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  1. That MUST mean you all are gonna win the Super Bowl! Well, at least one Falcon fan will get some kind of consolation!
  2. You're one sick, pathetic *******, huh? But, then again, you just can't help yourself, can ya?
  3. Yeah, We've been doing it for a couple of seasons now. I believe this is the 3rd in a row. Normally there's not too much crowing going on during the season but the minute you get a Falcon fan in first place they start wetting their pants with excitement. The first season one of the Panthers fans took home the championship, Last year I won it and this season every Falcon fan participating is gonna win it........just ask 'em. Cheffie has done extremely well considering he was a virgin! Next year I'm thinking about making it a $$ league so we can have it mean something. Stick around and keep an eye out. We've got this pinned here so next June or July just click on the latest page in this thread and we'll have some info.
  4. That's how it goes! get on a roll and you can roll all the way to the Championship!
  5. I was talking about the BUCS! THAT is my team. Congrats on your win over jb's Sunnyvale **** Storm! Great Job! You must be so Proud!
  6. Just like my team. It seems apropos though.
  7. I'm all over it! ****, he can't be doing any worse than Freeman!