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  1. Saw this in a thread and sorry but I laughed. Theoriginaldogonenuts Posted on 81 secs, , User Since 4 months ago, User Post Count: 132 81 secs 4 months 132 HawgSlopper said... (original post) I'm old enough to remember Dooley dominating the Gators, but that 28 year walk in the wilderness was tough. Good thing we live in New Testament era or it might have been 40 years!
  2. When you could see it coming but their delusion was too thick. seems the delusion is starting to dissipate for some.
  3. Why not both. Helton OC and Bobo offensive analyst. With Bobos health he may not be good to go out and recruit and thus let him game plan
  4. Yep. The gators do this e-v-e-r-y year. They can't help but talk.
  5. Natty Light even tweeted back
  6. So far Pickens has been way better than Haselwood has been.
  7. Thought his high point would be acting in The Blindside
  8. He everyone can we keep this to UGA recruiting?
  9. What the Pro Dawgs did this past week https://bulldawgillustrated.com/sports/uga-football-2/nfl-dawg-news-week-7/
  10. Saw this and thought it was too funny not to share with y'all.
  11. I would think Les could get a bigger check if UM would offer. Not sure he’d be their top pick but think he’d do better than khaki pants
  12. Hope and pray he keeps getting better
  13. If so what’s Les’ buyout at Kansas?
  14. Oh me too but LG has been better than average with his information. Rusty is still leaning Bama as of this morning. LG also stated as above that Momma loves UGA.
  15. As a joke. Our future WR
  16. LG1 Posted on 3 hrs, , User Since 94 months ago, User Post Count: 732 3 hrs 94 months 732 One last note this morning is that that staff is telling recruits that the new QB after Fromm will be a mobile guy. They feel so strong about the possibility of landing Williams that they have used him as an example along with Mathis. Look for the offense to look a lot better against UF. The bad weather conditions forced us to be conservative last weekend. I say we get Gilbert and beat UF by 10. Go Dawgs