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  1. Yup. 45 years in, tied to it with all kinds of knots
  2. And some years I feel like I'm being dragged by the wagon.
  3. Legit SB contenders? No, I don't think any non-falcons fan would view them as a SB contender right now. Hopefully they will surprise us this year like they did in 2016. Just don't **** it up again, guys! Please!!
  4. I wouldn't listen to Cowturd's show even if he was broadcasting from my house...
  5. I cannot stand the man. I think he's insincere and fake af...
  6. Only Atlanta and NO fans would say Falcons vs. Saints. The rest of the country doesn't give a ****.
  7. That's just fandom, which is alot of "what have you done for me lately". Believe me, if the Patriots have a bad season this year the bit*hing from alot of the Pats fans would be just as bad: "Never should have let Brady go." "Belechick is all washed up"...
  8. Let's face it, history shows the Falcons won't make it to many Super Bowls. So to lose the 2 that we did in such an embarrasing fashion makes it sting even worse. I think this is why it lingers on for some, especially for fans that have been following the team for many years.
  9. You're right, DQ was not the DC in 2016, I didn't say he was. But he took over calling the defensive plays towards the end of the season. And I agree he should have told KS to run the ball and kick the FG. It's fine to let your OC make the calls but as a head coach I would overrule them in critical situations such as this.
  10. they blew a 28-3 lead in basically one quarter. That's on the head coach. He was calling the defensive plays, right? Could not stop them once in the fourth quarter... And please tell me how did Quinn do last year as our DC?
  11. This is why I have lost confidence in Quinn
  12. Kind of sad with the Falcons franchise history that a 10-6 season is considered "special". Best was beating the Saints in the playoffs though...
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