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  1. You're correct ITWYW...it looks better than ever.
  2. All season tickets for 2021 in Sanford Stadium will be digital, apparently with no options for those of us who prefer an actual printed ticket. Look for many more tickets to become available, digitally of course, after the April 1 renewal deadline. UGAA's digital ticket requirement virtually guarantees my HD option....and probably for many more of us baby boomer aged fans.
  3. I think this one is most appropriate......
  4. Tennessee football fans are their own worst enemy. Heupel will get his 3-4 years and he will be gone. It's the hillbilly way.......wash, rinse, repeat.
  5. After reading the al.com story, it's rather obvious that Cochran had developed issues with his situation under Saban at Alabama......and Kirby being at Georgia since December 2015 has absolutely nothing to do with that. Kirby provided a landing spot for Cochran and UGA had a need.......nothing more.....and Cochran was the one pursuing the position. Cochran pursued jobs at Ole Miss, Michigan State and the New York Giants before landing the position in Athens, and took a pay cut in the process. It's rather obvious now that Cochran was leaving Alabama at the first available opportunity.
  6. D'Wan Mathis gets clearance to participate fully.... https://uga.rivals.com/news/d-wan-mathis-gets-clearance-to-play?fbclid=IwAR3BOqCVe9fbKRX1iYGQEwuFHr0IK09mR3lfQMrNLfgU-W7DaI4m1idd9ms
  7. I read somewhere right after he resigned that he had just secured a longevity bonus of 3-4 million a few days before....
  8. IIRC, it was fourth down and all they needed to do was knock the pass down, instead of attempting to make the INT......and ended up getting burned as a result....a 4th and Grantham for the ages.
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