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  1. Well I guess missed the date and thought he did it today. My bad.
  2. Rusty just added his CB for AA to the DAWGS!! YEah Baby!!
  3. I know it's not Rusty but still interesting to discuss and think about Tom Loy @TomLoy247 I tossed in 3 new @247CrystalBall picks for QBs today: Matt Corral - #UGA Justin Fields - #FSU Jack Tuttle - #USC
  4. Totally agree. But I've tempered my expectations at 10 wins. Less than that and will not be happy.
  5. Wow just saw this about an incoming new track woman and whoa is she good.
  6. No gifs for Condon?
  7. OK OL commits to the Dawgs. 6-7. 300. Condon Boomm!!
  8. Bye bye big game and don't let the door hit u on the .....
  9. Did he visit the cabin? If he did then it may be all over.
  10. Broncos are getting excited more about IMAC http://georgia.247sports.com/Bolt/McKenzie-impressing-Broncos-plan-to-use-him-all-over-field-53061912
  11. From Dolphins camp • A few practice observations: Mo Smith, the undrafted Georgia rookie, made a couple of nice pass breakups in coverage…
  12. I personally think when the time came to pull the trigger to truly leave UGA he just couldn't do it. I think he bleeds red and black and couldn't leave his heart behind when the time came. He's done everything we've ever asked him to do.
  13. well dang it must of cycle to the next video. try this one on youtube that some got from Espn
  14. Eason with a 68 bomb in the ESPN video OPERATOR ERROR SEE NEXT POST DOWN BELOW...
  15. Don't get my hopes up! I'll choose to enjoy this thought over the weekend though. It gives me a nice warm feeling.
  16. That'll show Strickland that GM means business. He may only get 3 maybe 4 more warnings. Heck Fox has probably had 5 or more warnings so far. Watch out SEC GM means business and you only have until he retires before you've got to worry.
  17. Or is it more like GM is just giving it away?
  18. I saw that too and it made me go NOW if Rusty and/or Kipp wants to give some love well...
  19. You can't make this crap up. Way worse than anything SMU did to get the death sentence https://mobile.twitter.com/Mark_Schlabach/status/864880990652682241?ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fgeorgia.247sports.com%2FBoard%2F19%2FContents%2FBaylor-52790384
  20. Didn't know that. VT getting rings is even worse.
  21. Sorry, but this just seems a bit absurd to be getting rings just for a win that's not for the Conference or National championship. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/tennessee-football/tennessee-getting-multiple-rings-2016-season/