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  1. https://twitter.com/BoardGeniuses/status/1438129519152574471/photo/1
  2. https://www.rollbamaroll.com/2021/9/12/22669563/florida-state-seminoles-football-fans-react-jacksonville-state
  3. https://www.rollbamaroll.com/2021/9/14/22670046/nsfw-its-meltdown-time-week-two-ballistic-bucks-and-unhappy-horns
  4. How can you not feel for them. Awesome
  5. Heard it was vanilla CKS secrets because all the visitors part of me wants to believe part of me says we’ve heard this before
  6. SoFl_Dawg Administrator Today at 7:26 AM New Add bookmark #109 Morning gents- We appreciate the newcomers and hope you enjoy your stay. Please stay on topic. Discussions about the 247 board isn’t on topic and besides, we all respect what Rusty does covering our team. If there’s information on players you need to find out, you will when the time is appropriate for that. We look forward to giving this board another practice update Sat. night.
  7. SoFl Has said that Turnage hasn't decided yet. Also that Turnage talks with Kenyatta Watson. Oh boy... But that the Evans offer may be because another of our DBs who hasn't helped on Saturdays may be leaving.
  8. you just have to love today as a dawg fan DK, AG and mullet gets an extension Good times...
  9. Can't question Kirby as a recruiter for sure
  10. Brilliant https://youtu.be/br3eEYU6kLc
  11. Maybe fewer people will listen to the guys “advice” in the future
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