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  1. Hardest hitting corner we've had in a while. It was a good acquisition
  2. He has a horrible throwing motion. He looks a lot like Tim Tebow when he passes. Hopefully, with Tebow-like results Sunday.
  3. And the giants lost to the teams we just beat back to back. Quit trying dude...It's too difficult to argue how bad an undefeated team is.... you just come off sounding ignorant
  4. You can only play the teams that you're scheduled to play....They just started doing that this year... Good lord, is this the first season you've ever watched football or something? Power Rankings have the Falcons #1. Experts make those.... and since this is your first year and all, I'd leave all of the thinking to them.
  5. Wow!! What a "house of horrors" for Matt Ryan. What a ridiculous topic..... A Philly homer picked the eagles?????? That never happens
  6. No one is going to be "stunned"..... It's a football message board.... Delusions of grandeur
  7. If you can't understand that a game that involves 10 other teammates isn't decided by one player.... ANY game in the season.... Then you aren't capable of an intelligent football conversation. You notice how about 6 people are arguing with you at the same time?? You just sound argumentative... And ignorant. What an unfortunate combination.
  8. Matt Ryan was the only person playing in those playoff games, right? you sound ridiculous.... just drop it
  9. Guess what??? Every year, the best team in the nfl will actually lose games (except once).. And the falcons aren't the best team because they won this one? Falcons still in the argument for that title... I've actually heard pundits talking about it twice in the past two hours... So, you can pump the brakes all you want.... Cause the experts won't
  10. So, mike smith trusting Matt Ryan = Matt Ryan passing the football every play?? Did you watch the game??? We won it.
  11. forced peyton to throw three picks in as many possessions... won the game... and still complaining.... you want to beat every team by 3 td's???
  12. Looks like you're the only one in group 2... What a lonely "group"..
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