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  1. Watching this franchise stumble and bumble since 1972 l’ve often wondered if we’re cursed…
  2. Well, it's the next day so you can put this all behind you just like 28-3, right?
  3. Not obsessed with either but no matter how you feel about it 28-3 will remain an anvil chained to the ankle of this franchise until they finally win a SB....
  4. I doubt he'll make the trip to Atlanta next Friday but if he does he definitely won't play and be on the sidelines.
  5. I have high hopes for this staff. I’ve said many times our biggest problem in the DQ era was the coaching. Except for shanahan
  6. "Don’t be surprised to see Jones sit out a practice or two moving forward". - One or two? LMAO
  7. The number font is still horrid and the "ATL" is still cringe....
  8. Heh. I would have rather they not gone to the SB at all than to lose like that.
  9. Just saying we will always have 28-3 thrown in our face. But I don't melt, it's just annoying.
  10. Because this sad sack franchise has never won a SB (I've been waiting for over 45 years). We should have won. May never get this close again in my lifetime. Not to mention it's the biggest choke job in professional sports history. Something like this just doesn't go away. Fans of other teams will certainly never let us forget it.
  11. The fan comments on Falcons Facebook says "yes"!
  12. ROH for certain, retire jersey? Only if he stayed a Falcon and won a SB (which we should have, his sideline catch should have sealed the deal. Still pisses me off.)
  13. My god, I'm literally hearing him say that in my head.....
  14. Well, like a lot of fans I have mixed feelings about the trade. He was great for us though he always had to deal with nagging injuries. His "Catch" should have clinched a SB for us. But it was time to move on. I just wish Sharpe didn't do him dirty. Makes him leave on a bit of a sour note. But if he doesn't want to be here....we need to root for the guys who are.
  15. To coincide with the number of downs he'll play in a series.....
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