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  1. I would have given it to him for ***** and giggles...
  2. It would please me till no end if the Pats blew a 28-0 lead and lost.
  3. Ah, **** Tarkenton sideways. Personal reasons. That's all I will say.
  4. I would have had a good feeling about winning that game. But then I had a good feeling about the Broncos SB until Eugene Robinson happened. And I had a good feeling about the Pats since our offense was clicking so well...
  5. We've already been nuked into oblivion several times over. This will keep on as long as the national media keeps talking about it.
  6. How bout Falcons and any other team in the SB. So, so tired of the Pats...
  7. If you have been watching/listening to Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen this week they're still talking about that play. Sick of it...
  8. I still can't believe we lost this ******* game...
  9. It still feels like they are talking more about the Saints and the blown call
  10. Would like to see the Rams win so everyone who is saying the Saints should be there instead of the Rams can STFU.
  11. Pats also went 3-1 when Brady was suspended for cheating. And at least one of those wins was with their 3rd string QB
  12. Bruins, too. They won a Stanley Cup during this Patriot run.
  13. Yeah, the track record for OL picks has not been good, lol
  14. Dimitroff at Senior Bowl Observing Offensive Line Drills....and Thomas is thinking to himself "Just what should I be looking for here?".....