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  1. Ready to play what? Checkers? Sure wasn't football...
  2. With the Falcons it’s always “Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve“....
  3. It just pisses me off to see other teams get receivers open with ease and DK can’t scheme himself out of a paper bag
  4. What is he supposed to say? “Oh no! Not him again?”
  5. Well, if we can’t discuss our franchise’s failures what else do we have to talk about?
  6. That graphic makes it look like we have minus 9 points....sounds about right...
  7. Yes! Definitely he should be....wait...sorry, read this wrong. Thought you were saying RH should be shot...
  8. Not sure if it’s the worst I’ve seen but DK should be fired Monday...
  9. I don't see 2 more wins with the way we are playing against good teams this year. 4-12 is very realistic.
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