over the Falcons is ALWAYS nice. If it means Rah keeps his job? GOOOO Falcons! I can give ONE away for the betterment of the teams future!
  2. That's only because 99.9% of what Falcon fans say about them is ********.
  3. This was the last season. Which evidently was the entire reason behind hiring a position coach that barely knows how to wipe his own *** as their head coach. Listen to him some time. The dude speaks as fast as he can to get everyone past the fact he's a moron!
  4. Until Morris is shown the door the BUCS have NO CHANCE and I have no reason to be even remotely optimistic! But.......from what I'm hearing locally it may just be a formality. There's a rumor going around that the Glazers have already contacted the coach they want and have come to an agreement but are waiting until after the Falcons game Jan. 1st to make the moves. It makes sense because Dominick has really distanced himself from Morris the last few weeks.
  5. I couldn't agree more! I'm actually going to be pissed if these guys suddenly find the balls to play football! Panthers 38 BUCS 13
  6. Actually Clayborn and Bowers have been the bright spots on defense. You get these guys a coaching staff that can teach AND instill respect & discipline and you'll see an entirely different team in the future!
  7. Fortunately for you all the Falcons don't run a lot of screens............or do they?
  8. I didn't write it. Just saw it and thought it was funny. I'd take Gruden over Mush any day though!
  9. These dudes couldn't stop anything! Have you watched this defense? It's the worst in the entire history of the team! This includes the teams that went 0-26! This coaching staff is simply showing up and going through the motions. They KNOW they're done and the players are evidently too stupid or too talentless to put anything good on film for the next head coach to get a look at. These guys ALL say how much they love Raheem and how bad it'll be if he's fired..............yet they go out and play like they have the last 10 weeks! While they may love his sorry *** they sure as **** don't respect
  10. You evidently haven't been watching the BUCS. The players AND coaches shut this down weeks ago! The only way you all lose this game is...................there really is NO WAY you can! It's a home game for the Falcons so there's no fear of a plane crash. I can't think of any possible way you could lose! Even without Turner, Ryan, Jones, White & Abraham you all will win this game. The BUCS are by far, the worst team in the NFL at this point!
  11. Believe me, You all beat the Saints Monday night you will have NO problem with the BUCS the following Sunday. That's all but guaranteed!
  12. Hasn't the Falcons O-line been looking much better of late? Turner grabs 100 yards and Ryan doesn't turn the ball over I can see the Falcons taking this one.
  13. Of course it isn't! It's mainly the lack of a REAL head coach but there's no denying Freeman has taken a giant step.........BACKWARDS!
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