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  1. The fan comments on Falcons Facebook says "yes"!
  2. ROH for certain, retire jersey? Only if he stayed a Falcon and won a SB (which we should have, his sideline catch should have sealed the deal. Still pisses me off.)
  3. My god, I'm literally hearing him say that in my head.....
  4. Well, like a lot of fans I have mixed feelings about the trade. He was great for us though he always had to deal with nagging injuries. His "Catch" should have clinched a SB for us. But it was time to move on. I just wish Sharpe didn't do him dirty. Makes him leave on a bit of a sour note. But if he doesn't want to be here....we need to root for the guys who are.
  5. To coincide with the number of downs he'll play in a series.....
  6. Gave it a laugh emoji cause there's not a cry one...
  7. Don’t we play Detroit this year? If that happens past history will dictate JJ will have 3 or 4 TDs against us and we will get humiliated. I am hoping the new staff/FO will finally change the culture of this team.
  8. Yes, I think the players were pissed off at Quinn and coaching staff. No way we should have lost that game.
  9. Yep. No point in buying a jersey with a players name on it in this day and age. Could relatively soon become a “throwback”
  10. So this comment by Julio would worsen his trade value perhaps? Teams know the Falcons are now in a bind to move him and may have to take a lesser offer. Can't say I'm happy about all this. I have always liked Julio but if he doesn't want to be here anymore, then it's best to let him go.
  11. Oh I remember that guy. What a complete jackhole...
  12. The better team does not always win on game day. You think the Dolphins were better than eventual Super Bowl Champion Patriots when Miami won on that fluke play in 2018? Just one example. Better teams lose games every season. And there is Home Field advantage. Look at the 12th Man in Seattle. Crowd noise causing false starts on the visitors at crucial times during a game is a home field advantage. Don't think players don't feed off the crowd. The Falcons had a home field advantage in the Georgia Dome (and good home records) with Ryan because the place was full and the crowd engaged and cheerin
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