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  1. Well one thing about UGA bball when you count on them they let you down. when you ignore them and count them out somehow they sometimes come back to life. That’s always true about 60% of the time.
  2. Well the problem with this is simple. It makes logical sense and when was the last time the Vols leadership ever showed that.
  3. Georgia hires Will Muschamp to support staff ByJAKE ROWE 32 minutes ago Kirby Smart is reuniting with Will Muschamp for a third time. Smart told reporters via Zoom on Wednesday that he has has tapped Muschamp to join his staff in an off-field role as a defensive analyst. Muschamp was fired from his post as South Carolina's head coach in November. "He'll coach the coaches," Smart said when asked about Muschamp. Muschamp reportedly declined an the opportunity to become the defensive coordinator at Texas a couple of days ago and will return to his alm
  4. Yep. the same here. But I don't trust them and especially Crean. Maybe I'll look back in on them after another week and see...
  5. 2021 PWO Class:Noah Jones - PunterJonathan Washburn - Long SnapperMatthew Helow - SafetyJohn Ferguson - Offensive LinemanMekhi Mews - Wide ReceiverLogan Johnson - Wide ReceiverCash Jones - Running Back
  6. This has to be one of the best PWO hauls this year for GA
  7. ON GUNNER kirbyourenthusiasm Posted on 6 mins, , , User Post Count: 0 6 mins Didn't log on over the weekend, but just saw the DN article saying he'll graduate from UGA. I was close friends in school with a relative. I was told after thinking it through, he would regret having the opportunity to play at Georgia and not taking it. Said he was listening to what others said made sense instead of doing what made sense to him - which is being a Dawg. He just wants to work and is confident he'll have his time in Athens. Kids definitely do j
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