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  1. In 2012 we should have gone to the SB if Harry Douglas didn’t trip over himself after that catch on the sideline. He could have waltzed into the endzone
  2. I am not sure if I'm supposed to laugh or break something...
  3. I think we made good hires this time but I will temper my enthusiasm. Been disappointed too many times.
  4. More of a joke, not trying to be mean. But honestly she just doesn't do anything for me. You're right though as long as they are happy together that's all that matters.
  5. The ones you shouldn’t forgive is DQ and that head coach over in SF. Loss is 100% on them
  6. I do understand what he brings to a team. But it’s a team sport, can’t be done alone.
  7. Well since I am now convinced TB sold his soul to the devil for Super Bowls...sure, why not?😁
  8. Yep, just put Brady on any team like the Jets or Jax and they win the SB next year. Don't even need coaches...Brady did a much better job at coaching the Defense than Bowles... The Bucs could have been a playoff team last year if Crab Legs didn't throw 30 INTs
  9. Sorry, I just can't without thinking what should've been.
  10. Which is why I think the 6th round draft pick Tom Brady sold his soul to the devil
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