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  1. lions lost and when we win well both be 7-4, us having the tie breaker. so i take it we would qualify over new york based on record vs nfc teams? or is there another qualifier before that?
  2. yea, that was a pretty outrageous comparison. atleast beforehand his "dirty" play could have been defended as playing hard or whatever the excuses were. this was a blatant attempt to injury another player. how anyone has respect for him is beyond me.
  3. i watch the vikes every sunday. they are one of the more talent challenged teams in the nfl. ponder has shown flashes but he continues to make rookie mistakes. he threw 3 ints last week, 2 of which were either in the redzone or just inside the 30. his mobility will create a couple of plays but at this stage hes mediocre. outside of peterson, nobody on their offense is a true threat. harvin is good out of the slot and over the middle but even he has problems creating seperation. we all know jenks, and the rest of their receiving corps leaves alot to be desired. they dont run the right routes or
  4. disagree they play a weak afc west division, seattle, green bay, and minny thats 5 winnable games despite their qb woes theyre defense is good enough to keep all those teams except gb in check. their special teams will give them good field position like they always do. they still have one of the best backs in the nfl in matt forte. **** be an even bigger feature now. bears will get in. cutlers only expected to miss 4 weeks anyway.
  5. rodgers is above and beyond every competition. he throws 3 tds and is 1 yard shy of another 300 yard game, but was critical of himself in the post game(altho, it kinda seemed like he was taking a shot at the bucs, implying the pac should have blown them out) folks around here would be elated over a 299 yard 3 td day from ryan. rodgers is on a whole other level.
  6. get behind him, and give him a good kick in the arse. we need to improve our redzone O. i like how everyones been optimistic lately but i wanna see how good we can be against upper tier teams.
  7. i bet you ovie runs the route at the correct depth as well. i cant stand routes on 3rd down that dont go passed the sticks.
  8. sunday ticket. never miss a snap, always get to see the kickoff. never missed one in 7 or so years of having direct tv. its worth the investment, fellas. also like the broadcast crew. billick is tolerable, and brennaman isnt too bad either.
  9. i agree. i like bvg, love what hes doing with our run defense, but the 3rd down crap has got to stop. edit: also agree on dropping lineman into coverage. on one of the titans 3rd down conversions, corey peters dropped into coverage. the play wasnt thrown his way but we got minimal pressure. cant say for sure peters would have had an impact on the pass rush, but i bet it would have been more significant then having his 300 lb arse in coverage.
  10. negative, we have a strong record vs opponents with losing records. i dont have precise numbers but its well known that we take care of inferior opponents. i do get the jist of the rest of what youre saying, and i agree. teams will pull out all the stops, especially TB and carolina.
  11. not true. i dont recall us running it half the time. we did run it frequently enough, and as usual, it typically yielded good results.
  12. were pretty good about primetime games but yes, our fans are lame.
  13. he really didnt trust him to make a catch 43 yards down the field. oh wait...
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