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  1. Hopefully the knee will hold up and Gurley will have a productive season for us. Will just have to wait and see.
  2. Of course he is......Well, we will be fighting the Panthers to avoid the cellar this year. DQ and TD will be gone.
  3. If I was a player I would never come here.
  4. Well, it would be my worst nightmare. This is god
  5. Would really like to see the Chiefs win and Andy Reid get his first SB win.
  6. Yeah, I'm a bit salty about this, too. That being said I want to see the Chiefs win the SB.
  7. Apples and oranges...
  8. I understand wanting to have organizational stability but is DQ the man you want to do it with? Guy blew a 99% chance to win the Super Bowl and it's been downhill ever since (esp. if we lose Sun and end up with a 6-10 record).
  9. Perception....they see him on the sidelines, they see him in the locker room, they see him at Quinn's post-game he must be looking over everyone's shoulder.
  10. Well, if you keep winning in the playoffs and don't lose you get the ring
  11. Only stat that really matters is wins and losses. They are in the playoffs, we are not...
  12. They do this on Thanksgiving every year, nothing new...
  13. O-line playing like garbage, no running game again, no Julio or Hooper, Sanu is long gone. The man can't do it all by himself. Yeah, he could have thrown the ball away to avoid a couple of those sacks but that shows our receivers weren't getting open...
  14. Yeah, he needs to be better than perfect.....