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  1. Great. I guess we will see how good of a Sales job he does.
  2. Yep. Hope to get some OL guys now with a coach on board. Hopefully Allen gets back on board.
  3. I believe on 247 they're saying DB. Has nothing to do with Jackson. Jackson is a take regardless of Williamson.
  4. I know this kid is not all that but after watching him in the HS playoffs he just seemed to be where the football was both offense and defense. Doesn't have great offers. Sometimes and not all of the times the measurables don't match up to just being a football guy. This kid seems to be there when he is suppose to. Even blocking down field for the runner. Not all of our WRs on campus can do that. If we have 1 spot left unfilled on NSD and instead of pocketing it I'd like to take a flier on him. Not saying I want him over Van or anyone we're after but if we have a scholly left let's give him a call. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHe3Xk7B2BY I'll stand by now to get killed by comments
  5. Yes WOW... We now need to call him "Sneaky Richt" with this hire. Only heard his name mentioned maybe once and everyone thought it was BS and a pipe dream.
  6. Boom!!!! Maybe this will make us forget Sweat down the road.
  7. As far as the Richt rumor. He was asked after the game http://georgia.247sports.com/Board/19/Contents/Mark-Richt-addresses-retirement-rumors-34266750
  8. See that last sentence there has me now dreaming that the door would hit ole GM on the butt and he'd get his walking papers. A guy can wish right ?
  9. http://www.coachingsearch.com/coaching-search-ticker
  10. Nothing has been said that its Bobo yet. Everyone chill out until Monday when we may find out who they hire. It's just as likely someone else. Bobo was not the only interview.
  11. FootballScoop Staff @FootballScoop Follow Checked w source re: Colorado States search. Feels like they will have new head coach Monday 11:56 AM - 18 Dec 2014 35 RETWEETS 14 FAVORITES Reply Retweet
  12. read on CSU http://blogs.denverpost.com/colleges/2014/12/17/colorado-states-interviewing-process-now-screening-stages-including-georgias-mike-bobo/32981/
  13. Bobo should be at least paid what Pruitt's making.