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  1. Considering our rivals call us the Failcons it's not surprising no one found this amusing.
  2. I make it all back and more with the PSL's so it's all good...
  3. I call Retention every so often to lower my bill. I think I've been with them 4 years now. I should try and get Sunday Ticket for free. Though the first year when I had it I didn't really watch it that much. Seemed like the best games to watch were still on the regular networks.
  4. I have DirecTV (now AT&T) but I have NFL Network, CBS, and NBC. It's all so confusing...
  5. Just pointing out you basically said she allowed herself to be raped. And we will all see how this case progresses. Regardless, this "dumb sob" is glad you got your daughter out of a real bad situation.
  6. Read what you wrote again and try and claim you're still not victim blaming...
  7. IMO there was no real reason to go for 2, there was no way we were coming back in that game then. If anything we gave teams an idea on what we might do when a 2pt. conversion really matters...
  8. Yes it was dissapointing. I know DK has been here before but it's still a new offense to most of the team except for Ryan, Julio, Free...who else?
  9. Unfortunately, playing at home is not much of an advantage for us as of late. Hopefully we bounce back and win.
  10. But it's new to alot of other players on the team
  11. I take it you don't have a kid yet?
  12. I hope AB in NE is a ******* trainwreck
  13. Guy was a pain in the *** all off season for the Raiders, acts a fool, gets rewarded by going to a SB contender. Doesn't seem right...