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  1. Yeah from what I heard he's been dealing with a hammy issue but wouldn't use it as an excuse in any interview.
  2. Amazed some UGA boys got bumped up. Not amazed that they totally sc#$@ed Nolan. Don't agree. At. All.
  3. Yeah I think they were just going by the players and not injured. Dang shame for Wynn too. You just knew he'd fit right in as starter and I believe that he was doing very well before the injury. Hope he makes comes back just as good post-injury
  4. GA and Rutgers lead way in # of players in Super Bowl. GA should've been 1 but poor MM couldn't stay healthy and was dumped by the Pats https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/super-bowl-2019-rosters-listed-by-college-teams-conferences-georgia-rutgers-sec-lead-the-way/
  5. Honestly thought this would be a great idea this past season for him to ever see the field outside of ST.
  6. 2018 season board game
  7. Yeah most likely
  8. Planning on going back on the 1st with my wife and son. Supposed to be superhero night
  9. Recently went and saw the Macon Mayhem. Ring looks smaller in person than on when I’ve seen hockey on tv. No fights my night and the Mayhem won but man they could never beat a single power play. Once I think they got scored on in the first 8 seconds of the penalty.
  10. Knowing Kirby’s recruiting prowess I’m sure they’ll be working on something
  11. Oh I’m sure I spelt it wrong. I know it starts with a P. Shes been eating a lot of salad avocado etc.
  12. Not i wife is trying the Planko (sp?). But I think she’s about tired of it and no results.
  13. Yeah I know. Saw him in the sideline bike. That’s what makes him so humble. Here he has an actual excuse of a hammy I believe but he refused to use that as an out. Man I hope he gets the ring.
  14. And then there’s this Sony Michel has 5 Rush TD this postseason, most by any rookie in a single postseason in NFL history. The last player with 5 Rush TD in a single postseason was Terrell Davis in 1997. for those too young Terrell played at UGA too UGA=RBU