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  1. How would a Pruitt hire at UT effect our chances of landing Cade Mays?
  2. Hope you're right Carter.........Go Dawgs!
  3. Reminds me of the statement about freshmen at both schools......"What do freshmen at UGA and Auburn all have in common? They ALL applied to UGA."
  4. McElwain possibly could have really stepped into some deep doo: Did Gators coach Jim McElwain exaggerate getting death threats?
  5. With every additional win, Kirby's influence over the Butts-Mehre gang grows that much more....
  6. My understanding was that it "was" within the rules to host recruits, but that both schools agreed not to in Jacksonville....
  7. Looks like the bagman's investment here came up short.......
  8. I would think that at 12:15 he would handle all the media separate from the pep rally & school function....
  9. The narrative exists due to all the egg laying we have done over the last few years. Our reputation of underachievement is highlighted throughout the pregame run up this week. I'm optimistic too.....I think we are ready to take that next step and perform as we are capable of on the road in a hostile environment of a historic program. GATA!!
  10. At least for me, I will not miss his analysis ..........the guy could never shut up when he was broadcasting a game. Loved listening to himself............