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  1. from Lake's 247 thread LakeNormandawgMOD Posted on 83 mins, , User Since 99 months ago, User Post Count: 17,272 83 mins 99 months 17,272 Was approved by Regents last night and construction will begin in Jan.. Project will be in two phases: #1-109,000 square feet of new locker room, new offices and conference rooms for football coaches, new sports medicine and new weight room and conditioning area.. When workers finish phase 1, UGA football operations will move there while workers go into the vacated space to begin phase 2.Phase two will include new team meeting area auditorium, scout team room, lounge and nutrition area with a demonstration kitchen.. Phase 1 will start in January and be completed by start of 2021 season..Phase 2 begins in January of 2022..
  2. UGA beat The Citadel 95-86 last night. Ant man had 29.
  3. This Here: Is why the leg needs to be swept with Auburn
  4. From RTR Meltdown Can’t spell Minnesota without “nine” and “o” ”Ope, just gonna sneak past ya there Penn State” “Minnesota likes to play with the lead” Every 60 seconds a minute passes in africa Minnesota has a OL who is 6’9”, 420 lbs ”If you don’t want me when I beat Georgia Southern and Fresno State by 3, don’t be here when I beat Penn State by 5” -Minnesota. Brb, going to go make some kids so I can talk to them about an undefeated Minnesota. WE GOT BEAT BY A BUNCH OF ROWDENTS IN A BOAT Kind of crying right now lol Congratulation PJ Fleck on your B1G Coach of the Year Award. Also congrats on going and ******* YOURSELF Tanner throw ball good Clifford throw ball not so good Justin Shorter drop ball very good how much would it suck for wisconsin fans to slowly and steadily build respect as a program and be on the verge of a breakthrough for years just for minnesota to randomly have a magical season and make the playoff before them lol Srry 4 bad english When was you when Penn State die? I was home eat McChicken when PJ Fleck call “lion is kill” “row” “Yes” Minnesota is playing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” in their stadium during the post game celebration. Savage. I hate it. (MY FAVORITE) We never should have been 4 in the first place. We play garbage every game and happen to get lucky. Today luck ran out. There are two people on earth alive the last time Minnesota was 9-0 in 1904. Two. Teddy Roosevelt was the president last time Minnesota was 9-0 If Penn St. keeps throwing INTs while the Gophers keep scoring TDs, the Gophers will be in good shape. Me at 12pm: LETS ******* GO!!!!! Me at 12:15pm: let’s leave everything sucks and i hate this sport I see all the PSU fans saying “loss doesn’t matter, we always needed to beat OSU anyways”. While that’s true, i’d like to have them inject that optimism into me lol. I don’t even think PSU is going to be close in that game. What pisses me off the most is we were in Minnesota’s 10 yard line and got ZERO points twice in the the 4th quarter. We threw a fade to a 5’9 receiver twice in those drives, and didn’t get it to our stud 6’5 TE once. Also wasted a play running up the middle with Clifford which hasn’t worked once the entire season. Rahne has had his chance but he makes ****** calls over and over again and it costed us the game. He needs to go. MOORHEAD PLEASE COME BACK
  5. https://www.dawgsports.com/2019/11/11/20958923/and-thats-when-i-knew-i-hated-auburn-georgia-auburn-football-uga-football-news-gus-malzhan-auistrash
  6. Yep it could’ve easily been Milton and Tank or Milton and Gibbs.
  7. Probably could’ve had Tank too at one point
  8. Yeah because offense is the only way anyone can win a championship.
  9. wgs Retweeted 960 The Ref @960theref · Nov 9 Georgia hasn’t allowed a rushing touchdown through the first nine games of the season, for the first time in school history. The previous school record was eight games, in 1927.
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/LSUFreek/status/1193957864399888389?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2F247sports.com%2Fcollege%2Fgeorgia%2FBoard%2FGeorgia-Bulldogs-Message-Board-Forum-19%2F https://mobile.twitter.com/LSUFreek/status/1193922295967944704
  11. This right here is what I think is huge this year “5) That said when he does cut it loose guys have to step up and make plays. The fact that we are still trotting Landers and Simmons out there speaks to our lack of depth a the position.Those two are complete liabilities as pass catchers.” losing 5 players with receptions last year and also Holloman has hurt our continuity. Riley should’ve not left. How many snaps on O has he seen this year so far? he’s been a healthy scratch numerous times. Hardman has shown he can play on the field and Nauta was not going to improve his stock this year over last I think. So if one wouldn’t of been a knucklehead (Holloman) and one stayed to better develop and increase draft stock (Riley) I think our O would be much better.
  12. What @AutumnEffect worked up a couple of days ago Thanks for the link. To keep it simple, I like to see the potency of an offense as lying somewhere in between the points generated and the yardage they have gained. So I coded up a quick analysis to 1) Normalize the points per drive and yards per drive 2) Find the mean of the normalized values, which I call "Offensive Effectiveness" Here's the final report. Interestingly, it looks like this metric correlates well with the alphabetical position of the school name. The next place I'd want to go is to try and control for strength of schedule, but that's more trouble than I want right now, haha. think this shows that regardless how we feel UGA is not as bad as everyone thinks or as bad offensively in the SEC and behind only Bama and LSU. this was worked up prior to Saturday’s games I believe
  13. Evans going anywhere wouldn’t surprise me at this point. Seems to lead multiple schools along. If we take a second RB I’d be happy with Gibbs.
  14. Chris Milton@fatherofballers This is little Antonio.. He's the young man that was doused with a "liquid" that resulted in 3rd° burns. Kendall wanted to go see him and encourage him. Funny thing is, HE encouraged us. His positivity through this is unmatched! He's a DAWG fan now!! #teamAntonio @therealkmilt
  15. Assuming there’s anyone who wants such an experienced OC as Coley
  16. Hmmm Offensive analyst to assist Coley ?
  17. ✔@ADavidHaleJoint Alabama has allowed 450+ yards of offense 15 times under Nick Saban. Six of those games have come since last December. 56 10:33 PM - Nov 9, 2019
  18. Chris B. Brown ✔@smartfootball Saban asked about the leap in play by Joe Burrow from last year to this year. “It’s the system...what they are doing this year is nothing like what they were doing last year.” Said it presents a lot of challenges (check with me’s, formations, it “features their skill players”) https://twitter.com/bmack764/status/1193326900157935616 … Bill Porter@BMack764
  19. Not going the way I thought