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  1. I just L-O-V-E it when the Dawgs beat the gators. The #1 team I want them beat
  2. This is from the Roll Tide Roll Meltdown DAN NEEDS A MULLENGAN
  3. Maybe some teams want to but those poor gators are Skared
  4. HotRod is a semifinalist for the Groza https://247sports.com/college/georgia/Article/Blankenship-a-semifinalist-for-Groza-Award-among-other-honors-138167528/
  5. Some funny comments: Random Sales Guy Posted on 54 mins, , User Since 76 months ago, User Post Count: 4,158 54 mins 76 months 4,158 Tickets are already $850 on stubhub dawgsontop1989 Posted on 50 mins, , User Since 28 months ago, User Post Count: 105 50 mins 28 months 105 That 2031 team better have their $hit together HarricksHounds Posted on 46 mins, , User Since 81 months ago, User Post Count: 57 46 mins 81 months 57 I am heading down to the intramural fields right now to start tailgating for the 2030 game. tag3 Posted on 43 mins, , User Since 101 months ago, User Post Count: 6,584 43 mins 101 months 6,584 Dope, but am I going to live that long? Sun of the South Posted on 33 mins, , User Since 28 months ago, User Post Count: 579 33 mins 28 months 579 I'll be dead by then. I'll watch game with Lewis G and Larry M. rxdawg Posted on 17 mins, , User Since 98 months ago, User Post Count: 227 17 mins 98 months 227 Black Jersies vs Tosu... lock
  6. Dang. I should be retired from my first job and working on my second one by then.
  7. Brick by Brick that 7 year rebuild can be done. Come on Rutgers get on the Champions of Life Bandwagon!
  8. This guy had some good points to Dan's "genius" Herty Field Posted on 2 hrs, , User Since 26 months ago, User Post Count: 815 2 hrs 26 months 815 A few highlights: - Since 2017 (35 games), Mullen coached teams have been held to under 300 yards of offense on three ocassions. Those games? UGA in '17, UGA in '18, and UGA in '19. Now, some may detect a pattern here, but any smart football fan would chalk this up to mere coincidence, as a genius like Mullen never could be outcoached by someone from south GA with a southern accent -According to Pat Dooley (and UF Homer) from the Gainesville Sun, the reason why UF had to spend two quick timeouts on O to start the game was because some of the players were wearing different play sheet wristbands from one another. Thus, when a particular call was made, all **** broke loose and some of the personnel were lined up incorrectly. After the game, Mullen, when asked, vaugely referred to this as 'a communication issue.' Sounds like a well coached team to me. Here's a link to a 2 min audio clip of Pat explaining the disaster on the sideline during the mess: https://overcast.fm/+INxqU7j8/08:21 -Down two scores late, Mullen decides to eat up over 7 minutes of clock, thus putting the D in a position were just 1 first down by UGA would end the game. Now, to be fair, UF forced 3 and outs in the game up to that point exactly zero times, so I can understand his strategy there. Genius gonna genius folks -Mullen now is 0-3 against Smart, losing by an average score of 30-12. But hey, geniuses have an occasional bad day too...or three. Anything I missed? To Dan Mullen's credit, he's acknowledged his shortcomings vs Smart. In fact, when asked after the game what did UGA do uniquely on D to limit his O, he replied "nothing"...then went on to question the officiating while proclaiming that a mere 7 points separates the two programs.
  9. https://247sports.com/college/georgia/Article/Florida-Gators-football-Dan-Mullen-Kyle-Trask-timeouts-Georgia-Bulldogs-138116950/
  10. Smart play by MN
  11. The Pirate in FL at Talle would be amusing. Make it happen FSU
  12. Wonder if any UGA QB has better stats than those for 3 years?
  13. I just want to say Congrats to Dan. I'm glad he is finally #1 in something.
  14. Another name to think of depending on buyout is Les. How’s the grass on that Seminole field.
  15. Only things is do they have enough money to pay Bob per year after the WT payout?