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  1. Even Rusty only said sometime this evening. As of yet they haven't released a time.
  2. Man this made me feel so sad....not! OMG that's too funny sorry Vol fans. https://georgia.247sports.com/Bolt/Watch-Pour-out-your-heart-rescue-a-Tennessee-fan-109074032
  3. Meltdown time... https://www.rollbamaroll.com/2017/10/17/16483108/meltdown-time-week-7-auburn-alabama-washington-huskies-washington-state-clemson
  4. Scoring TDs. A whole new concept. Wow. Butch just signal handedly revolutionized college football. I think this idea might just take off.
  5. He's Officially gone
  6. And apparently AA will be making his choice of school known Thursday.
  7. Good catch. So Adam, we're waiting young man.
  8. Wiltfong CBed Adam Anderson to the Dawgs today. He's one of the national guys that when his CB comes you pay attention kinda like Barton. The 3 amigos (Rusty/Kipp/Jake) had already CBed to UGA before but good to see Wiltfong come on with his too.
  9. I wouldn't want tha jerk anywhere near my team. Doesnt know what loyalty is at all
  10. Can see that. I just don't see how you bench Fromm right now. Crazy to think about Jacob's predicament.
  11. This here. I'll admit I wanted Eason back too but what Fromm has done with this team and supposedly is seen as a true leader I'm sold. Sorry Jacob I just don't see you winning your job back. From 247 Following his performance, Fromm now leads the SEC with a 170.4 passer efficiency, 10 points ahead of Ole Miss signal-caller Shea Patterson. Fromm's passer efficiency is good for No. 8 overall in the country, while Fromm is No. 7 among quarterbacks with 9.6 yards per attempt. Through seven games, Fromm has completed 75-of-121 passes (62 %) for 1,162 yards, 12 touchdowns, and three interceptions, while rushing for 74 yards and three touchdowns. If the season ended with those numbers, Fromm's single-season completion percentage (62%) would be good for No. 7 all-time at Georgia, while his single-season passer rating (170.4) would be No. 2 all-time, behind only Aaron Murray, who had a 174.82 passer rating in 2012.
  12. Woerner sighting. Sweet hurdle! Dude!
  13. On godwin https://www.dawgnation.com/pwa/georgia/article/georgia-top-receiver-terry-godwin-suffers-rib-injury
  14. The NCAA will not come down on the big Cash Cows.
  15. Would you expect anything different. SOP for the NCAA.
  16. Read who one of the candidates for AD at UVA is. http://www.dailypress.com/sports/teel-blog/dp-spt-uva-ad-search-update-20171012-story.html Please let this happen for her to leave and then somehow get rid of Ears next
  17. Whoa that's nuts
  18. Man already!! Season is flying.
  19. You can't spell FUGLY without a U and a F