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  1. Quay Walker feed:
  2. Any word on Davis?
  3. Richt's tenuous history of respect from SEC officials goes back over a decade now since the celebration stunt was pulled in Jacksonville....and I don't think his teams ever got the benefit of the doubt on a judgement call after that because of it. I remember particularly a celebration penalty against AJ Green after a late touchdown against LSU which ended up costing us the game.....and the infamous targeting penalty against Ray Drew in Vanderbilt.....among others. I'm just glad that relationship with SEC officials largely left Athens when Richt did.......or least it seems to have left. As before, I think Richt should direct that passion towards his players on the sideline, particularly after the way Miami's defense played in the second quarter. As usual, SEC officials didn't follow the rule as written, which clearly points out that Richt should have been tossed after grabbing the official.
  4. How would a Pruitt hire at UT effect our chances of landing Cade Mays?
  5. Hope you're right Carter.........Go Dawgs!
  6. Reminds me of the statement about freshmen at both schools......"What do freshmen at UGA and Auburn all have in common? They ALL applied to UGA."
  7. McElwain possibly could have really stepped into some deep doo: Did Gators coach Jim McElwain exaggerate getting death threats?
  8. With every additional win, Kirby's influence over the Butts-Mehre gang grows that much more....
  9. My understanding was that it "was" within the rules to host recruits, but that both schools agreed not to in Jacksonville....
  10. Looks like the bagman's investment here came up short.......