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    They are getting better and better each game. A 4 point win over Tech doesn't really tell the story. Tech is a solid team that will win some games this year, but we had a comfortable lead for much of the middle of the game, and 1 guy for Tech (Devoe) kept hitting shots to move them closer down the stretch. His 34 still weren't enough to overcome the fine game by Hammonds, the solid game by Edwards, the pizzazz of Wheeler, and the real hustle of guys like Peake and Camara off the bench. Camara really played defense on the Tech bigs. Peake made maybe 4 hustle plays that were just tremendous. A friend of mine and I were discussing Wheeler, and he said, "Wheeler - he's no Turtle Jackson...." Boy howdy! Our posts held James Banks to 4 pts and 4 rebounds; he was a mouthy monster with his shot blocks, but we really put a collar on him. This team is just gonna improve every game as they develop team chemistry and learn how to win at this level. Crean can friggin' recruit. These guys are athletes; every one of them adds something to the team. The guys he signed late are just as impressive as the guys he signed early. We are deeeeep!! After the game, Crean ran over to the students and the band to praise their contributions. About 10,200 in the Steg on a Wednesday night in November. Pretty **** good. Now, let's get a couple of wins next week in Maui!


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    Defense was much better last night in the paint and not letting Tech get to the basket..Banks altered a bunch of shots and our guys got frustrated but didn't lose their cool..
    Great win, but Tech was abysmal from the FT line at around 50%..
    Crean was raving about the JUCO PG they signed and is very high on him..if Hammonds doesn't get in foul trouble, he's headed for a new career high and his 4th foul was very unnecessary..Wheeler is fun to watch and we have some athletes off the bench..
    Team made tremendous strides from first 3 games.



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  2. 2 hours ago, Carter said:

    “I like coach Coley a lot and they came out to one of my games two weeks ago to see me," Stroud told 247Sports earlier this month. "That’s a great program and coach Coley does a great job developing quarterbacks and getting them ready for the NFL and that’s obviously a big goal of mine so I have high interest there.”


    Uhhhh..... wtf are we telling these kids lol

    +1 for using The Dude

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  3. 18 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

    After losing two SECCG where Kirby tried to kill the clock with a lead - and lost both games,  I hope he has learned his lesson there.

    Gotta go “full tilt” on offense and defense for entire 60 minutes- stay aggressive.

    Fortune favors the bold!

    2 SECCG



    do you mean 

    1 SECCG and 1 NCG both against Bama

    believe we won one of the 2 SECCG played in with Kirby

  4. From Jake Rowe article

    "Maybe we've been thinking about that the whole time," Smart said when asked about the potential for Rochester to redshirt. "That's kind of what we've been working towards. It's not set yet because we don't know how many games we've got left but he did a great job in the Tennessee game. Jordan (Davis) went down and he filled it. He's done a great job contributing. It's something we've thought about since the beginning of the year."

  5. 13 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

    As much as it was fun for most UGA fans Kirby to say it - probably wasn't wise to do so.    

    From a political standpoint yes.

    However I’d say it will connect better with recruits seeing how spirited Kirby is about these guys and the Dawgs. What recruit wouldn’t live to be in there jumping around with Kirby?

    would you rather be with saban celebrating or that goofy Mullens