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  1. This UCF talk reminds me of Hawaii talk years ago and man did they get destroyed and their touted QB about got killed by ole Marcus Howard.
  2. Well here is everyone favorite Danny boys hit take on UCD and UGA mhmm me thinks the hate courses strong with this one it does for the SEC https://247sports.com/college/georgia/Article/Georgia-Bulldogs-Danny-Kannell-UCF-Knights-College-Football-Playoff-McKenzie-Milton-124803718/
  3. Yep he’s been a DGD. Hated his playing career at UGA ends this way for him. Hopefully the boys can win some Ships for him before the year is through
  4. Reading on 247 where many posters are saying K.Baker knee issue is a ACL and done for the year. Also this on Marshall from Jake: Bowl season is earliest he'll be back. Still wearing a boot and using one of those scooter things to get around.
  5. Would rather have WVU than UCF though UCF = no win situation regardless of outcome OK = boring rematch. I like different teams each year unless its for all the marbles.
  6. Man Leach is the Gift that keeps on giving.
  7. Maybe just me but DO NOT LIKE. Like years ago when we played Nebraska 2 years in a row
  8. Come on DJ and take your spot.
  9. Yes I was happy to see that as well. Come on Stokes
  10. And finally he commits where most think he would after his decommit. Really wanted him bad but his choice to stay home
  11. Power of the BUCK is strong!
  12. https://www.rollbamaroll.com/2018/11/13/18090092/nsfw-its-meltdown-time-week-11-auburn-tigers-texas-tech-kentucky-oklahoma-state
  13. Oh man I had to steal this of the 247 site Chubb's run in spanish. Hasta la Vista Baby!!!!