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  1. From Monkdawg1 on 247. I wan't looking these numbers up. But UGH! Out of 351 NCAA Div 1 teams, UGA ranks 340th in shot taken!! Through 16 games, UGA ranks the following on offensive stats: Total number of FGs taken (number of total shots) 340th in the country Total Number of FGs Made 337th in the country FG% - only 247th in the country at .433 In reality, this is mostly 3pt shooting, where we just do not take (or make) enough shots. The NCAA has become a 3pt shooting league; yet we remain mired in the antiquated days of using 3pt shots only as a last resort. On 3pt shooting, we rank: 329th in 3pt shots made, 325th in 3pt shots attempted, resulting in a .322 shooting percentage from 3, ranking 301st in the nation. However, in the 5 SEC games, we are shooting worse .377.... Not good. First, we cannot get shots off, then, in the SEC, we are shooting worse. Poor combination. Again, the culprit is 3pt shooting, where we rank 13th at just 27.5% from 3. Also, we rank 9th in assists in the SEC. Free throws? We are shooting 70% this season (both in all games and in just the 5 SEC games). This is pretty much right on the CMF average in his tenure. But we rank only 10th in the SEC. So, we cannot rely on FTs to pull us out of most games, if they are called evenly. In fact, on average, it will cost us games. All this results in that we are last in the SEC in PPG for offense - 62ppg. WAKE UP!! YOU GOTTA PLAY BOTH ENDS OF THE FLOOR!!!!
  2. To the Pit of Misery for both Pruitt and Fulmer
  3. Agree So agree. Man these onions are getting me
  4. The dang Phins better draft him if he's there they need a LB that athletic and that can cover.
  5. Hopefully no one told him to "Get Out"
  6. Way better than ASU hiring Herm
  7. Mark "NIT" Fox
  8. Mark Fox built the Pit of Misery
  9. Agree with all of the above. Believe 1 more year and he could be a first rounder. But totally understand that family is first. Good luck TT
  10. Well with mediocre coaching one can always hope to have talent to make up for it. Maybe the future can help. This is from a good poster on 247 who knows his BB. Monkdawg1 4603 posts 5 minutes ago Looks like the commitment of 5 star PG Ashton Hagans is paying off big time. Hagans' AAU teammate and fellow 2019 5 star SF Christian Brown is thought to be leaning to UGA. Brown is from Lower Richland, SC. He's averaging 24.6 ppg and 8 rebs. He was one of the 20 or so recruits UGA hosted last weekend. It is thought the visit went very, very well. Needless to say, Brown would be a tremendous addition. Hagans looks like the first guy Fox has gotten committed in his 9 years that is a real Pied Piper - really popular among others players, who want to play with him at the next level. That '19 class is starting to look ridiculous - Hagans, King and maybe Brown....
  11. Yep good luck to u Skinny Jacob Eason's Tweets Jacob Eason @skinnyqb10 ยท 54m Thank you UGA for an incredible two years. The memories and relationships I have made will truly last a lifetime. I will miss suiting up in red and black, but Athens will always be a place I can call home. -Skinnyqb
  12. Man I still remember that game and his knee. That's an injury you cannot unsee. Just like when LT sacked Theismann and his leg folded wrong. Ugh