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  1. If Fromm is gone after this year we really need Mathis with a year in the system. 2020 - A grad transfer QB or some form of Bennett/Mathis. I'm not sure Beck will be ready that quick. After this season he's having he may be a little shell shock with having no OL worth anything and running for his life. He may need a season to chill out and learn the system too.
  2. I want to see focused passionate fury unleashed turning the Wildcats into scorched Earth for all 4 quarters with no vanilla O, no bend don’t break D, and do not let off the gas pedal. TDS and Havoc plays After this past week the media and playoff committee need to see what we can do and that SC was an anomaly.
  3. Poor play calls poor routes poor passes poor receptions poor pass protection on and on
  4. I believe almost everyone on O had a bad day
  5. With the injuries I’d sub Wolf and Cook
  6. YES!! Close the deal. Evans will leave someone at the altar
  7. Oh man that was funny if it was only as easy to cut the cable to forget that mess though
  8. If Simmons couldn’t lift his arms and the coaches put him in that important play then it’s totally on the coaches. Kirby and our O coaches performed the worst. Followed by OL and Fromm.
  9. Congrats They deserve it. Even if UGA has pulled It out they didn’t deserve to win with how the O played.
  10. Play calling was bad. How many up the gut runs for no gain
  11. gave that game away how many times totally flat OL Fromm Simmons just mistakes after mistakes the norm for a GA fan lets see how they respond the rest of the season.
  12. Lorenzo with the Brady Sack and FF
  13. I’m all for shooting for 69 every Saturday
  14. I don’t see the sigs when I’m using the iPhone but when I look on the computer it’s there.
  15. There ya go. Maybe that’s by halftime
  16. Whoa. Seriously doubt that. Doubt we shut them out too. Like it. Just doubt it.
  17. Go Specs!
  18. Coach - "Man I'm just going to pop right up there and enjoy this. Urrr there I go"
  19. Well it could be worse. It could be a schedule during the Goff years. Ugh...