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  1. https://www.cfbfilmroom.com/2017/08/20/jacob-eason/
  2. Cool write up from a 247 posters Great touchdown club meeting last night hot - Replies: 27 - Views: 1 - Started By: Jackson5813 +77 from 77 users Jackson5813 1499 posts 2 hours ago Kirby is very personable and its easy to see why he recruits so well. Got to meet Dell Megee and Glen Shuman last night so that was pretty neat. Looks like they had just got out of practice. A few notes from last night were Kirby says leadership on this team is vastly improved and is taking ownership of the team, there work ethic at practices have vastly improved as players have bought in, and he believes special teams are going to be a lot better. He expressed a lot of confidence in the kicker and new punter (just has to wait to see him do in a game). Hes worried about the oline matching up with talent at RB (big surprise there I know) but did say the freshman are good. He also expressed concerns on the QB missing wide open guys or receivers not winning one on one situations, and depth at DB. He praised Chubb and Sony's leadership and work ethic as many freshman try to keep up with them but can't. Kirby said the QB room is much improved this year as they have a much better understanding of the offense. He said Fromm is a great leader and is pushing Eason. He did say that he didn't know if Fromm would play this year. Apparently it depends on the score and that Bryce is really coming on. Sounded like he wasn't ruling out a redshirt for him yet. In response to a question on Isaiah Wilson, he said Wilson was definetly hot here in GA which brought a lot of laughs. Said Wilson is improving, but probably wouldn't crack the starting rotation this year. Said he would probably play though in some capacity and that his potential is through the roof. He then gushed about Andrew Thomas and said everything you read about him is true. He also talked really well about Cleveland. Said that hes vastly improved from last year and he his fighting for that RT spot. Lastly on the offensive side of the ball he was highly complementary of Swift and Webb saying they are gonna be players for us. Oh and also brought up Hardman saying he's to fast not to get the ball into his hands, but his ball security scares the S%%t out of him sometimes as did with Isaiah last year. On the defensive side apparently Roquan is a man. Says hes the leader of the defense and hes really good. He spoke about depth in the secondary being freshman thin. He stated multiple times that were one injury away in each spot from having multiple true freshman playing on the back end. Did say he loved the freshman though. Kirby didn't really spend a lot of time on the defensive side of the ball to be honest. He actually spoke on last years class a decent bit saying they have really flipped the roster. They are all apparently competing tooth in nail to make the travel roster this year and theres going to be very tough decisions on who they can take. Said that they were just trying to get 70 on the travel roster last year. Kirby brought up that it take 4 classes to put together a great team and we have two in a row so far and he's working on the next two. He likes this current class so far and has not been worried about it once. He's apparently been in constant communication with the kids and said thats why hes not worried and you can't make the kids come out until there ready. Theres apparently been a few silents, lol. In the last few classes he stated that we've gotten bigger, longer, and faster and we're moving in the right direction. He did however talk about how putting together back to back classes is harder, but will get easier once the winning starts. Apparently theres been a lot of negative recruiting for this topic (same as has been reported here). Overall he had a lot more favorable outlook on this team compared to last years team. There was a lot more positives than negatives. He seems to really like this team right now. It was an outstanding talk from the coach. Oh and I can't forget one comment. A question was brought up about dual threat qb's and how they would intergrate into our offense. Kirby said they would love to have a dual threat guy, but it has to be the right one. Well that primed another guy who asked right after, how QB recruiting is going on that subject. Kirby responded, well along the lines of dual threat QB's I think recruiting is going outstanding right now. That got the room excited and then Kirby said I guess that was the elephant in the room.
  3. Good stuff here freshmen going to be seeing some action for sure http://georgia.247sports.com/Gallery/Georgia-Bulldogs-Football-Andrew-Thomas-DAndre-Swift-Mark-Webb-f-106351942/GallerySlides/651798
  4. Interesting article in blue chip ratios https://www.sbnation.com/a/cfb-preview-2017/blue-chip-ratio/amp
  5. Apparently Kearis has committed. http://georgia.247sports.com/Bolt/Dawgs-sell-mom-on-Jacksons-future-106301862 http://georgia.247sports.com/Bolt/BREAKING-Kearis-Jackson-commits-to-UGA-106303443
  6. Believe its 830PM. Most predictions still showing the good guys
  7. Oof our OL really blew last year looking at this new heat map the've came up with. https://www.cfbfilmroom.com/2017/08/13/nick-chubb/
  8. Dang man you beat me to it
  9. Just make sure you go and rent a car like this when you do your drive spearing..
  10. Great article by Scott! i too would like to walk proud wearing my colors without all the other SEC teams talking smack Geat after Ears Scott!!! https://www.dawgnation.com/football/team-news/scott-woerner-enough-is-enough-its-time-for-uga-to-win-a-championship
  11. Love TD. DGD https://mobile.twitter.com/SECNetwork/status/894012854613028864/video/1