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  1. Georgia Tech projected to go 1-11 in 2019:
  2. I wouldn't be surprised to see Probst land at Tennessee as an analyst.......
  3. Here's an interesting read that touches on some of the points you make on Drew.....and others:
  4. Nate McBride to fullback? Are there any legs to this and does Coley use a fullback more than Chaney, particularly in the red zone?
  5. Dawg fan troll on gator message board: " Yea, Coach Warren was sitting in Kirby's office office decked out in UGA apparel, Elam walked in, Coach Warren smiled and said, "what's up DAWG?" "
  6. Jules Montinar added as defensive analyst....
  7. Good stuff. I got the opportunity to tour the IPF on Friday and spoke with a couple of the staff members who also commented on the great job the S&C staff has done this off season. One confirmed that we now look the part when we step off the bus.....and all we have to do now is just start playing the part....
  8. Antwuan Jackson is transferring out from Auburn.........any interest from Kirby?